Top 20 Blockchain Technology Companies

Blockchain technology’s popularity increases with each passing year. As such, many are looking to get in on the “action,” so to speak. Similar to how many people want to learn more about cryptocurrency as it becomes more prominent, a need to learn about blockchain technology companies is inevitable.

The desire to educate oneself about this technology is not baseless by any means. Blockchain is gradually transforming into a legitimate disruptor in a wide variety of industries. In fact, the technology has so much potential that tech giant, IBM, is investing a lot of money in research. Specifically, over $200 million. Furthermore, over 90% of banks in Europe and the U.S. are currently doing their own research on blockchain options.

Blockchain is capable of revolutionizing government, finance, insurance, and personal identity security. Its potential impact extends to hundreds of other fields.

If you are a novice as an entrepreneur and/or the crypto space, you are probably wondering what the best blockchain companies are. There are plenty to choose from, so we will condense our options down to 20 of the best ones.

What technology is being developed?

Blockchain, also known as ‘Distributed Ledger Technology’ (DLT), is essentially a chain that consists of an array of blocks. From a more technical standpoint, the traditional sense of those words does not properly explain the technology. Realistically speaking, “block” and “chain” refer to the digital information that goes into storage on a public database. The “blocks” are the data and the “chain” is the database.

Since its creation, blockchain continues to have an impact on various pre-existing systems. What exactly is it changing? Well, there are plenty of examples:

  • The automation of error-proof contracts with smart contracts
  • Improving peer-to-peer economies
  • Expanding crowdsourcing venture capital
  • An increase in transparency for public and private institutions alike
  • Considerably greater supply chain accountability
  • Improvement in functionality for the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Better access and accuracy of documents and record-keeping
  • The creation of a new stock-market economy

What to look for

Now that we know of blockchain’s significance, we can start looking into the best blockchain technology companies. However, before we start the list, there are some things you need to keep in mind. Below is a list of what you should be on the lookout for when choosing the right blockchain expert:

  • The number, quality, and variety of blockchain projects. There are an abundance of diverse quality blockchain case studies on a company’s website. Drawing from these is the best way to determine if the team is able to live up to its promise.
  • Size of the team. The larger the team is, the better. That means there will be much more development power, as well as flexibility. If the team size is considerably low, then there is a huge risk concerning your project. The time of its delivery may not be satisfactory.
  • Years of existing on the market. If the establishment of a company was not too long ago, then there is a chance that it could possibly go bankrupt.
  • Presence online. Respectable companies are typically the most active on social media platforms and also corporate blogs. Consistent updates and a loyal audience of great size is a good indication of the company’s reputation.
  • Reviews from previous or current clients. The presence of positive reviews on trustworthy portals are indicative of the company’s reliability. Specifically, the fact that it values its clients and delivers on products of high quality.

From this point, we can begin to examine the top 20 of the best blockchain companies from around the world. The purpose of this list is to help you select a blockchain developer and find a long-term partner for your blockchain project.

Top 20 Blockchain Technology Companies

1 – ConsenSys

ConsenSys formation took place back in 2015. Since then, it has gone on to become collaborative with various Blockchain development services. At its core, ConsenSys is a venture production studio that focuses primarily on tools for building and scaling and disruptive startups. In addition, it fixates on key components of integration, B2C DApps, and enterprise software products. Specifically, products that get their power from decentralized technology. Its concentration is mainly on Ethereum development. Canadian entrepreneur and co-founder of Ethereum, Joseph Lubin, is the founder of the blockchain company.

blockchain technology companies

2 – PixelPlex

PixelPlex fuses their extensive business experience with their admirable technical expertise. With this combination, they can apply it to blockchain solutions. The primary focus of this company is on crypto exchanges, mobile and web wallets, and explorers. They also cover browser extensions and DApps, plus designs of consensus and integration of virtual machines. The company has more than 80 blockchain developers and it was successful in delivering over 50 blockchain projects.

