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Release Notes v1.1.1 – December 19, 2019

The Rublix Development team works steadily to bring improvements to the HedgeTrade predictions platform. To keep our community informed, we will share our progress by publishing periodic Release Notes. This marks the first official Release since our invite-only Beta was launched on December 5th, 2019. We look forward to many more updates and improvements as we continue to build out HedgeTrade as a go-to app for worldwide traders. 

Since the invite-only Beta program began in December, we’ve had over 500 new users try out HedgeTrade. Additionally, the Blueprint Marketplace is currently active with hundreds of published trade predictions. To make a prediction, a trader creates a smart contract-powered Blueprint and stakes HEDG tokens to back it up. If they are correct in their forecast, they earn from the sale of their trusted trade information. When incorrect, they lose their stake while those that purchased the prediction get a refund.

HedgeTrade Blueprint Market
Examples of Published Blueprints at HedgeTrade

The 1.1.1 Release takes into account some of the recent feedback we’ve received from our new user base, as well as planned updates from our scheduled development goals. This Release was implemented on December 19, 2019, and covered a wide set of improvements, updates, and bug fixes to the HedgeTrade platform.

Below, you’ll find a full summary of what was contained in this Release. Complete details on each update and fix are available in the PDF below.

What’s New

Account History

One of our newest features is the Credit / Debit History, which we added to Account History. This allows our users to see where their tokens are going and how they are receiving tokens by using our application. By using the Credit / Debit feature, traders can easily view and track all their purchases, stakes, payouts and lost stakes. 

Credit / Debit History contains four sets of data:

  1. The source of the credit or debit (i.e. purchase, stake, payout, or lost stake)
  2. Transaction amount
  3. Date credited or debited
  4. Total balance
Account History Features Added
Credit Debit History – Includes all purchases, stakes, payouts, and lost stakes.


Blueprint Enhancements

Error handling was addressed as we updated our messaging function to give users a better experience. Additionally, we added a checkbox to filter active Blueprints, added Bittrex as the third exchange available for traders to create predictions on, and also completed other minor housekeeping items.  

Affiliate Program

We adjusted the wording within the Affiliate Stake Payout feature to come across more clearly to our community. The Affiliate History needed a tweak to show the token symbol next to the amount paid. 

Withdraw Funds

Some improvements to our Withdraw Funds option included automatically updating pending withdrawals so that refreshing the page is not required, and enhanced Error Handling messaging to provide a better user experience.

User Profile

Whenever you view a User Profile and all the Blueprints they have published, you’ll now see a checkmark next to the Blueprints you purchased. You can also now see when the user was last logged into HedgeTrade. Both these items were designed to improve user experience. 

In a User Profile, showing which of this User’s Blueprints you have purchased.

General  Enhancements

There were many general improvements within this release, including enhancing mobile navigation and resolution, updating the configuration for CoinMarketCap data frequency, and adding easy access points to our FAQ within the app.

Bug Fixes

Account History 

We put through 20 bug fixes in Account History including making sure data such as Hash address is fully accessible, fixing the link to the blockchain explorer, and many navigational aspects were also added to improve user experience.

Blueprint Market

As the heart of the HedgeTrade platform, the Blueprint Market saw many fixes and updates with the 1.1.1 Release. We improved the functionality of checkboxes, fixed the expiry date to show how many hours left if under 24 hours, and solved a problem with sorting trading pairs, among 20 other Blueprint Market fixes.

On Blueprint Details, the expiry date shows hours left if under one day.

Create Blueprint

As 500+ new Beta users began creating prediction Blueprints, we found many opportunities to improve and put through fixes. For instance, the current price for the trading pair was not updating correctly, a max stake hadn’t been set, and there was a time zone issue with expiry times. We made those fixes as well as 27 others to improve the Create Blueprint feature. 


For the Dashboard feature, we put through 24 fixes, mainly for improving navigation and user experience. For instance, we implemented a Walk Through dialog and updated the step-by-step instructions for using the platform. Additionally, we made improvements to the Newsfeed to make sure when page scrolling, loaded pages would be at the top. 

New Walk Through Interface

General Fixes

In addition to the above-mentioned updates and improvements, the HedgeTrade development team made 81 fixes to the platform, a summary of which can be found below. The full 1.1.1 Release Notes may be found within the following PDF:

General Fixes Summary

  • We fixed the Deposit Funds QR code and Deposit HEDG pages.
  • Set the HEDG withdrawal fee to 1 HEDG.
  • Set minimum HEDG withdrawal to 10 HEDG.
  • Fixed a few issues with Firefox when tabbing from one user to another.
  • Updated the signup email formatting.
  • Fixed functionalities from mobile devices.
  • Made Usernames not case sensitive.
  • Improved Login process involving case sensitivity, character error messages, and fully populated Country and Time Zone lists.
  • Fixed ability to change the username.
  • Created a fix for updating a profile picture error.
  • Fixed User Profile so Joined Date is viewable and gave a sort function to Published Blueprints in the User Profile. 
  • Cleaned up some error messages with the Withdraw Funds feature.

We are already working on the next release with more improvements and fixes in response to additional Beta usage and our long term goals. If you have questions regarding these Release Notes, please Contact Support. All future releases will be available on our blog, submitted to our email list, and shared on social media.

As of this date, HedgeTrade is still running its invite-only Beta program. To try out the platform, follow us on Twitter and message us there to get your invite.

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