The Continuing Adventures of Bitcoin!

Bitcoin is gaining positive daily volume. The current 24h volume is at numbers that we haven’t seen the likes of since mid-may when Bitcoin daily volume was at the $8,320 USD mark. With nearly $6.8m USD as of today (Oct 15,2018) things are showing potential signs of some very interesting growth for the overall value of BTC.

What does this spike in Bitcoin daily volume indicate?

An important signal will be the close of today’s daily candle as this may lead to a rally in buyers and overall price increase going forward. If daily volume suggests that people are starting to snatch up BTC there are high hopes that a climb north of $7,200 USD may happen as early as today.

According to Bitfinex, the 24h increase thus far seen for Bitcoin has been a healthy 7.97% with expectations of a further climb.

Today is a good day to keep your eye on the Bitcoin daily volume as this week may show significant growth for all bitcoin holders.

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Traders earn and learn

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