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Maybe you’ve heard about ways to earn crypto while surfing the web or hanging out in Crypto Twitter. There are lots of ways to earn money from home – but what’s a good way to begin? A good starting point would be a platform that enables newer crypto users to learn crypto trading without unnecessary risk. 

You see, there are lots of social trading groups and platforms on the internet today. But many of the groups require payment for information that isn’t always correct. Still, users sometimes have to pay for bad information. They also take on any loss resulting from that bad advice. Even so, many people are just eager to get going with earning crypto – they understand it’s the future of money. 

People need money – and new ways to earn it.

More and more, people want to take control of their financial destiny, and earning crypto provides a way for them to help achieve their goals. But starting out can be like swimming in shark-infested waters. There are scammers, or just people acting like professionals with no real history to back it up. What if there were a place where information was verified on the open public blockchain? What if people only had to pay for trade advice that turned out to be correct? How about a place where someone can get started with a very small amount of money and get free money by earning it online?

It so happens that a group of professional traders set out to create just that. The HedgeTrade social trading ecosystem enables professionals to stake HEDG tokens and earn from their knowledge by selling prediction Blueprints. 

The platform also provides a safe place for newcomers to purchase information about trades –  if the prediction Blueprint proves false, purchasers get their money back. Some will even get a share in the trader’s stake! 

So a complete newcomer can copy the trades of a pro whose past trades are openly and truthfully verified. Sounds good.

Why HedgeTrade?

HedgeTrade makes an excellent first (and final) social trading platform for several reasons:

  1. You have a way to earn by sharing your professional trading advice.
  2. Secondly, even if you’re new there are ways to earn while you learn from the best.

You see, HedgeTrade is a platform where the incentives of all participants are aligned. This means that when new traders and pros alike are thriving on the platform, everybody thrives and enjoys premium trade data to boot. 

Because the more successful a trader becomes, the more people they are exposed to, and the more users who can copy their expert advice. It’s truly a place where traders earn and users learn.

What makes HedgeTrade different from other social trading platforms? 

A lot, actually!

  • Users on the platform only pay for advice that is verified as correct on the blockchain.
  • Traders can stake varying amounts of HEDG tokens to back up their forecasts (skin in the game!).
  • If users end up paying for an incorrect call, they get their money back. If they were one of the first 7 buyers, they also get a share in the trader’s lost stake.

HedgeTrade was built for traders by traders. The result is a cutting edge, revolutionary social trading platform that uses blockchain technology and smart contract automation. 

We plan to become the engine for the best predictive information on the internet – because only blockchain-verified truth counts when it comes to the HedgeTrade algorithm. 

It’s fun!

If you like to make money at home and you’re interested in…

  • Games of chance
  • Sports betting
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Stock trading
  • Poker
  • eSports
  • Gaming

…then you’re going to love HedgeTrade. We make earning crypto fun and exciting. Plus we give everyone a way to decrease their downside risk. By using game theory and incentivization, we make sure that users have skin in the game, have fun, and are exposed to increased opportunities for profit.

Earning from home has never been this fun. If you need money now and are ready to give it a try, sign up here.

If you’d like to learn more, check out our video tutorials:

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