Trezor Model T Breakdown & Review

Are you looking to possibly buy a Trezor device? or even specifically the Model T? With cryptocurrency’s popularity growing at an exponential rate it is important to protect your money, no matter the size. Many companies are capitalizing on protecting the transactions of crypto by making physical wallets but when it comes to the most trusted hardware, people choose Trezor.

Trezor remains one of the most trusted companies when it comes to bitcoin hardware wallets. Representing their brand is their new flagship product, the Trezor Model T. The Model T is regarded as the premium version of its predecessor, the Trezor One. Like popular tech brands such as Apple and Microsoft, Trezor does not release products at a high frequency. This allows more time for research and development, culminating in a sleek and powerful product.

Continue reading the article below to find out our thoughts on the newest model known as the “Model T”.

Why buy a hardware wallet?

In order to keep your private crypto keys safe and secure, they need to be kept in an offline device, which is referred to as cold storage. Cold storage is a way to keep your private crypto keys from coming into contact with any portion of the internet. Taking away the devices access to the internet eliminates the risk of your wallet being compromised in any way. In previous years, many crypto users had used paper wallets (another form of cold storage) to cold store their funds or other devices that connected to the internet. These devices were deemed to be unsafe and needed to be updated. Hardware wallets now offer cold storage and a simple way to best store and transfer crypto.

The Model T positioned with its official packaging.

What Exactly is the Trezor Model T?

Like other crypto wallets, the Trezor Model T is a hardware wallet designed with your crypto’s safety in mind. It’s simple methods of use and compact size make it very portable and an absolute dream to use. The large touch screen showcases a safe and secure PIN to allow the use of the device.  In addition, the Trezor Model T can be used with the Trezor Password Manager to help manage your private information. Apart from Bitcoin, the Trezor Model T can store and transfer over 1,000 crypto tokens, such as Litecoin Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Binance, Ripple, and hundreds more.

First Impressions of the Trezor Model T

To start off, the outer box sleeve is small, simple, and completely redesigned from the Trezor Model One. With very little writing on the outside apart from the logo, the box doesn’t try to oversell what is actually inside. The inner box showcases the device through a transparent window which is very pleasing to the eye. The box is fastened shut with a magnetic lid and opens up to 3 simple instructions to connect to your phone. The Model T stands somewhat alone in the box’s cavity, utilizing a magnetic dock that hinders the device from moving around in the box.  To the right of the device is a small box that includes a USB cable, a lanyard, a how to get started guide, and two recovery seed cards. The magnetic dock that is used to hinder the device’s movement in the box also has an adhesive on the back so it can be mounted in a discreet area. This allows the user to hide the Model T in a place that would not be obvious to thieves.

The device itself is very sleek and to the point. A basic black housing and large screen give the user the best possible experience for such a small device. In terms of accessibility, security has been kept in mind the whole way. The USB port is no exception. When the device is brand new, the USB port is covered by a hologram sticker to ensure there has been no tampering. If the hologram sticker appears to be altered at all, the manufacturer advises for it to be sent back immediately. 

The device itself is quite small (only 64mm at its longest dimension) but has a very nice weight to it, coming in at 15 grams. Some of that weight comes from the relatively large screen which is a 240×240 pixel RGB LCD color touchscreen. Moving to the side of the hardware is an interface for a microSD card. The MicroSD card slot allows developers to install a bootloader manually. 

Aesthetically speaking, Trezor has upgraded its new device and box quite tremendously. Even the unboxing experience is more pleasurable, not counting the device itself. The modern use of magnets in the box shows the attention to detail and commitment to the user. The Trezor Model T hardware is unrivaled and sets a great precedent for future devices.

Device Comparisons

While all crypto wallet hardware will exhibit many similarities in functionality and end goal, the Trezor Model T differentiates in various ways.

Price Point: Priced at $164 USD on Amazon, it competes with the Ledger Nano X price of $118, which has similar features and contents in the

External Accessibility: On the side of the device is a microSD card slot, making it the only competitor to the ColdCard for this feature. 

Ease of Use: The Model T is very similar to the Ledger Nano X in this way as they are both great introductory devices as well as for the most advanced users. 