PixelPlex employs the use of institutional frameworks in supplying enterprise companies with blockchain solutions. Examples of these solutions include FinTech, supply chain, insurance, manufacturing, and healthcare. Their portfolio is impressive, consisting of a diverse amount of blockchain projects, such as QTUM.

3 – LimeChain

LimeChain specialty lies primarily in blockchain development and consulting. They provide blockchain development that is both private and public, as well as blockchain audit and smart contracts development. The blockchain development company claims to do more than just deliver on blockchain promises. They also develop blockchain solutions.

From Initial Coin Offering (ICO) development to DApps development, LimeChain remains prominent in innovative technology. The team aims to provide the same level of regularity, reliability, and transparency in the services and projects they deliver that is the blockchain promises.

4 – Accubits

Accubits is a company in Washington that focuses on the development of blockchain and AI-centric solutions. The company’s knowledge in blockchain technologies include the following:

  • Smart business contracts
  • Lottery systems that are automated
  • Customer loyalty and rewards systems
  • Contract management systems for real estate

The platforms Accubits works on include Hyperledger, Multichain, Corda, Bigchain DB, and Ethereum.

5 – SoluLab

SoluLab is a popular software development company that specializes in the development of enterprise blockchain platforms and DApps. Their proficient services are exceptional assistance for both startups and enterprises to turn rough ideas into state-of-the-art solutions.

The blockchain software that SoluLab’s team of experts builds gives businesses the ability to streamline their operations. In doing so, they create an infrastructure that is secure and transparent. They use cutting-edge technologies and validated methodologies as a way to propel progressive changes.

6 – Codezeros

Codezeros is an Indian blockchain development company that develops for a wide variety of industries. Some of which include healthcare, finance, politics, and management of supply chains. Codezeros builds on the frameworks of Hyperledger, which are Fabric, Iroha, Burrow, Indy, and Sawtooth.

7 – ArcTouch

ArcTouch is an award-winning app design and development company in San Francisco. It prides itself on helping companies completely transform their business processes. They do so by way of blockchain decentralized apps and ledger technology. The company lends assistance to businesses focusing on blockchain strategy, architecture, and design. What’s more, businesses that develop working proof-of-concept decentralized applications for popular blockchain platforms. Such platforms include the likes of Ethereum, Hyperledger, and Stellar.

blockchain technology companies

8 – Unicsoft

Unicsoft specialty pertains to up-and-coming technology. They provide software products that get their power from blockchain and AI and supply them to enterprises and developing startups. The team values communication and personal approach above all else to their clientele. Their main goal is to become a trustworthy collaborator and help businesses influence worldwide digital conversion.

9 – Bitfury

Bitfury is one of the most prominent – if not the most prominent – full-service blockchain development company in the world. It is also one of the largest private providers of infrastructure that exists in the Blockchain ecosystem right now. Bitfury cultivates and delivers software and also hardware solutions necessary for an array of businesses, governments, organizations, and individuals. It allows these groups to move assets across the blockchain.

The prowess of Bitfury guarantees that the blockchain has successful, efficient, secure, and cost-effective connectivity. They utilize a global team of experts in various fields, such as technology, communications, business, and security. The blockchain company’s intent is to construct and improve blockchain applications. Ones that encourage innovation, as well as the advancement of the peer-to-peer economy.

10 – IBM iX

IBM is right up there with some of the world’s largest information technology companies. It provides a diverse selection of software, hardware, and services. IBM iX is a division of IBM and a technologic company that brings revolutionary ideas to life through IBM Design Thinking.

IBM iX manages a blockchain development center and runs a wide partner network consisting of peers and vendors. IBM’s focus is on blockchain solutions pertaining to food supply, governance, FinTech, and supply chain, among several other industries. Over time, the company was successful in creating hundreds of proof-of-concept’s, however, it mainly employs Hyperledger.

