Lumi’s Mobile Wallet for Crypto – The Perfect Example of Killer UI

In the crypto space, hardly a minute goes by without someone talking about scaling or mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. And while OG’s, blockchain developers and engineers hash out the technicalities of scaling this new form of money, the front face of crypto products continues to evolve. While we’re seeing hundreds of cryptocurrency exchanges and mobile wallet applications for crypto sprout up globally, there are still relatively few that speak to the masses. What is often missing is a great user experience (UI), which can make or break the success of an app.

What is UI?

The user experience encompasses all the pages of the website and visual elements (such as buttons, social media sharing icons). Users will interact with a web product or service by navigating and interacting with these elements. 

UI is also closely associated with UX, which means ‘user experience’. This refers to the overall experience a user has when encountering a web application and all its pages and services. Essentially, in any web application, the UI and the UX together make up how the app appears and functions on the user’s end. 

Example of good UI

When comparing workplace platforms like Trello and Bitrix24, Slack is one that people can immediately navigate and easily figure out. It has a successful UI, or user interface, because it is intuitive. Meaning, it was thought out and implemented with the end-user in mind.

Microsoft Word 2010 Interface:

mobile wallet UI/UX

Google Docs interface:

mobile wallet UI/UX

Which do you think has the potential to provide a better user experience? Which one has a ‘cleaner’ UI?

A web application or platform that has good UI and UX engages users immediately and keeps them coming back. If you have to watch a few YouTube videos just to begin using a web application, the UI/UX is simply not as good as a site where you can immediately begin engaging.

That’s not so say that the UI of a complex crypto trading platform, for instance, may require a “how-to” video or two. But a user should be able to download an app and feel comfortable when starting out.

Crypto – It’s complicated

Because of the technical nature of cryptocurrency itself, very few newcomers to crypto will stick with a product that is confusing or difficult to set up. Because of the nascency of the industry and the accompanying FUD and FOMO, people entering the market are both curious and cautious. They want to try out an exchange or a wallet, but they also hear many accounts of scams and hacks happening in the space.

On the other hand, newcomers to the industry quickly learn from influencers on social media to advocate for financial privacy and data security. What users of all skill levels end up flocking to are platforms that blend user experience with privacy and security options. A perfect example is Lumi’s web and mobile wallet for cryptocurrencies. 

What is Lumi?

Lumi’s web and mobile app enable people to easily:

  • Set up a crypto wallet
  • Buy crypto with a debit card.
  • Send and receive cryptocurrencies wallet to wallet.
  • Start trading cryptocurrencies. 

Now there are a lot of crypto wallets on the market, so how does Lumi stand out?

  • It literally takes about 2 minutes to set up your wallet. 
  • You have a cold storage option with this wallet, so you remain the sole owner of your private keys.
  • The set-up process is simple, quick, intuitive and visually pleasing, resulting in an excellent user experience.

Let’s compare a few crypto wallets, Wasabi, Coinbase, and Lumi. By viewing the homepages of each, which one do you think is best as far as being easy to understand, visually appealing, and simple to navigate?

Wasabi wallet:

mobile wallet
Wasabi Wallet Homepage

Coinbase wallet:

mobile wallet
Coinbase Wallet Homepage
mobile wallet
Lumi Wallet Homepage

Additional features of Lumi’s web and mobile wallet

Besides the intuitive UI and pleasant user experience, Lumi also uses cutting edge crypto security mechanisms:

  • Your seed phrase (the 12 random words that make up the private keys to your wallet) are never fully showing. When you are setting up your Lumi wallet, you’ll need to write down or otherwise secure 3 of the phrase words at once, since only 3 will appear at one time. So a hacker’s screen capture of your seed phrase is not possible. While this may sound complicated, Lumi wallet makes this very clear and easy, with intuitive guidance along each step.
Lumi mobile wallet
Lumi Wallet Set Up
  • Lumi offers a cold storage option or non-custodial wallet, so you can keep your cryptocurrency as you normally would store it offline, under your full control and only accessing it when you want to buy/sell/trade.
  • The private keys/seed phrase is generated not on Lumi, but on your own device. The phrase is never sent or stored other than on your device. 
  • The web and mobile app interface show clearly how to restore your wallet using the 12-word backup phrase. 
  • Additionally, Lumi offers crypto funds protection using a PIN or Touch/Face ID. 

In addition to the great UI/UX and security features, Lumi’s fee structure is very transparent and clearly shows that the more you buy, the lower the fee will be. Other web and mobile wallets often cloud over this information, making it difficult to ascertain what the real fees are.

Lumi wallet supports over 900 crypto assets including BTC, ETH, OmiseGo, HEDG, BAT, and LINK. All and all, because of their UI and UX, they are living up to their slogan: Buy and Sell Crypto Easily

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