HedgeTrade v1.2 Jalpa Release Notes

v1.2 Jalpa Release Notes – Summary

Release Date: February 19, 2020 – Bug Fixes and Improvements

Team Rublix has been working steadily to enhance the HedgeTrade social trading platform, which launched its Beta on December 5, 2019. Since that time, we’ve had over 1000 users sign up. Additionally, our development team has put through many fixes and updates, some in response to user feedback and others that align with our road map.  The v1.2 Jalpa Release Notes contain all the details of their work and are summarized in this article.

These are very exciting times and we’re happy to share our recent progress as we work our way toward becoming the most impactful and successful blockchain company of 2020.

Below we share with you a summary of our second set of Release Notes. We look forward to many more updates and improvements as we continue to build out HedgeTrade as a go-to app for worldwide traders. 

In addition to this summary, you’ll find the full content of this v1.2 Jalpa Release Notes in the PDF file linked below:

What’s New?

The Leaderboard is live!

As something that’s been in the works for months, we’re happy to make the Leaderboard come alive with this release. Now traders with top performances are displayed at the top of the Blueprint Marketplace, as well as in the Dashboard so HedgeTrade users will see them first when using the app.

Jalpa Release Notes
HedgeTrade Leaderboard

When viewing the Leaderboard, the default setting is for “30 Days” and “Total % Gained”. But users are able to sort by multiple time periods so they can get a glimpse of a trader’s long term history, as well as catch those that are on a recent hot streak. Additionally, traders on the Leaderboard can be sorted by the number of Blueprints Closed, Success Rate, Average Profit Potential, and net HEDG earned.

To make the Leaderboard, a trader will need to accomplish the following:

  • Have created and closed at least 5 published Blueprints, each with a 2% or higher profit potential.
  • Traders must stake a minimum of 10 HEDG tokens against their predictions if they want those Blueprints to pass Leaderboard eligibility.
  • Published Blueprints that qualify include those that are “Closed Success” or “Closed Failure”. 
  • A Blueprint showing a “Closed Neutral Status” is not eligible for the 5 Blueprint requirement. This means the Blueprint expired before the entry price was entered.
  • Each trader’s HEDG Earned balance must be in the positive. Meaning they must have earned more through the sales of Blueprints than their lost stake total.

For more information about the Leaderboard and how it works, please read our blog article: 

“HedgeTrade Leaderboard Showing Best Traders is Live”

Additional Improvements

There were dozens of updates in this release with many more bug fixes and improvements. To of idea of some of the work, here are the highlights:

  • Blueprints – We add more clarity around Bitcoin transactions on the app, including conversion rates, and we lowered the conversion fee.
  • Account History – Updates to Account History went through. This includes the ability to view withdrawal fees, plus we updated the configuration page. 
  • Security – A Captcha authorization now adds additional security.
  • User Experience Enhancements – These included the addition of a welcome page for new users, an updated “How Staking Works” video, and a new link for users to send in their feedback.
  • Bug Fixes – We improved paging controls, how token % works with staking, and put through fixes to improve how Oracles were working. Also, we fixed a few issues with Safari Browser and iPhone compatibility.

For complete details of each fix, update, and improvement, please download this PDF:

We are already working on the next release with more improvements and fixes in response to additional Beta usage and our long term goals. If you have questions regarding these Release Notes, please Contact Support. All releases are available on our blog, also going out to our email list and shared on social media.

To try out the platform, sign up for HedgeTrade here.

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