How to Survive Crypto Twitter

If you’re anything like me, then you want to be in the know but have no patience to sort through the Twitter nonsense. Knowing how to survive Crypto Twitter is essential for this crypto-climate. And while everyone has an opinion, not everyone is worth following on Twitter. No one has the time to sort through the amount of nonsense there is out there, so that’s what this article is for. 

Luckily, self-proclaimed twitter junkie, Mason Nystrom, has composed a comprehensive list of crypto-celebs for your pleasure. Big thanks to Nystrom for doing the grunt work. But not all of his suggestions made my list. 

If you are less keen to follow Twitter wars and heated debates, and just want quality distilled ideas then this distilled list of Crypto Twitter is just for you. Only those I think are a good use of your time made the list. So cutesie posts and wind-bags did not make my list. We all need to spend our time wisely, so don’t waste them on Twitter-storms made up of fluff. 

This is a survival guide

The List

The following is a list of investors, designers, creators, DAO advocates, informed journalists and a few more. They have all been screened by your truly. This means that their most recent tweets are relevant and intelligible. 

Vitalik Buterin

Buterin is worth your time because he is informative, candid and has a high degree of participation. As the creator and co-founder of Ethereum, his opinion on the state of things is one to consider. Based on Buterin’s twitter feed, you get the sense that he is genuinely interested in both the research around blockchain and cryptocurrency and in thoughtfully critiquing the crypt-sphere. 

Vlad Zamfir

Zamfir is an Ethereum developer. His work currently focusses on Ethereum’s proof of stake transition. He is less of an information source and more entertainment if you ask me. But credit where credit is due, he knows what he is talking about is worth checking out as he is often discussing blockchain governance, crypto-economics, and other blockchain scalability proposals.

Joseph Lubin

Lubin is the ultimate Ethereum fan! It seems fair really since as the Co-founder, he is responsible for a great deal of their success. Lubin’s page is to my taste, as he’s got the best accounts to get updates and information about Ethereum. If you all you want is the straight goods, then Lubin has got you covered on all of the Ethereum or projects developing on the leading smart contract platform.

Naval Ravikant

Ravikant is co-founded Metastable Capital, CoinList, Republic, and has invested in over 100 companies. Ravikant loves to share his ideas about the crypto-sphere as much as he loves to share is enigmatic thoughts. If you are interested in crypto, technology, science and real-life philosophy, then Ravikant has got you covered for all of that. 

Andreas M. Antonopoulos

Antonopoulos is a self-educated expert on Bitcoin and Blockchain, known as The Godfather. He’s authored multiple best-selling books including, Mastering Bitcoin, and Mastering Ethereum. If you want to understand the technical side of cryptocurrency, then Antonopoulos is your guy! He also seems like a genuinely lovely man! His twitter feed is an eclectic mix of hot crypto-topics and affirmations. 

Amanda (Gutterman) Cassatt

Cassatt is the co-creator of Ethereal Summit and is an advisor @ConsenSys. Her focus is on marketing with DAOs but her feed is full of quality information and shared links. No personal anecdotes here, just helpful, interesting information for how to market your blockchain startup, and the buzz in the Crypto-world.

Taylor Monahan

Monahan is the founder & CEO of MyCrypto, a company that helps to manage your crypto assets, as well a create wallets and use blockchain. Monahan founded MEW(myetherwallet) as well. Her account is super interactive, helpful and lighthearted. She will give you the straight goods, no sugar coating or nonsense tirades.  

Gavin Wood

Wood is also a Co-founder of Ethereum and is the founder of Parity Technologies. Wood’s most recent project is developing Polkadot. Polkadot’s vision is to allow easy creations and connections between multiple decentralized applications, services, and institutions. Very little fluff or pomp, Wood’s feed is definitely worth checking out to stay updated on Ethereum and Polkadot.

Nick Szabo

Szabo is a computer scientist and cryptographer. He is best knowing for coining “smart contracts.” He is definitely one to follow, as Szabo is considered to be one of the world’s foremost experts on bitcoin and blockchain technology. 

Simon De la Rouviere

De La Rouviere is a blockchain engineer at ConsenSys as well as a co-founder of Ujo Music. His feed covers a broad world of his interests. He is also a prolific writer covering a wide range of crypto-related topics. Check out his blog

Chris Burniske

Burniske is your all-around well informed kinda guy, he began as an analyst at ARKinvest where he led their initial crypto investments. He has since co-founded his own firm, Placeholder VC. Burniske is great for keeping you up to date with news and investment happenings in the crypto-sphere. There is very little fluff here, which is what I like!

