How to Buy HEDG Tokens – Full List of Exchanges

Welcome to the HedgeTrade social trading platform, where traders earn and users learn! In this article, learn where and how to buy HEDG tokens, as well as bitcoin, both of which can be used on the platform.

UPDATE: HedgeTrade users now have the option to purchase HEDG tokens directly in the app, in addition to the options outlined in this article.

What is HedgeTrade?

HedgeTrade is a blockchain-based application that infuses accountability and incentivization into social trading. We’ve created a user friendly trading ecosystem that’s beneficial to:

  • Experienced traders seeking to earn money by sharing trade calls, but need a platform that maximizes their positive performance by cultivating verified data.
  • Newer traders who want access to expert trading information, but don’t want to pay for bad information.

The developers at Rublix created HedgeTrade as a way to bring these two segments together where they can both benefit from improved trade data and access to each other.

Why do you need HEDG tokens?

HedgeTrade is a tokenized application, meaning our HEDG token is required to participate in the social trading platform. For example, HEDG or bitcoin will be needed to participate in:

  • Staking tokens to back up a trading call.
  • Buying prediction blueprints to unlock the details of trading calls
  • Earning from the sale of prediction blueprints, profiting when you are correct
  • Earning from HedgeTrade’s Affiliate Marketing Program

If you’re interested in learning more, check out these resources:

Before we go over how to buy HEDG tokens, you’ll want to complete the simple HedgeTrade sign up process. Then you’ll be ready to give HedgeTrade a try!

Buying HEDG

If you want to purchase HEDG tokens, we are listed on multiple exchanges, which are all posted at CoinMarketCap, and linked below.

Once you have some HEDG tokens, you can use them in the platform to stake against your predictions and earn from those that purchase your blueprints. Or, you can purchase prediction blueprints from top traders to unlock details on the trades they are forecasting. When you do buy a blueprint, if the prediction is incorrect, you get the HEDG back that you paid for it, as well as a share in the stake if you’re one of the first 7 purchasers. 

Once you have purchased some HEDG tokens, follow these instructions to move the HEDG into the HedgeTrade social trading app:

How to deposit HEDG or bitcoin

This will bring you to a QR code that can be easily scanned or copied to the exchange where you bought HEDG tokens. For for detailed information about depositing HEDG or bitcoin into the HedgeTrade platform, please check out our video:

HedgeTrade Deposits and Withdrawals

Bitcoin also works on HedgeTrade

By far the simplest way to get started is to deposit some bitcoin into the HedgeTrade app. From there, you can use your bitcoin to purchase prediction Blueprints or stake to back up your own forecasts. When you buy Blueprints or stake in the app, your bitcoin balance will cover the amount if your HEDG balance is zero.

How to buy bitcoin

First, choose a bitcoin wallet. Go to and follow along with the steps to find out what wallets are available to you. You’ll be asked a series of questions covering what type of device you want to use and what your level of bitcoin knowledge is. Then, you’ll be presented with options for bitcoin wallets, such as Electrum, Wasabi, and Bitcoin Wallet. Be sure to secure the private keys to your bitcoin wallet by using a paper wallet, a hardware wallet, or in some other offline manner.

Once you have a wallet, you can purchase bitcoin at a cryptocurrency exchange such as Kraken, CoinBase or Bitstamp. Secure your bitcoin by moving it off the exchange (unless you plan on using it at that exchange) and into a secure wallet. From there, you can move bitcoin directly to the HedgeTrade app from an exchange or a wallet. Here’s how:

Moving bitcoin into the HedgeTrade app

  • Click in “Deposit Funds” in the HedgeTrade dashboard (Image 1)
  • Copy or scan the HedgeTrade deposit address (Image 2)
  • Transfer bitcoin from your wallet of choice into HedgeTrade by going to the “Send” section of your BTC wallet at the exchange. (Image 3, using Coinbase)

Click Deposit Funds in HedgeTrade App – Image 1:

how to buy HEDG tokens for HedgeTrade app

Copy or scan the deposit funds address – Image 2:

how to deposit HEDG in HedgeTrade app
how to buy HEDG tokens using a Coinbase bitcoin transfer

There may be a short wait for the funds before the transaction goes through enough confirmations. You can track the transaction once you’ve sent the bitcoin to the HedgeTrade app.

After the confirmations are completed, you’ll see your BTC balance at the top of your HedgeTrade dashboard:

using bitcoin if you can't buy HEDG tokens

After that, you can immediately use the bitcoin for staking on the Blueprints you create. You can also use them to purchase trade predictions from top traders.

Whenever you use bitcoin on the platform, the corresponding amount of HEDG will be generated to make each transaction, for staking, purchasing and earning. 

HEDG tokens cannot be bought or exchanged on the HedgeTrade app. But a variety of exchanges are now listing our token. Additionally, bitcoin works just as well for earning HEDG on the platform as well as for purchasing trade predictions from the pros.

Earning HEDG tokens

What better way to accumulate cryptocurrency than to earn it? On the HedgeTrade platform, we give our users several ways to earn HEDG:

  • Traders who publish Blueprints can earn HEDG each time one of their correct predictions closes.
  • Our HedgeTrade Affiliate Program offers another way for all users to earn HEDG tokens. Simply go to your dashboard, click on “Settings”, and copy your Affiliate Link.
  • If you are one of the first 7 buyers of a trader’s prediction that closes “Failed” because the prediction was wrong, you earn a share of the trader’s lost stake. 
buy HEDG tokens and use affiliate link
Finding your Affiliate Link
Viewing the Blueprint payouts from being in the first 7 to buy a Blueprint

Please take the following precautions whenever interacting with HEDG tokens and the HedgeTrade platform:

  • We will never message you asking you to send us HEDG or any other currency.
  • Be careful of Telegram (or other) groups that claim to be “official” HedgeTrade channels. Follow us on our social media channels as listed on the HedgeTrade website or here:

For current pricing and market information on HEDG tokens, please click here to view HEDG on CoinMarketCap. This site will also have up-to-date listings of the markets where HEDG is traded.

We hope you found this “How to Buy HEDG Tokens” guide to be helpful. If you’d like to learn more about using the HedgeTrade platform, visit our video overview on YouTube:

HedgeTrade Platform Overview
Watch HedgeTrade Platform Overview Here
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