HedgeTrade Partners with Zilliqa to offer ZIL on Social Trading Platform

Now HedgeTrade users will have an exciting Singapore-based blockchain to consider in creating, staking against, and monetizing trading predictions, while Zilliqa’s scaling project and native token ZIL will gain elevated sentiment and liquidity.

HedgeTrade and Zilliqa are happy to announce the integration of Zilliqa’s native coin ZIL into HedgeTrade’s predictions marketplace. These two Singapore-based blockchain businesses are both leaders in their space and support the mutual opportunity to promote awareness of their leading-edge technology in the APAC region and globally.

With this partnership, HedgeTrade users can publish and monetize trading calls for ZIL trading pairs by creating prediction “Blueprints”. With the addition of this coin, Blueprint predictions based on ZIL trading pairs will help gauge what the market is forecasting about Zilliqa and its blockchain.

HedgeTrade will also accept ZIL deposits. Currently the platform accepts HEDG and BTC, with the ZIL addition providing more functionality for both projects.

What is HedgeTrade?

HedgeTrade is an accountability-based social trading platform where expert traders can monetize accurate predictions by publishing prediction “Blueprints” and staking varying amounts of HEDG tokens to back up their claims. These Blueprints include some information about the trading call, but users must purchase them to unlock the full details, including entry and expiry dates.

Users who wish to copy-trade the experts can purchase Blueprints to unlock the trade details and make those same trades. But, they get their money back and a chance to earn a share in the trader’s lost stake if the trader’s prediction proves incorrect. HedgeTrade is a place where traders earn and novices learn with decreased downside risk.

“The addition of ZIL into HedgeTrade’s forecasting platform gives Zilliqa a unique way to measure sentiment for their coin as well as provide an additional avenue for liquidity. By integrating ZIL trading pairs, we’re adding another top cryptocurrency for traders to use in predicting price movements, giving them more ways to earn and stake our HEDG token. By creating new types of interaction with both ZIL and HEDG, this partnership is yet another example of our Win-Win strategy.”  – David Waslen, HedgeTrade Co-Founder/CEO

HedgeTrade how it works sample of platform interface
HedgeTrade – “How it Works”

HedgeTrade’s native $HEDG token has multiple use cases within the platform. Such use cases include publishing and staking, buying predictions, for payouts on completed trading calls, and for earning through its affiliate program. HEDG is an ERC-20 token currently at #35 on CoinMarketCap with a current 24-hour volume of $1,230,855.

What is Zilliqa?

Zilliqa is the blockchain for business, catalysing open commerce with its safe-by-design smart contracts and delivering secure, low-cost transactions for all digital assets. Born from academic research and built for real-world applications, Zilliqa confidently addresses the challenges of scalability, security and pricing commonly found across other blockchains. 

Major corporations rely on the Zilliqa platform for services like open and decentralised finance, asset securitisation, service tokenization and incentivised marketing. The team behind Zilliqa combines experienced scientists, leading engineers, financial service specialists, business builders and venture creators. The blockchain itself has processed almost 7 million transactions since launching its Mainnet in January 2019. Today, Zilliqa boasts a global community of 150,000 enthusiasts, over 400,000 wallet holders and a developer network of 1000+ experts.

Amrit Kumar, President and Chief Scientific Officer, Zilliqa said: “I have always said that our community has been the impetus behind Zilliqa’s year-on-year growth into a top platform. By tapping into the crypto community’s insights, creating a knowledge-sharing ecosystem for mutual benefit and integrating ‘accountability’ into forecasting – HedgeTrade has added an interesting dimension to the trading experience. We’re happy to be listed on HedgeTrade and give our Zilliqans another platform to enjoy ‘elevated’ social trading!”

About ZIL token

$ZIL is a top 60 coin on CoinMarketCap with a current 24-hour volume of $36,119,941. ZIL’s current price is $0.022964 and $ZIL trading pairs are available on dozens of top tier crypto exchanges.

HedgeTrade is headquartered in Singapore with offices in Canada, Europe, and Asia. They are led by Co-Founder/CEO David Waslen and Co-Founder/Lead Developer Peter Danihel.

Zilliqa is a Singapore-based company having its beginnings at the National University of Singapore. The team is led by President and Chief Scientific Officer, Amrit Kumar, and Chief Technology Officer, Saayan Choudhury.