Rublix Gives Back to the kids at U of C Math Camp

Rublix team members recently converged with some of Canada’s brightest young minds by sponsoring the University of Calgary’s CMS Regional Math Camp. Co-Founder Pete Danihel, along with Rhys Boulanger and Shane Moser of Rublix, treated the advanced math students to an inspiring presentation on how to successfully navigate through the technology industry. They also handed out a little surprise to all of them.

The 7th to 9th-grade mathematics students attended the CMS Math Camp by invitation. During their week-long stay at the University of Calgary campus, they participated in a collaboration-based curriculum steeped in math and networking activities, as well as problem-solving and mathematical enrichment topics.

Why Giving Matters

Rublix Development and its flagship platform, HedgeTrade, are dedicated to giving back to the community. And there’s no better place to start than right in the heart of Calgary’s dense business district, not far from the Rublix Calgary offices. According to CEO and Co-Founder, Dave Waslen, pairing the CMS Math Camp students with the Rublix team was a great match:

“At Rublix, we’re striving to be business leaders and role models in the blockchain space. So we understand the importance of cultivating a strong network both locally and internationally. Additionally, our team is deeply entrenched in web and blockchain development, data analytics and engineering. We saw this as the perfect way to share how important the job of a mathematician is, and the many opportunities that are out there. It was our small way of giving something back and encouraging the next generation.”   

– CEO/Co-Founder David Waslen

The Rublix Regional Math Camp Presentation

Rublix’s predictions platform, HedgeTrade, heavily relies on mathematics to fine-tune its algorithms and build the code that runs the platform. In the presentation, Co-Founders Peter Danihel, and Shane Moser gave concrete examples of how mathematics enable the creation of many useful applications. 

As part of the presentation, students received an introduction to the RaspberryPi. This is a device the size of a credit card yet a powerful computing tool. Shortly after, there was a buzz of excitement as Rublix team members gave a RaspberryPi to each of the 32 students. 

RaspberryPis are small programmable computers that are versatile and empowering. They can plug into a computer monitor or TV and can connect to a standard keyboard and mouse.

Students can use their Raspberry Pi’s to explore computing and learn how to program in languages like Scratch and Python. Additionally, they’ll have the opportunity to use their math skills to develop their own projects using the device. For example, they’ll be able to work on projects like personal computers, gaming consoles, robots and security systems.  

The Rublix team members appreciated the opportunity to meet with these bright youngsters during their week of CMS Math Camp. In the future, they look forward to more outreach with local youth.

Peter Danihel is one of the Co-Founders of Rublix Development and is CEO of Danihel Group. Shane Moser is Creative Lead at Rublix.

Learn more about the University of Calgary’s CMS Math Camp by visiting the website: 

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