Amber Baldet

Baldet is the Cofounder @GrowClovyr and a member of the board for the @ZcashFoundation. Baldet has made it as a member of Forbes ledger 40 under 40, as Blader was previously blockchain program lead at JP Morgan. There she developed Quorum. Clovyr builds an ecosystem of applications and services for public and permissioned blockchain networks. She is serious about privacy and putting her savvy and talent to work in her current ongoing projects.

Martin Köppelmann

Koppelmann is the CEO and co-founder of Gnosis prediction market, where they apply Ethereum to build prediction market platforms, DEXs, and smart wallets. He is a big fan of Ethereum and is altogether a smart guy and has an account worth following.  

John Wolpert

Wolpert is the co-founder of IBM’s blockchain initiative and Hyperledger but currently spends his time advocating for public internet and blockchain applications with Ethereum based ConsenSys. Follow him for his intelligent insights and project updates.

Lane Rettig

Rettig is an Ethereum and Ewasm core developer who’s mission is to work on social scalability and enabling a world through Ethereum. He is not afraid to highlight problems and criticize issues that need improvement. It is evident that Rettig envisions a crypto-world in which collective initiatives solve problems. 

Richard Burton

Burton is a major advocate of decentralized models and the CEO at Balance building a web-based and mobile wallet for Ethereum-based tokens. His page is a bit too eclectic for my twitter patience level, but he knows his stuff and likes to tweet. So if you’re into that, then click ‘follow.’ 

Emin Gün Sirer

Gun Sirer is a Cornell professor with a strong dedication to researching blockchain. He has a major presence on twitter, which is worth wondering through. He shares valuable progress updates, critiques, concerns and witticisms.  Gun Sirer is also co-director of IC3, an Initiative for Cryptocurrencies and Contracts. 

Yan Zhu

Zhu’s account is an active storm of hacktivism is the Chief Security Officer at Brave, the company behind basic attention token. If you love following all the code updates and trash talk, then you will enjoy her account. 

Evan Van Ness

If your a news junkie, then Van Ness’ account is for you! Van Ness runs, the news source, and newsletter for developer updates, scalability news, and important upcoming dates for Ethereum. He loves soccer and currently works at ConsenSys, where he plans to help decentralize everything.

Mike McDonald

McDonals is the creator of is an independent MakerDAO platform data analytics site. The site tracks all kinds of CDP and general system statistics as needed by the community. Stats are taken directly from the Ethereum blockchain and stored in a relational database for faster historical querying. McDonald loves to posts on decentralization, code, and security. 

Fred Ersham

Ersham previously a co-founder of Coinbase, and has since moved on to co-found Paradigm, a crypto-asset investment firm. His feed is a bit more enigmatic than his peers. But he is an active member of the crypto-sphere and so warrants following.

Laura Shin

If you like podcasts and interviews, then Shin is the one to follow! She started two of the most popular crypto podcasts, Unchained, and Unconfirmed. With over 150 episodes on her show, she has interviews with the best minds in the blockchain industry. Her twitter is a great way to stay in the know if you want to stay on top of her episode releases and topics.

Ari David Paul

Paul is CIO and managing partner of BlockTower, an investment firm. He is a major critic of our current financial structure and offers his thoughtful insights through tweets, interviews, and essays he shares on his feed. This guy is definitely a smart careful voice in the Wild West of social media. 

Alex van de Sande

Van De Sande is a designer and front end developer for the Ethereum Foundation. He focuses on potential human-machine conflicts resulting from the crypto revolution. De Sande is an avid and loquacious tweeter, so if you like reading about Ethereum progress and everything else related, then his feed is your candy dish.

John Lilic

Lilic is all things Ethereum, Bitcoin, energy markets, nonprofit education. Cofounder @codetoinspire a member of @consensys and advisor @AlpineIntel @uport_me @gridplus_energy @trustologyIO. Most impressive is his nonprofit education work, which currently is focused on educating young women in Afghanistan on code. 

Jeremy Gardner

Gardner is the co-founder of several successful projects including Augur, Blockchain Education Network, Distributed, SAAVHA, and most recently Ausum Ventures. His tweets are not always in the crypto-sphere, but he is earnestly invested in his projects and activism in many ways. 

Eric Meltzer

Meltzer is a partner at InBlockchain, China’s largest blockchain-focused fund and manages a newsletter, proofofwork. He is a news junkie for sure, and an eclectic tweeter on crypto-news and everything else that catches his fancy.  

Vinay Gupta

Gupta is a designer with a humanitarian vision. He was part of the launch of Ethereum in 2015 and worked at ConsenSys. He has since moved his efforts to found Mattereum, a protocol aimed at making physical and intellectual property transferable. Gupta is actively working against poverty by empowering people all over the world with the right design solutions. 

