Rublix & HedgeTrade

Our community management team has been receiving a number of questions regarding the confusion around Rublix and HedgeTrade. Are they the same, are they different? What’s the deal?!

To answer that question, let’s separate out and explain both HedgeTrade and Rublix:

The Rublix Development Team

Our in-house development team at Rublix is building and testing HedgeTrade product, which is a blockchain based predictions platform. The Rublix team includes a number of individuals working on site in our offices in Calgary, Alberta. Additionally, we have a number of individuals who work remotely from places all over the world.

Rublix’ first decentralized project: HedgeTrade

Our tokenized application “HedgeTrade” is a platform uniquely designed for trading predictions, analysis and education. Traders can post their trading predictions in the form of a smart contract-powered “Blueprint” and get rewarded for accurate information. Newer traders can copy trade by purchasing the predictions, thus having a chance to trade like the pros while they are learning. Both new and seasoned traders will have access to market data tools.

The central concept behind HedgeTrade was to build a platform that fills the knowledge gap between experienced traders and novice traders. Essentially, the idea is to open the doors of trading to anyone who wants to learn. At the same time, we provide an opportunity for those experienced traders to share their knowledge and earn HEDG tokens in the process.

We took a long, hard look at the experience of individuals stepping into trading. Our discovery process led us to see that the missing piece revolved around the valuable knowledge of the few and the transfer of that knowledge to the many. It’s apparent how most skilled traders gain rapid success while the masses, who lack trading know how, fall victim to losing money in an unfamiliar system.

Why HedgeTrade?

We thought, why not make this a win-win for everyone involved?. HedgeTrade allows users to enter into a community of traders who are willing to share their secrets, analysis, and opinions. To share knowledge and earn from doing so. We built HedgeTrade to fill the gap and provide a new sort of win-win ecosystem in which a mutually benefical relationship could take place between pro traders and all the oncoming newbies.

Most importantly, we want people to learn and do so in a secure and honest environment. Users can begin their experience with peace of mind. As such they can enter the trading realm in a safer and more approachable way. There is more transparency on our platform than conventional trading platforms. That’s how we help to counter the risks newcomers face as they begin trading. HedgeTrade allows the potential for maximum knowledge gained with minimized risk.

At Rublix, we stand behind the HedgeTrade platform. We look forward to helping the market grow while assisting traders of all experience levels further their passion for trading. We hope this has explained clearly the difference between Rublix and HedgeTrade. Join us today to get information on all Rublix developments and the upcoming beta release.

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