Congratulations to the winners of HedgeTrade’s Spring Giveaway!

It’s May 5th, 2020 and we are pleased to announce the official winners of this year’s Spring Giveaway!

1st place – @scottiahayes 300 HEDG
2nd place – @gbeiltrades 200 HEDG
3rd place – @toptrader2020 100 HEDG

We will be contacting the winners directly to claim their winnings. Thank you to all of the users who participated in this giveaway. If you didn’t happen to be a winner this time around, don’t worry! We have a number of upcoming giveaways just around the corner so stay tuned!

BIG THINGS are happening at HedgeTrade. Our “Invite Code Only” sign-up process is officially over. Now, anyone can sign up for HedgeTrade and try it out. 

To celebrate, we want to give away a total of 600 HEDG tokens in a drawing! Here’s how it works:

From April 15th to April 30th, 2020, whenever a trader’s prediction Blueprint closes Success, that trader gains entry into a drawing for HEDG tokens.

At the end of the promotion, three winners will be randomly drawn to win three HEDG token prizes totaling 600 HEDG.

To be entered in our Spring Giveaway, follow the guidelines below:

To be eligible for the drawing, traders must have predictions that Close Success during the promo period:

  • Each Blueprint must Close Success between April 15, 12:00 am MST and April 30, 12:00 pm MST, 2020
  • Eligible Blueprints must have a 2% or higher profit potential

Important details:

  • There is no limit to how many Closed Success Blueprints a trader can have during the 2 weeks.
  • Traders earn one entry per Closed Success Blueprint.

1st place prize – 300 HEDG 

2nd place prize – 200 HEDG

3rd place prize – 100 HEDG

Contest runs from April 15th to 30th with a May 5th Drawing.

The drawing for the winning traders happens May 5, 2020,  with official announcements of the lucky HEDG winners to be announced on Twitter.

Don’t forget! – Every accurate prediction you make helps you get closer to being #1 on the Leaderboard. Find out more about becoming a top trader on HedgeTrade’s Leaderboard: 

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