Anthony Pompliano AKA Pomp

Pomp is the Co-founder & Partner at Morgan Creek Digital, a daily letter analyzing crypto news for institutional investors: and founder of a popular crypto podcast, Off the Chain. He is a vocal advocate for bitcoin and blockchain technology. 

Meltem Demirors

Self-proclaimed “benevolent mischief-maker” and CSO of CoinShares, Demirors has a strong presence on CryptoTwitter. Her’s is the voice of reason in the world of investment, preaching patience, intelligence and forward-thinking. She should know, as she worked as VP of development at Digital Currency Group where she managed a portfolio of 110 cryptocurrencies and companies. Demirors was also listed as the Forbes Ledger 40 under 40 list for people to watch in crypto.

Ryan Selkis AKA Twobitidiot

Selkis is a crypto-fanatic and makes it his responsibility to stay informed, and humble. He just released a Crypto-thesis for 2020 on who to watch and why; definitely making its way onto all of our reading lists. His experience includes entrepreneur in residence at ConsenSys, co-founder of Digital Currency Group and managing director of Coindesk. Recently he co-founded Messari, a crypto-asset market research firm. 

Trent McConaghy

All things AI and machine learning, McConaghy is a writer, entrepreneur, and data advocate. He has written two critically acclaimed books on machine learning, co-author of over 40 papers and patents. His recent project focuses on data equality. As the CTO of BigchainDB developing Ocean Protocol.

Jeff Coleman

Coleman is thoughtfully engaged in all things to do with blockchain and critiquing the status quo. twitter, a rarity indeed! He is a professional technologist who is now a part of Decentral Consulting Services as their CTO. Coleman’s most recent collaboration is CounterFactual, an open-source protocol for scalable blockchains applications.

Brian Armstrong

Armstrong’s feed is currently invested in the power of social media, and defending why we should take it seriously as an important part of freedom of the press. He is also the co-founder & CEO of crypto-unicorn, Coinbase as well as co-founder of GiveCrypto. 

Nathaniel Whittemore

Whittemore runs a newsletter and podcast that are great for those of us who want the important news in one place. Founder of NLW & Co a crypto consultancy firm for companies and investment funds, Whittemore has created a Sunday newsletter that explains the best twitter threads of the week! 

Sam Cassatt

Casset is all business! He has strong ideas and is ready and willing to share them. He tweets about technical Ethereum concepts, and has a keen interest in decentralized finance as well as a Web3 future. Cassatt sees code and privacy as an issue that is equally as important to freedom of speech. Check out his tweets to learn why he might be right!

Spencer Noon

Noon is an investor with advice worth taking the time to listen to. Noon is the founder of BTCity in 2014 and recently founded DTC Capital in 2018. He also runs a Crypto Analysis site I recommend checking into, Our Network. He’s an investor who is an active tweeter/retweeter on CryptoTwitter. 

Bruce Pon

If freedom of data interests you, then follow the founder of @OceanProtocol, Pon, as well. Ocean Protocol is working to give people power in a new data economy. Pon shares constant updates on this interesting project and related issues to data freedom and data collection. 

Juan Benet

Benet has an obsession with knowledge, science, and technology. Currently, Benet works with Protocol Labs, IPFS, and Filecoin. While you will not find much of his own voice in his tweets, Benet’s tweets are quality shares of crypto and blockchain projects worth having a second look at.

Final Word

Crypto-twitter can be a scary place. When the good, the bad and the ugly meet, you never really know what you are in for. 

But Twitter is also an amazing wealth of knowledge where interesting things can happen. This survival list hopes to help you survive and thrive in Crypto Twitter. This article is a curated and amended version of Mason Nystrom’s I Read Crypto Twitter for Hours Daily – Here Are the 40 Accounts That Really Matter. So a big thanks to Nystorm for doing what I do no recommend, and spending hours on twitter.

I do not think you need to spend hours on twitter daily, especially when we can count on the good work of others. But as the crypto-sphere continues to expand it is important to be in the know and to know where to look for information about the latest projects and developments in the industry. 

So take a deep breath, count to 10 and resist the urge to participate in the noise. This is how we survive crypto twitter. 

It is also increasingly challenging to trust information sources. Hopefully, you find this list a good balance of creators, investors, researchers, and blockchain junkies -2020 is all about a moderate, balanced view. 

If you want to do even better in 2020, then check out Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for Crypto

It’s important to remember that this world changes quickly and while there are always new updates in technology, policy, start-up successes, and failures we do not need to know all the dirty details. 

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