HedgeTrade and Simplex Partner to Enable HEDG Credit Card Purchase

Simplex streamlines the process of buying HEDG tokens with credit-to-crypto transactions.

July 16, 2020, Singapore — HedgeTrade, the builders of crypto’s first accountability-based social trading platform, is happy to announce their partnership with Simplex, the industry leader in online and credit card-to-crypto payment processing. With Simplex’s security-focused credit card solution, HedgeTrade users are able to purchase HEDG tokens in a simple and secure manner, with a user experience similar to that of the familiar e-commerce experience.

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Founded in 2014, Simplex is prominent in the crypto industry for providing purchasing services using credit and debit cards. As an EU-licensed FinTech company, Simplex offers a fraud-free payment process to a global audience which includes crypto platforms, merchants, and marketplaces who now have access to complete fraud protection and chargeback coverage.

HEDG tokens now with a credit care option by Simplex

Simplex to enable HEDG credit card purchases

“Simplex is dedicated to providing fast and secure credit card payments as a key step to mass crypto adoption. We are excited to partner up with HedgeTrade to reach a new audience of crypto users and make it easy for them to get involved and learn about crypto trading,” Nimrod Lehavi, co-founder and chief executive of Simplex, said.

HedgeTrade is a social trading predictions platform where experienced traders have a way to monetize accurate predictions and novices have access to verified predictive data. Based in Singapore with offices in North America, Europe, and Asia, HedgeTrade has taken the stage to align the interests of new and pro traders alike in a mutually beneficial ecosystem.

“HedgeTrade is a place for experienced traders and novices to the crypto world to share ideas and make market predictions. Simplex is a great partner for our users because it allows them to buy HEDG tokens in a familiar way by using credit cards and ultimately lowers barriers to adoption,” David Waslen, CEO & Co-Founder of HedgeTrade said. “Virtual currencies have held strong while the global economy has struggled and partners like Simplex make it easier than ever for the crypto curious user to get on our platform and start sharing and purchasing prediction Blueprints, using tokens they can purchase with ease online.”


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