Interlude Scavenger Hunt Protocol Decentralizes Game Development

A very intriguing project launched recently to disrupt the world of game development. Interlude has created a blockchain-based scavenger hunt protocol that gives game developers a Web3 way to market their games and fund their development.

Interlude recently launched an Initial DEX Offering (IDO) for their native $ISH token. Developers who use the protocol, as well as players, can mine ISH when the hidden keys in the scavenger hunt are discovered. Interlude’s ultimate goal is to release the protocol as a completely decentralized tool for global developers and worldwide players. 

How it works

Developers can create an exciting scavenger hunt by inserting hidden keys into the games they build to encourage players to download and play their games. By using Interlude’s decentralized protocol and only a few lines of code, developers hide the cryptographic keys in basically any Internet location. The scavenger hunt can run across multiple internet places and games, giving them a truly metaversic quality. Any number of players can get involved, making it an exciting and competitive gaming experience.

Why a token for game development?

Independent game developers and those that are just getting their games off the ground have a difficult time marketing their games and getting players to become involved. Competition in gaming development is stiff, with a few large companies behind the most popular games today. With Interlude, many individual game developers can network together, or work independently, to create multi-game scavenger hunts that bring attention and intrigue to the games they’ve built.

Interlude’s decentralized solution provides a much needed token environment for developers needing to fund their game development. On the other side, players get to play a fun scavenger hunt and earn ISH when they unlock a key. This gives them plenty of reasons to upload the game and start playing.

Learn more about Interlude’s token metrics.

IDO Details for $ISH

Interlude’s IDO presale for $ISH tokens began Sunday 5 September 2021 at 9 pm CET and will end Friday 10 September at 9 pm CET or when all tokens are sold.

  • ISH is a BNP token minted off Binance Smart Chain
  • Max supply is 1 billion $ISH tokens
  • 15 million are on sale for the IDO (1.5% of supply)
  • The price is fixed at 0.00002 BNB per ISH with a fully diluted market cap of 20,000 BNB.

After the presale, 100% of presale BNB tokens will be locked as liquidity in a PancakeSwap liquidity pool at the presale price with zero markup. 

The smart contract for Interlude’s IDO presale is: 0xA1ccFab4587Ee3633eDc8DcC5781F5F68794E91

Please refer to Interlude’s website or official Telegram channel for the latest updates and information on the sale. 

About Interlude

Interlude is a decentralized network of games and virtual worlds initiated through a cryptographic Scavenger Hunt Protocol. As a meta-game with its own token economy, Interlude allows developers to hide programmable keys in their games. Millions of players could potentially join the hunt and when a key is found, both the gamer and the developer get to mine ISH tokens.