TRON Joins Forces with HedgeTrade for TRX Integration

Marketplace for trading insights to offer TRON and HedgeTrade users access to blockchain-verified trading information and sentiment analysis on TRX

HedgeTrade is happy to announce the integration of TRON’s native cryptocurrency TRX into HedgeTrade’s unique predictions platform! With this partnership, HedgeTrade users can publish and monetize predictions for TRX trading pairs by creating highly shareable prediction “Blueprints”. 

With the addition of TRX, Blueprints published on $TRX trading pairs will help gauge what the market is forecasting about TRON and its massive blockchain network. TRON users and traders worldwide will have a blockchain-verified system of monitoring sentiment analysis.

CEO and Co-Founder David Waslen expanded on the benefits of this TRON – HedgeTrade collaboration:

“By including TRON’s native cryptocurrency TRX into our predictions market, TRON will gain a unique way to measure sentiment for their coin and yet another avenue for liquidity. With this important trading pair addition, HedgeTrade provides additional opportunities for its base of traders to profit by making predictions on $TRX trading pairs. It’s another win-win partnership benefiting both companies as well as both communities.” 

About TRX

As one of the largest blockchain platforms in the world, TRON is committed to advancing DeFi applications. This is evident in this collaboration with HedgeTrade, their JustSwap program, and a recent partnership with Waves and Gravity Protocol.

TRON’s native coin TRX is a favorite for global traders, crypto miners, and investors. Currently, $TRX has a price of $0.025292 with their 24-hour trading volume at $791,965,316 and lifetime ROI of 1133.01%. 

Learn more at TRON.Network.

What is HedgeTrade?

An innovative leader in the social trading community, HedgeTrade has created an open market for trading insights. HedgeTrade aligns the goals of expert traders with novices by enabling experts to profit from their correct predictions while newcomers have a way to access blockchain-provable trading information with less downside risk. 

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