Welcome to the Future of Trading – HedgeTrade

HedgeTrade is a unique marketplace solution that allows traders from all over the world to exchange valuable trading knowledge. While doing this, they’re also able to learn how to successfully trade cryptocurrency. Novices learn directly from experienced traders through HedgeTrade’s verified and ranked trader roster.

Our predictions platform is mutually beneficial to both experienced traders and novices alike. For those new traders to the market, they’re able to purchase predictions from the pros in our Blueprint Marketplace. That way, they have a chance to trade alongside experienced trading gurus.

What happens if the predictions are wrong?

In most other trading platforms, there’s no recourse when a prediction goes bad. If incorrect, the purchaser of the prediction still has to pay for that faulty prediction. With HedgeTrade, we’ve solved that problem in two ways:

  • First, traders who purchase predictions do not have to pay if the prediction proves incorrect.
  • Secondly, pro traders are incentivized to publish the most accurate trades. They’re able to stake varying amounts of the HEDG token to further cement their belief in a prediction. If they are correct, they can earn even more than the prediction purchase price.

Learn more about trading with HedgeTrade

If you’re a trader now, whether in the cryptocurrency industry or otherwise, you’ll want to know all about our upcoming trading platform for predictions. Check out the video below to learn all about it!

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