Bluetooth: Trezor made a conscious effort to not incorporate Bluetooth connectivity to limit any compromise to the device. Bluetooth has proven to be a possible security issue in close proximity so the lack of interconnection with the Model T is a welcoming concept. 

Balance Checking: One downside to the Trezor Model T is the lack of visuals to check your balance. The Ledger Nano X has the ability to check the user’s balance on demand. Although this may be considered a downside, it also comes with the territory of being a simple device.

Trezor Model T – $159
RGB LCD Screen
Touch Screen
Released 2018
Trezor One – $59
Released 2013
Ledger Nano X – $119
Released 2019

Security Features

Being that the Trezor Model T can handle large sums of crypto, it’s no doubt that they take security as seriously as they do. Like many new, successful tech companies, the Trezor hardware and firmware are completely open-source as well as accessible on GitHub. Being open-sources allows people with tech backgrounds to audit and verify the security of the device at a constant rate.

Interestingly, the device does not come with installed firmware. It is PIN protected and allows for small customizations during the setup process. Shipping the device like this discourages tampering and allows the user to be in more control over the setup and use.

To further the chain of security, all transactions require an on-device confirmation and verification on your computer. In addition, no keys are needed to verify on your computer, therefore disabling the possibility of keylogging.


Unfortunately, there is no manual that comes with the device, but there is a short start-up guide to help you and a frequently asked questions area. There are also additional materials for developers and other Trezor apps but unfortunately, they are only available in English. If you do have questions, however, there are support representatives at Trezor that can help you through your problems. The Support staff will never ask you for your PIN or recovery seed, as this is highly personal data and should never be shared. Keep this in mind if you do contact a Support individual and they ask you for this information. 

Users Guide to the Trezor Model T

Good news for nontechnical crypto enthusiasts. This device is incredibly easy to use! Even for the most technically challenged individuals, the short and concise instructions will have you on your way to protecting your crypto.

To begin the setup, you must download the appropriate Trezor bridge. This is available for all major platforms such as Mac, Linux, and Windows. The bridge provides the link between the computer and the crypto wallet. Trezor Wallet will be opened upon the finishing of the download for you to connect your device. By connecting your device to the computer and the software open, the appropriate firmware (the device is delivered without firmware so the most up to date firmware can be applied) will be installed on your new Trezor Model T.

After the software has been set up, you can now create a new wallet or choose an existing one. Clicking on “Create New” will ready the hardware wallet but additional steps are required to make the wallet secure. A message of a backup being required will appear on both the device and the Trezor wallet. The backup is a very important step in the setup process as it helps avoid losing any coins that you may have acquired. 

To begin the backup process, click the link that says “Create a backup in 3 minutes”. You will then be prompted to know the importance of the recovery seed and the way that it should be stored. The device will then create a unique recovery seed which is 12 words long and divided into multiple pages. After you have confirmed that the recovery seed has been written down in a safe place, Trezor will randomly select two of the words and urges the user to enter them for verification. If the user has followed these steps properly, the backup will now be complete. To confirm the backup, a yellow bar on the hardware wallet should now be visible. Trezor also enables the user to create a more personal name for the wallet, helping distinguish the owner’s wallet from other users. The new name should appear on both the devices screen as well as the computer interface. 

To further increase the device’s security, a PIN has been attached to protect from unauthorized use. After using the PIN for the second time, the hardware wallet display changes; preventing the PIN from being read. 

For updates, news, and important device-related announcements, register your email and subscribe to Trezor’s email list. This is of course optional and if you do not wish to do so, the setup is now complete!

Should you buy a Trezor Model T?

We recommend it if you are looking to secure your cryptocurrency! It is by far the easiest and most up to date device for cold storage and gladly give it a rating of:

9.5 out of 10

The Model T is a much-needed version of its previous cheaper model the Trezor Model One. Its simplified and sleek design. It has a much-improved touch screen that is also color. Its amazing security features are the icing on the cake for this device. 

Its price may seem steep for a device that is so simple, but it is well worth it. The crypto hardware wallet is an absolute joy to use and presents no issues with transactions. For anyone looking to venture into their first wallet or even upgrade their older model, we absolutely recommend this device!

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