Learn Crypto Trading on the HedgeTrade Platform

If you’re looking to gain knowledge about crypto trading, the good news is you’re not alone. There is a growing number of people out there who are in the same boat. That’s why HedgeTrade is here to help you on your way to becoming a crypto market expert with these five great ways to use our market predictions platform!

Copy Trade Predictions

One of the easiest ways to see how crypto trading works is to watch it happen in real time. By purchasing a smart contract powered prediction Blueprint through the HedgeTrade platform, users can trade just like experienced traders. When following along with the pros, users can rapidly pick up terminology, trading practice, and various trading strategies.

Learning from the collective wisdom of traders is one of the most important qualities to “social trading”. That’s why the social trading aspect to HedgeTrade enables newcomers to:

  • Make trades based on the predictions of top traders.
  • Learn what makes a good trade by studying the traders’ Blueprint history, which is easily accessible on the HedgeTrade app.
  • Browse predictions and choose Blueprints that professionals are staking money on.

Hedge risk by learning to trade in an environment where pro traders are held accountable and reputation scoring includes the immutable success/fail records of each Blueprint publisher.

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Getting to know blockchain explorers and exchanges

When participating in the HedgeTrade Platform, traders can easily navigate to see their Blueprint transactions live on the blockchain. All the transactional information regarding their Blueprint is available on the blockchain explorer. The HedgeTrade app allows you to quickly view this information in your transaction details.

Additionally, new traders will quickly become familiar with the exchanges. For each Blueprint created, a specific exchange is chosen by the trader, for instance Coinbase or BitStamp. New traders will learn how to verify pricing information and trends by viewing the various exchanges, eventually signing up to one or more to make their trades.

The pros that they are copy trading will create Blueprints for multiple currencies and crypto exchanges. Simply by visiting the exchange’s homepage, a trader may check on the current price of whatever currency pair is in the Blueprint they are considering.

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Real time trading experience

Many people who are new to crypto trading face a steep learning curve. Yet we know that learning by experience is a powerful tool for anyone who is trying something new. HedgeTrade enables users to jump in and start trading right away by purchasing trade predictions made by top traders.

Learning the markets is imperative to success. Researching and performing technical analysis is important. But when combined with active participation in crypto trades, you’ll gain the full experience of what a day in the market is like. Following along with a crypto trade prediction in real time can teach multiple aspects to crypto trading, including:

  • What market volatility looks like.
  • How trend trading can play a part.
  • When you’ve got skin in the game, you’ll often find you have a sharper focus and more reasons to stay on top of the market.
  • Risk may be limited when following a trader with a proven and immutable track record.

Pushing your learning in this way produces maximum retainment when it comes to learning the market.

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Varied Asset Trading

With different assets comes different modes of trading. This sometimes requires varying knowledge sets and strategies. What better way to learn these concepts than to investigate different assets and industries through HedgeTrade? There you can witness how different assets behave and get insight into how best to succeed with those particular assets. When HedgeTrade is part of your trading regimen, you gain knowledge about multiple crypto assets and exchanges.

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Crypto Trading and the Hedge Community

One of the most valuable resources within HedgeTrade is the members who make up our community. We have members from all walks of life and from all over the globe who have unique experiences and knowledge to share.

This incredibly valuable community is the perfect starting place for finding out the best way to navigate your path through the trading market.

Explore the Newsfeed

Once you’ve signed up to the HedgeTrade tokenized app (which is a quick and simple process), you’ll be greeted with a cutting edge and ultra user-friendly interface. Not only that, but you’ll see the Newsfeed we’ve carefully curated specifically for crypto traders. Every time you visit your dashboard, you’ll have a bird’s eye view of what is happening in real time in the news.

We plan to offer even more opportunities for learning the crypto trading markets, including a charting tool for the dashboard, and much more. To get started learning crypto trading on the HedgeTrade community, go straight to our sign-up page.

Learning all about crypto trading takes time, but building your knowledge base bit by bit will help you in the long run. At HedgeTrade, we’re here to help!

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