11 – LeewayHertz

LeewayHertz is a company strictly for custom software and blockchain development. Its services are specifically for startups and enterprises. They have an exceptional background in the development, deployment, and preservation of blockchain technology projects. LeewayHertz has an extensive portfolio, spanning Supply Chain, Utility Bill Generation, and an array of other blockchain projects. The blockchain company is knowledgeable in working with several distributed ledger technologies, including Ethereum and Hyperledger.

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12 – 4IRE Labs

The key point of focus for 4IRE Labs is FinTech. They were successful in creating a myriad of branded white-label products. All of which serve the crowdfunding and private blockchains, as well as multiple other applications. Their services range from smart contracts to the entirety of ICO infrastructures and investor cabinets. The blockchain platforms they have experience dealing with is extensive and include the following:

  • Ethereum
  • Solidity
  • Quorum
  • NEO
  • Hyperledger Fabric
  • Monax
  • Multichain
  • R3
  • Exonum

13 – 10clouds

The team behind 10Clouds consists of over 100 developers and designers of apps and blockchains. Since it was founded in 2009, the software and blockchain development company went on to achieve great success. They would deliver a large selection of projects for companies deriving from either one-person startups to whole enterprises. The 10Clouds team has tremendous skills in blockchain technologies and was a participant in several projects. Some of which involve Ethereum, development of smart contracts, and crowd sale.

14 – Synsoft Global

Synsoft Global is a blockchain software development company whose main office is in central India. Synsoft leverages an array of technologies like Ethereum smart contracts, ERC20 tokens, Hyperledger Fabric, and Stellar blockchain. Moreover, its services focus heavily on the development of ICOs and crypto wallets.

15 – OpenLedger

OpenLedger is a team made up of expert blockchain developers with an extensive amount of experience. Their focus is primarily on developing custom projects for various industries like FinTech, entertainment, and insurance, among several others. They have an impressive list of blockchains for the businesses they work with. It mostly includes the likes of BitShares and EOS. Thanks to OpenLedger’s efforts, there have been over 10 successful ICOs, raising over $90 million in capital through token sales. Furthermore, they were able to help many startups launch their businesses.

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16 – Inn4Science

Inn4Science provides its clients with development process transparency and predictability. This is possible courtesy of their incorporation of Agile methodologies for the purpose of analyzing target-setting and business. The blockchain development company builds products that draw their foundation from Ethereum and Bitcoin. They also build them on deals with complex development technologies like Exonum, Node.js, GoLang, and Rust, among others.

17 – S-PRO

S-PRO presents for its clients custom cross-platform development services for web and mobile apps. In addition, it specializes in the implementation of blockchains. For enterprises and startups alike they offer proper full cycle development solutions.

The team behind S-PRO actively creates a one-of-a-kind flow that will transform your idea into a lucrative product. They also have great skills in communication, so you are able to keep track of your project’s development process. Wherever in the world you reside in – be it Tokyo or New York – does not matter. The S-PRO team is always ready to interact with you, whether it be through Skype, Telegram, or by email or phone.

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18 – Titanium Blockchain

Titanium Blockchain is a trailblazing blockchain company that provides wide-ranging services in blockchain development. As a bonus, it is suitable for a variety of major industries. The team boasts a thorough understanding of this innovative technology. They promote it through hard work in the field and early exposure to this creative manner of approach.

19 – Look4App

Look4App is a software and blockchain development company in Poland that delivers state-of-the-art projects in blockchain and web development. It has an exceptionally strong background in FinTech and an eye for extraordinary design. They are punctual in providing intricate solutions and they always aim for quality that is first-rate. They have the potential to be a reliable partner for blockchain development.

20 – Adoriasoft

The results that custom software development company, Adoriasoft, delivers is nothing short of amazing. Possessing extensive knowledge and experience in information security and cryptography is a key player in the outstanding results. The primary focus of this company is distributed applications, smart contracts, and blockchain projects. They effectively create user experiences for web and mobile apps that clients, as well as their customers, positively react to.

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