Top 7 Platforms to Launch your Crypto Career

Truth or myth? You need to be a developer to work in the blockchain industry. As you might have guessed it, yes, this is actually a myth. One myth that we would like to bust at that! With that, we would like to inform you that a blockchain career can still be very rewarding for marketers, salespeople and, interns alike. 

While you are probably very excited by all the prospects that come with opening this door, getting started in this field might be another story. However, we know that with this handy platform list you will be well on your way to kickstarting your crypto career. 

1. Crypto Job List

A great place to start your search for jobs in cryptocurrency is a board we know as Crypto Jobs List. Not only is this site a great place to start your search. It, like all other good job boards, allows you to search for jobs by location, keyword or functional area (ie. developing, marketing and so on). The board itself claims that they do work closely with some of the biggest names in the industry which hopefully bodes well for your trust.

There are thousands of jobs available to browse through. Start your search by job title, location or company. One feature we love about this board is that you can find blockchain companies that share your same values. This can be done by selecting “Companies” in the top navigation bar. Next, click on each of the boxes with the values that are important to you such as having a work-life balance. The results will then show you which organizations also believe in those values. Naturally, this might be a helpful tool in solidifying your final consideration set and making that million-dollar decision.

As you check out this site, you will notice jobs are ordered by the date of posting. This means that the newest postings will be at the top and older postings will require some scrolling on your part. 

Don’t take it from us though, testimonials claim this site resulted in the most qualified leads for their position. That’s why we believe that the number one spot was earned fair and square.

2. Crypto Recruit

Holding the coveted number 2 spot in our countdown is the one and only Crypto Recruit. The site filters positions in a number of specializations. Some of these specializations include careers executive management, software development, finance, legal, social media and customer relations. 

Cryptorecruit is believed to be the first recruitment site that specialized in jobs in the crypto community and is founded by experts with years of recruitment experience under their belts. Being the first does give the site some credit in our books. This is because the agency then fills jobs using specialized recruiters. Clients from anywhere under the sun, are then able to post new job opportunities. Some of these positions even offer the opportunity to work remotely. 

3. Angellist

AngelList is a little different from your average job board. How so? This board is great for those who want to work or invest in a startup. If this is the case, signing up and sharing your resume gives you (the job seeker) the ability to share your information with thousands of potential crypto startups.

What makes this site especially great is that you can apply to each job without your current boss knowing. This means if you are just thinking about jumping ship on your current place you might be okay if things don’t work out. 

The site also connects you directly with the founders and hiring managers at each company (that means no working with recruiters who don’t really care about anything but filling positions). Finally, you are able to see the salary at the beginning of your application process so you know exactly what you are getting into. Let’s face it nobody likes to be the person who brings up fair compensation.

4. Blockew

Despite its name, this job board is far from “EW”. Blockew invites candidates to post their resumes as well as the other important details employers are looking for. If potential employers like what they see they can reach out to candidates that they deem to be a good fit. This means that if you are a quality candidate (and we do believe you are) you will only need to go through this application process once.

If you happen to be an individual that likes to take measures into their own hands, candidates also can browse job postings and send their resumes directly to the company of interest. 

For employers, please keep in mind there is a cost associated with posting jobs varying from $29 – $189. This cost varies depending on the amount of time you would like to post, the amount of applicants you would like to receive and the number of postings you would like to make. That means for a simple post, the associated charge may be as low as $29. 

5. Cryptogrind

Finally, we reach Cryptogrind. Similar to the platforms we previously mentioned, this site can connect potential employers and employees alike. However, with this platform, you will not be getting paid in fiat money. We are now looking at receiving payment in Bitcoin.

This platform ensures a fast, simple and secure platform in which users can use Bitcoin technology to make these hires. The process itself is free and offers other benefits such as developing your own candidate profile postings, the ability to search their job directory, secured escrow payment transactions, positive user experience, and even a referral bonus scheme.

On the other hand, if you are looking at hiring a freelancer, you also have some unique benefits. Some of these include unlimited job listings and a similar referral bonus scheme to that of the candidates. 

6. Ethlance

We couldn’t resist sneaking the very aesthetically pleasing, Ethlance platform into our list. Before we kick things off we will admit this site is a little more niche. Ethlance is targeted very specifically at those who are not only lovers of Ethereum, but also those looking for freelance opportunities. If this defines your current career aspirations then we would highly suggest that this platform is actually perfect for you.

Admittedly, this job board could not go unrecognized. Especially since there are NO FEES with using this platform. Membership is 100% free for the full versions (no freemium model here!) In addition to the no-cost benefits, using this platform is also super simple and is outlined on the site with five main steps. Before you jump into this ethperience (okay, maybe that one didn’t work), remember that both employees and employers can only pay or be paid with the currency, Ether. 

7. LinkedIn

Last but not least we would like to offer LinkedIn the final spot. We know it’s not primarily used for blockchain careers but that might be what gives this platform an advantage. For companies that may just be tapping into blockchain technology, their comfort might still land on a more classic job board. That said, LinkedIn claims they have over 3000 blockchain jobs in the United States alone! 

This means tons of opportunities for those who are willing to do a little bit of digging!

Building Your Application

Applying for jobs can be difficult. We understand. Like any job that you are applying for, remember there are a couple of tips that carry over from any job application. Remember to adjust both your resume and cover letter to every position. Present your unique value and what you can provide for the company. Obviously, the company knows what they are providing you (a job!) 

If you like the values that the company promotes, and they align with how you do things. SHOW THEM! This is a huge selling feature especially if you can prove that this position is something you can grow with long term. 

Since the blockchain industry is still new and constantly changing, trying to learn as much as possible about any new aspects is a sure-fire way to stand out. This means that while there may not be a degree you can get in blockchain technology, utilizing free courses available online or going to industry meetups can be a great way to get your foot in the door.

Working in Crypto

Let’s face it while crypto enthusiasts exist, many are still unsure about all of the implications of crypto. That means working in this field may not only be rewarding because you know you are shaping the future but you also will have an interesting story to tell. We know crypto is the future of all things money-related so why not start working on it from the ground up. 

We also recommend that you try and stay involved in as many different blockchain communities as you can. One app that is popular in the cryptocommunity is Telegram. This app has many groups that talk about anything crypto-related (including available jobs). This is also a great way to tune up on some of the crowd’s opinions on crypto and see what projects are in the works. 

A Final Word

We hate to say it but no we are not recruitment specialists. While this advice is based on careful research, it is not a do-all ends all guide to securing your job. That means you should also do some of your own research so you are prepared for the next opportunity that comes your way. 

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