Introducing the Rublix Team

We’re very excited to have recently launched our new YouTube Channel with our first video featuring the Rublix Team at our Calgary offices.

Meet Team Rublix!

While the Rublix Team is global, with headquarters in Singapore and teammates in five countries, our Calgarians represent the engine of the Rublix workforce. Our development, operations, and marketing teams are based there and it also happens to be where we shot our team video!

Calgary at a Glance

Calgary is a bustling city with a wide variety of museums, plenty of diverse places to eat, a zoo full of fun and educational activities, and an annual summer event jam-packed with all things Western called the Stampede. It’s kind of a big deal around here. You will also find no shortage of suggestions as to what the heart of the city may be. However, there’s no denying that the people – their passion and their energy – are what keep this city alive.

With a dynamic metro vibe and the largest concentration of corporate offices in Canada, Calgary’s dense business district makes it a perfect place for Team Rublix to carry on their work as a leading development force in the blockchain-finance industry.

The entire Rublix Development team takes pride in its dedication to creating the world’s best software for the age of cryptocurrency. As a company, we try to make sure everything we do has the “Rublix Touch,” meaning:

  • We go above and beyond not to just follow the industry’s highest standards, but to set them.
  • Paying attention to giving our users extra care and attention is what drives us.
  • Our goal is to deliver more than what our user expects, every time.

Our business ethos carries over to the work environment for our team as well. At Rublix, team members are encouraged and helped along to grow both personally and as professionals, as we make headway into the world of digital work (and life) in the blockchain realm.

It’s our hope that we stand out to you as industry leaders in authenticity, transparency and, of course, trailblazing blockchain apps.

Join Us

Feel free to sign up to be one of the first traders to use the HedgeTrade crypto trading predictions app. In just a few short weeks, we’ll go live so traders of all skill levels can start participating. The Rublix team has been busy testing out this tokenized app and we’re super excited to give our HEDG token holders a great user case plus several potential ways to grow their cryptocurrency portfolios.

We hope you liked our Rublix Team video! To get notifications when we upload a new video, be sure to subscribe to the Rublix YouTube Channel.

If you’re at Consensus New York this year, you know what we look like now so come say hello and get a chance to win some HEDG tokens. One lucky winner will receive 700,000 tokens if they get the “Golden Ticket”!


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