HedgeTrade Beta Launch is Underway – We’re Live!

Blockchain-based social trading marketplace HedgeTrade is now available by invite.

As announced in its official press release, Rublix Development is now inviting traders to try out its HedgeTrade Beta version of the tokenized app and social trading platform. This milestone represents the first social trading platform built specifically for cryptocurrency trade predictions and the only one with a built-in accountability mechanism. 

Professional traders can earn by sharing their expertise on the platform, while new traders have a safer social trading environment where they can learn by copy trading.   

What is HedgeTrade?

The HedgeTrade platform design attracts top traders who want to earn HEDG tokens for sharing their trading forecasts. They do this by creating and selling prediction ‘Blueprints’ and staking tokens against their forecasts.

More inexperienced traders are able to shop for predictions and view the traders’ success scores and past trade history. 

If a user buys a prediction from a top trader and it proves incorrect, they get a refund for the Blueprint price automatically. If the trader was right all along, then the user is able to use the Blueprint details to make a trade right alongside the professional trader.

This is the first social trading platform we’ve seen that holds traders accountable for the advice they give out. Not only that, but all of this is accomplished using blockchain technology. The trade predictions are blockchain-verified, so the data on the trades and traders’ success scores are available to all on an immutable public blockchain. All aspects of the Blueprints, from creation to closing, are automated by Ethereum-based smart contracts.

HEDG tokens fueling the platform

The HEDG token fuels the HedgeTrade ecosystem. As a highly compatible ERC-20 token, HEDG can be purchased at multiple exchanges. Then, users can send the tokens over to the HedgeTrade app with a quick wallet to wallet transactions.

Traders may also use Bitcoin on the HedgeTrade platform. They simply transfer BTC into the app, where they can use it to create or buy Blueprints.

There is no minimum balance to use the HedgeTrade tokenized app. Additionally, once the tokens are in the app, users may withdraw their HEDG tokens easily, at any time. Regardless of the amount, they may simply move their HEDG to an Ethereum-compatible wallet.

According to CoinMarketCap (CMC), the HEDG price per token today is $0.753950 with a market cap of $217,224,310. In rankings, HEDG is currently in the #34 spot on CMC.

Who is Rublix Development?

Rublix Development is based out of Singapore with an operations team in Calgary and team members in multiple international locations. As a software development company, Rublix uses the power of blockchain to build financial tools for the next generation of fintech projects.

Led by CEO/Co-Founder, David Waslen, and Lead Developer/Co-Founder, Peter Danihel, the team includes professionals in multiple, relevant industries, including finance, software development, blockchain technology, and data analytics. 

How to start using HedgeTrade Beta

We recommend watching the “How it Works” video below. Then, go directly to our HedgeTrade app and complete the quick and easy sign up process. Once you’re signed in, you’ll find a “:How it Works” section in your dashboard for additional resources. To buy HEDG tokens, check out our guide. Alternatively, traders can move some bitcoin into the app and get started that way.

You’ll find HedgeTrade Beta to be very intuitive, which means even a novice trader should have no problem making their way around the dashboard and marketplace.

Even though there’s no minimum balance to join the platform, HEDG tokens or bitcoin are necessary for creating or buying prediction blueprints. As mentioned above, you can buy HEDG at a number of exchanges, including:

HedgeTrade’s official social media channels can be found here:

A special “Thank You” goes out to all our supporters and we look forward to hearing their feedback on HedgeTrade Beta and making it even better.

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