Reshaping The Future of Trade

If you think that traditional stock markets will continue operating as they are, unaltered, you are mistaken. Because change has already occurred and the future of trading is already here.

HedgeTrade is reshaping the way we look at trade predictions with a decentralized platform bringing together experienced traders with novices in a symbiotic relationship fueled by blockchain technology.

Traditional trading mechanisms are breaking down

Individual traders today can get advice from tens of thousands of online ‘experts’ that have access to a plethora of data tools. But none of these professional and amateur traders provide guarantees for their advice, and all of them can simply bet against the person who buys their trade prediction. It is a highly manipulated system in which the participants are at odds with each other, and the most inexperienced traders carry the most risk.

Now throw in $137 billion in crypto assets and newbies trying their hand at trading with no limitations or controls. It’s not surprising that online experts did not change the way they were doing things; they simply added in cryptocurrencies or switched altogether.

Source CoinMarketCap

But even with the most respected traders offering advice or access to their data feeds, true accountability has just not been attainable. When a trade prediction was wrong, the novice traders not only lost money but also faith in the system. If the past year has taught us anything it’s that unscrupulous people will always find a way to take advantage in such an environment where money flows and predictions can easily be manipulated or deleted.

There has simply never been a way to hold traders accountable for their trade predictions. Until now.

Setting the stage for a new world of trade

In mid-summer of 2018, it was estimated that 28,888,424 blockchain wallets existed globally.  Blockchain technology and digital assets exploded in the last two years with the ICO revolution thriving under a zero regulation atmosphere. This sparked rapid growth in the development of crypto wallets and exchanges, as well as thousands of new coins.

Number of Blockchain Wallets from Q1 2015 to Q3 2018            

                                        Source Statista

It also brought cryptocurrency to the mainstream. Essentially, people across the globe, who had never traded a stock before in their life, started trading crypto. Just a short few months later, if you searched for cryptocurrency trade predictions on Google, you’d have found over 5 million results. The proverbial cat was completely out of the bag. Yet these new crypto traders had no place to safely learn from traders without the added risk of a system lacking accountability.

What Blockchain brings to the table

Because distributed ledgers offer a way to create digital currencies, a new kind of economy was suddenly available. One that is peer to peer, diminishing the reliance on brokers and 3rd party financial institutions. With the transparency and immutability of transactions that blockchain tech enables (and demands), industries across the board were given a choice – to continue as is, or evolve.

Maybe the most important thing that blockchain technology changed in the world of finance was access – now global participants regardless of their bank balances or location could start trading. The peer to peer, 3rd party-less aspects created a massive draw to individual traders. Amidst this emergence of the blockchain industry, a generation of millennials eagerly joined the crypto phenomenon.

This generation has a high comfort level with technology and a willingness to move over to a new system, whilst their older counterparts may be more inclined to hold on to the status quo. Millennials saw they could make money by trading cryptocurrencies. Some even turned away from top trading firms to focus solely on digital assets.

Replacing a broken system

People might argue that we need to bring age-old institutions over to cryptocurrency so that the traditional method of trading can continue, business as usual. It will strengthen and stabilize the crypto market, they say. Others believe in de-institutionalizing the world of trading by creating something new. HedgeTrade has done exactly that.

With a predictions market focused on incentivizing participants, HedgeTrade empowers not only a new generation of traders but a brand new system of trade predictions. One that is uniquely designed to address the needs of the burgeoning crypto market.

Everything has changed. It’s not going back to the way it was, it’s only moving forward. That’s where HedgeTrade comes in. We’re reshaping predictive markets with a revolutionary social trading platform.

The future of trade starts here

Trade predictions are forever altered. So here’s how we’re playing it. HedgeTrade has built a trade predictions marketplace that incentivizes experienced traders to do two things:

  • Share their knowledge with novice traders
  • Stake tokens to back up their predictions

Experienced traders on HedgeTrade can sell their predictions to other users on the platform, just like traders have always done, only this time they are accountable for the accuracy of their forecasts. This is possible through our unique system utilizing smart contract-powered “Blueprints”.  

When a user purchases a Blueprint from a trader to unlock the details of a prediction, that prediction must be correct in order for the trader to get paid. Otherwise, the tokens go right back to the users.

There are other decentralized trading projects that are under development now. But instead of a mutually beneficial environment, some utilize a “griefing” system of punishment meted out for traders who are incorrect with their predictions. This type of “harm yourself in order to harm others” system carries over the same old system of mistrust.

Where traders earn and users learn

HedgeTrade has designed a one-of-a-kind platform that elevates all participants, from experienced traders to complete cryptocurrency newbies:

An experienced trader who wants to sell their predictions has the opportunity to stake HEDG tokens to earn even more than the prediction price. When their predictions are correct, a unique algorithm optimizes their feeds over less successful forecasters. Experienced traders not only earn from the great trades they make, they now have the chance to earn additional income by sharing their knowledge and staking tokens to back up their predictions.

A novice trader is able to participate in the predictions market while learning from the very best traders. They can browse the top predictive feeds, purchase the Blueprint of their choice, and unlock the details. Then they’re able to successfully trade right alongside the pros, knowing that forecasters on HedgeTrade receive incentives to give accurate predictions.

A new twist on social trading

Today’s platforms for social trading bring together traders of different levels offering easy access to financial data. This type of trading atmosphere enables new traders to quickly learn from their more experienced counterparts.

But as social platforms have grown in popularity, the mass of information has reached a state of overwhelming. Non only that, there is no way to reliably measure the accuracy of predictions from the more experienced traders.

In this type of platform, yes users can certainly learn from expert traders. But what are they learning? And how exactly do you define an expert trader? These are the exact questions that HedgeTrade addresses.

Now new traders have a transparent predictions marketplace where they can earn while learning from the best. HedgeTrade provides the tools to determine which traders are the most accurate with their predictions and incentivizes pro traders to be the very best they can be. It’s a win-win for all market players.

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