Market Predictions – Quality over Quantity

When it comes to market predictions, everyone seems to have one. Whether you’re a die-hard hodler, or a strategic pro trader, we all can make market predictions at any time. But how do we delineate between which are the best and worst predictions?

The Problem with Market Predictions

The problem with market predictions is that there is rarely any consequence for those who make incorrect predictions. After all, why should someone be held accountable for making the best guess? We don’t expect 100% accuracy for every trade prediction we see. Moreover, we can’t tell how many trade predictions are coming from trustworthy sources. Additionally, it’s not possible to ascertain what information is behind those predictions.

It’s incredibly simple to look at a tradeable asset, pick any reason why the price would increase or decrease, and put that information out into the world for others to see. Since there are no repercussions for broadcasting such predictions, the value of information is a complete unknown. Predictions then are a dime a dozen, and often low quality.

With HedgeTrade, we wanted to raise the level of quality in trading predictions as much as possible by holding the forecasters accountable for their predictions. We also wanted individuals who are seeing these predictions to know who is making them, why they are making them, and how they can learn from these predictions.

Having Skin in the Game

If trade predictions come from traders who have skin in the game, then these market participants are invested in their predictions and stand by their word. Thus, they’re establishing a level of trust. Accountability enters into the equation as trade predictions naturally become higher quality. Having a roster of ranked and verifiable traders, along with proven track records, builds a platform for the best possible trading information. That’s exactly what we do at HedgeTrade.

By having expert traders earn by providing the best information they can, novice traders can enter into their practice through the HedgeTrade platform. They can use the HEDG token and get the chance to access the mind of an expert, while receiving worthwhile trading predictions through our Blueprints Marketplace.

HedgeTrade also helps remedy the sting of following bad trading predictions by incentivizing expert traders to deliver top quality forecasting in the Blueprints they create. In the event these predictions happen to be incorrect, no problem. HedgeTrade users who purchased this trade prediction Blueprint will get their HEDG tokens back.

Not paying for other people’s mistakes is a principle that makes perfect sense to just about anyone. Yet in trading, it’s something we just don’t see. WIth HedgeTrade, that changes. Learning to trade is no longer a risk-it-all scenario. Now it’s an opportunity to learn, grow and build confidence on a platform that lets everyone win.

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