HedgeTrade Going into Maintenance Until V3 Release

We would like to thank everyone for participating in the HedgeTrade Alpha, Beta and V2 releases. Today, HedgeTrade is going into maintenance while our software engineers bring our V3 vision to life.

From our earlier releases we obtained…

  • Valuable trading data
    This data will drive our AI division and tokenized hedge fund.
  • Feedback from our community
    This information is very useful for future features.
  • A massive partnership rolodex
    MakerDAO, Bluzelle, Nervos, Crypto.com, NEM, Tron, STP Network, Zilliqa, etc.
  • Insight into the growing crypto market.

We’ll integrate this knowledge to create the ultimate predictions platform.

What the future holds in V3 and beyond.

  • All new clean and modern user interface
  • Revitalized HEDG token economy
  • All new HEDG rewards engine
  • Metamask integration & sign-in
  • Proprietary custodian
  • HedgeTrade’s internally data driven AI Hedge Fund, “Aidran”
  • Stable asset integration for staking
  • Interest account (partnership with MakerDAO)
  • Coin/Token pair listing via HEDG staking

Until such a time where we can fully release our new V3, the application will be going into maintenance as we are overhauling the deposit and withdrawal engine and various other critical data feeds. Thank you for your understanding and renewed patience as we work to create an even better trading ecosystem for our valued users.


  • In the meantime, how can I get my tokens out of V2?
    If you have made a deposit into V2, you may submit a request for HEDG or BTC withdrawal using this link.
  • What happens if I don’t withdraw my HEDG?
    Your tokens will be migrated into V3 in due course.
  • When is V3 scheduled for release?
    We are not putting a fixed date at this time, but we’re aiming for mid-2021.
  • Will you re-launch V2 in the meantime?
    It is a possibility, however, a lot of the legacy infrastructure relies on the Ethereum network and there is material gas fee and ETH 2.0 uncertainty.

We’re grateful to everyone in the wider HedgeTrade community for all your support, feedback, predictions and suggestions. All of this will be used to enhance the experience of our tokenized prediction platform. We look forward to what’s to come!