HedgeTrade Reaches Crypto Education Milestone – Celebrates 500th article

Not too long ago, the HedgeTrade blog achieved an incredible milestone: publishing its 500th article! While 500 articles are amazing on its own, in regards to crypto education, it is quite an accomplishment.

HedgeTrade takes pride in the educational resources it provides. Of course, it functions as a platform for its own token (HEDG), but the blog takes it a step further. Cryptocurrency’s popularity is on the rise and, in the process, more people are becoming curious about innovation. What is it? How does it work? What are the various types that exist? More importantly, is it the right investment for you? To answer these with as much depth as possible, you need the right resources and research tools.

The articles are not limited to just crypto, though that is the dominant topic. They also cover a wide variety of subjects in the field of finances. From investment strategies to explaining technical terms, the blog offers plenty of information to help educate its readers. On top of that, they cover the latest news in cryptocurrency and finance as a whole.

HedgeTrade’s article categories include “cryptocurrency,” “markets,” “technology,” “news,” “blockchain,” and “finance,” among several others. Through the efforts of the writers and the researchers, HedgeTrade has climbed its way to 500 published articles. In honor of this incredible feat, we will highlight the top 15 articles on the blog.

1 – Penny Cryptocurrency Picks for 2020

This article takes a deep dive into what exactly ‘penny cryptocurrencies’ are. It explains the three distinct categories of this brand of crypto and why they are so appealing to the masses. However, the focal point of the article is highlighting the best penny picks of the year. From Ripple to Stellar Lumens to Ardor, there is no shortage of penny cryptocurrencies to choose from.

2 – Is Cryptocurrency Mining Worth It?

Answering this question is not as straightforward as you would think. Almost everyone in the crypto community is aware of how much goes into mining. It is cost-effective, not to mention it requires an excessive amount of power to get the job done. This article takes a closer look at answering this question. It explains what crypto mining is and why it requires so much energy and resources. Moreover, it sheds light on the cost of the hardware that is required, as well as the rewards that incentivize the miners.

3 – 9 Best Blockchain Stocks to Buy

You can take one of two directions when it comes to investing. You can take the traditional route or go down a less conventional road. This article takes a look at the latter option and lists nine of the best blockchain stocks you can buy. It explains how to invest in blockchain and proceeds to cover the best stocks to choose from. With suggestions like IBM, Amazon, and Mastercard, each provides insight on why they are the best choices.

It’s important to note that this article is for informational purposes only. It should not be construed as investment advice.

4 – How Does Robinhood Make Money?

Robinhood is a discount brokerage that offers its users with commission-free trading through its website and mobile app. The app functions on a “no fees, no fuss” mindset, and its intentions are to help millennials invest. This article acts as a review of the app, explaining how it works and – most importantly – how it makes a profit. Moreover, it highlights what you need to know before you start using Robinhood or any other basic trading application.

5 – Buy Walls and Sell Walls: An Informative Guide

It’s likely that when you spend enough time in the crypto space, you will come across the terms ‘buy walls’ and ‘sell walls’. Like most recurring terms in this field, there is a lot to say about buy and ell walls. This article looks at what exactly they are, as well as how to interpret what they mean. By reading this, you will gain valuable insight into one of many components in cryptocurrency trading.

6 – Top Bitcoin Stocks to Buy in 2020

There are plenty of things you need to take into consideration if you want to invest in Bitcoin. As the article states in its introduction:

For those who view investing in bitcoin as risky business, given its volatile nature, investing in companies who have a component of their business model in bitcoin may be the way to go.”

There are a variety of Bitcoin stocks for you to choose from. Square, PayPal, Microsoft, the list goes on. Much like “9 Best Blockchain Stocks to Buy,” there is an explanation as to why each of these stocks are the best.

7 – How to Create and Use an Anonymous Bitcoin Wallet

Why would you want to own an anonymous Bitcoin wallet? For that matter, how do these types of wallets work? This article answers these questions and much more. It reflects on the importance of anonymity, especially concerning your finances, and explains in a step-by-step manner how you can create an anonymous Bitcoin wallet. In addition, it provides notable examples of the best wallets, including the Ledger Nano X and the Samourai Wallet.

8 – What is a Basket of Currencies?

One of the many terms you will encounter in the world of finance is ‘basket of currencies.’ It is a portfolio consisting of an array of currencies with different weights. The value of these currencies defines the weighted average rate for a currency that is not technically part of the basket. This article not only provides details about what basket of currencies is but also covers recent news relating to it. In particular, a story concerning Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency (i.e. their stablecoin).

9 – What is a Masternode and How to Get Started

This article sets out to accomplish two things. First and foremost, it wants to explain in detail what a masternode is. Moreover, how it runs blockchain networks and creates passive income for node operators. The second is to function as a guide on how you can start running your own masternode. The main intent is to provide assistance for those who are showing an interest in running a masternode. In addition, those who show interest in the cryptocurrency projects behind the coins as potential investments.

10 – Guide to Cryptocurrency Arbitrage: How I made 1% profit an hour

‘Arbitrage’ is benefitting from the price difference between identical assets but in two separate markets. When you think about it, cryptocurrency arbitrage is not all that different from other asset types. This article shows you how the author was able to garner a 1% profit within an hour. What’s more, he did so with only $100 in crypto and a little bit of knowledge in programming.

It is important to note that this article is purely for financial education purposes. It is a thorough exploration of the topic of cryptocurrency arbitrage. It’s by no means any sort of financial advice and you should trade at your own risk.

11 – The Best Satoshi to USD Converter

If you want to start out small in Bitcoin, the increasing prices in the market have no doubt startled you. However, we are now able to purchase Bitcoin in small fractions. So much so that it even goes to the Satoshi. Many would hear the word “conversion” and head for the hills, but fear not. Making this particular conversion is now easier than ever with the help of some special tools.

Whether you were planning on going from Satoshi to USD or USD to BTC, this article provides an array of suggestions. It also sheds light on what exactly a ‘Satoshi’ is for those who do not recognize the term.

12 – Stateful vs. Stateless – What is the difference?

The application program interface (API) space, like many other industries, possesses its own lingo. Two terms that are frequent in this specific area are ‘stateful’ and ‘statelessness.’ On the surface, you can easily figure out what ultimately separates the two. It’s unlikely, though, that you know the details of this difference. For example, what does “state” mean in the context of API?

This article answers that question. It provides thorough explanations of each term, going a step further in describing ‘containers’. It concludes with an important inquiry: “Which is better? State or statelessness?”

13 – Best Discord Crypto Trading Groups

Most of us know what Discord is and why it’s so popular. It only makes sense that trading groups would flock to the platform. There are a wide variety of Discord crypto groups available that you can join. Whether you have years of experience on Discord or you need a new community focusing on cryptocurrency, this article is for you. You will find a list of eight groups on the platform where you can find crypto advice.

14 – Bitcoin Tumbler Services: The Complete Guide

A cryptocurrency tumbler (also ‘mixing service’) is a service that mixes potentially identifiable cryptocurrency funds with others. It does this in the hope that it will conceal the trail that leads to the original source of the fund. There are plenty of websites to choose from that provide this type of service. This article explains the ins and outs of tumblers, as well as lists some of the best Bitcoin tumbler services.

15 – Top 10 Decentralized Email Providers

Blockchain has a reputation for improving the industries that it more or less “disrupts.” Email and email marketing is one of those industries. This article takes a look at another aspect of the decentralized web. This one pertains to the improvement of the security and efficiency of your emails through the use of blockchain technology. It will give you all the details before introducing you to 10 of the top decentralized email providers.

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