What is an Ethereum Faucet?

If you thought you could earn Ethereum by participating in time-consuming and tedious clicking -then you were right! And, if that’s how you’re earning micro amounts of crypto, then you’ve probably stumbled on to a faucet. 

How do these faucets work you might like to know? And the even better question: do they work?

The basic idea of a faucet is that you are paid a minuscule amount to provide large data banks with very basic ad viewing and clicking. Users are rewarded just for viewing ads and completing captchas. This information is then used for the company’s ad revenue and data banks. 

In essence, an Ethereum Faucet is incredibly appealing – free ETH for a little clicking! What could be wrong with that?!

Well, nothing really, the whole thing will take you about 30 minutes to initiate. But if you want to leave with any ETH you will need to stick around for about 3 hours! Yes, that’s 180 minutes.

And if you want to participate then you must disable your ad blocker. This is one of the ways that you get paid, by allowing these companies to bombard you will pop-ups -heavy on the bomb. 

Based on the few experiences I did some research on, it only takes about 10 seconds to earn a little crypto -but I mean A LITTLE ETH.

Here is the financial break down:

  • Every 10 seconds you stand to earn about 0.000002 ETH. This is just an estimate, so it may be more or less. 
  • Based on this rate you will need to repeat this about 1250 times. 
  • That means about 3 hours of clicking.
  • In the end, you stand to earn about $1 USD.

I don’t know about you, but this seems like an awfully long time to spend just to earn a dollar. 

The reason that faucets exist is exclusively for the benefit of the owners of these companies. So the ones making any money at all is the ad company; they collect ad revenues and pay the user a fraction of their own earning. 

All in all, it is not a very profitable industry for anyone involved, but the companies are banking significantly more than anyone who is working the faucet. 

But you know what, far be it from me to tell anyone how to spend their time! So if you are still intrigued, cuz let’s face it, it’s VERY easy to work, then here are few places you might want to look in to. 

Ethereum Faucets Options

  • Ethereum-Faucet.org is a faucet’s offers payment for solving captchas. And they also have a lottery that you are entered into with each contribution. The lottery angle is a bit of a perk, as it means your time might earn a little more crypto, that your run of the mill faucet.
  • Ethereum Faucet lets you make a claim every 60 seconds, all you need to do is provide your Ethereum wallet. Super straightforward.
  • Allcoins.pw has more features, as they offer miner and auto faucet features and a few games. The faucet is free, but the games run on crypto. 
  • Dutchy CORP also offers Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies as payment for solving captchas or playing games.
  • FireFaucet has an intuitive UI for users and you can access multiple cryptocurrencies, which includes Ethereum. This faucet has a 30-minute timer, so you can only make claims every 30 minutes. Users can earn ether by completing captchas or solving media or browser mining. A nice perk is that users can leverage their referrals with a chance to get an additional 20% on their payments.

Bear in mind, all of these require you to spend a minimum of 3 hours to earn a few dollars, and get put in a lottery in some cases. So if all that clicking and staring at a screen is your jam -then have at it. 

If you are going to participate in faucets, then it is probably better to get paid in cryptocurrency rather than fiat currency, because your holdings are more likely to increase in value in a shorter period of time.


While you can actually earn a fractional crypto income from the sites I have listed above, the message boards are pretty clear that ePay.info is a scam. If you are keen to faucet, then you need to do your homework and make sure people are getting paid out for their time sunk. 

Start with the site I have suggested, but you always need to keep on top of these schemes and make sure you are not wasting your time on a pipedream.

Alternatives to the Faucet

Given that you are realistically looking at earning a handful of Ethereum, a more effective way to earn would be to simply buy your own ETH and let your investment grow in a more tactical way. 

If you only stand to make even $5 an hour with a faucet, then you are working well below minimum wage.

If you are keen to expand your Ethereum, then it might be worth it for you to take the plunge and start mining ETH. This has a significant initial cost, but it will pay for itself steadily. 

You can also try to find a job that pays you in cryptocurrency! If that sounds appealing, then check out the job listings at Cryptojobslist.com

The Bottom Line

  • Ethereum faucets are a way to earn micro amounts of ETH by contributing to advertising and data mining. 
  • The only thing required of you is to disable your ad blocker, add your Ethereum wallet, and click away for hours on end.
  • As a conservative estimate, you will earn about $2 worth of Ethereum in an hour of clicking ads and captchas.
  • It’s your time and your money, so you decide! This may be a good way for you to get into crypto investing. 
  • If you decide this is your cup of tea, then there are plenty of cryptocurrencies to earn, including Bitcoin.
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