How It Works

Built for traders, by traders.

The HedgeTrade platform was designed for amateur traders looking to make the same trades as experts. Those expert traders are incentivized to post high-quality, accurate predictions, because if their prediction is correct, they earn proceeds from the users who purchased it. If the prediction is incorrect, the purchasers get a refund.

The steps below illustrate how the platform works:


Acquire Tokens

Traders and Users purchase tokens with bitcoin on the platform. Alternatively, Users can acquire HEDG tokens from an exchange of their choice.


Stake HEDG Tokens in Blueprint

Traders stake HEDG tokens when they create their trading prediction or "Blueprint" on the HedgeTrade platform.


Create Blueprint

The Blueprint is created and Users can unlock the prediction details by purchasing the Blueprint with HEDG tokens.


Users Await Expiry

Users wait for the Oracle to resolve the Blueprint at the time of expiry.


Blueprint Outcome

The HEDG tokens are automatically distributed to the Trader if the Blueprint is correct. If the Blueprint is incorrect, the tokens are returned to the User.

Join HedgeTrade, it’s a platform where you learn from the best, or earn from the rest.

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