HEDG Token is Now Listed on Changelly!

The HedgeTrade team and Rublix Development are happy to announce a token listing and platform integration with Changelly, a non-custodial exchange and trade price aggregator. 

What Changelly does for crypto projects?

We talk a lot about “bridges” in the blockchain world – bridges to open finance, bridges to fiat conversions, or even bridges to a decentralized internet. But what about the rocket image? In the past, it’s gotten a bit of a bad rap in crypto. However, with Changelly now using a rocket in its logo, all that will be changing. 

In case you are new to the crypto space, the “mooning” connotation that goes along with the rocket refers to ridiculously high expectations for a coin’s price movement. “When moon?” – describes that feeling of anticipation you have when waiting for a crypto’s meteoric rise. And the rocket emoji is used vigorously throughout crypto Twitter as a show of a coin’s awaited launch to a new all-time high – to the moon.

Changelly, however, uses the rocket as their logo in a way that makes perfect sense. Because what they do literally helps crypto projects lift off. That’s why we’re so excited to announce the listing of our HEDG token on Changelly’s non-custodial exchange and order book aggregator.

Now, HedgeTrade, along with dozens of other crypto companies, will enjoy Changelly’s wide array of blockchain biz-boosting services.

How does Changelly boost crypto businesses?

The Changelly team creates a lift-off for each of the companies that partner with them. They do this by offering a wide array of cryptocurrency exchange services, including:

  • Quick token conversions without having to send funds to an exchange
  • Seamless swaps with only an email address (currently KYC affects 2% of users)
  • 24/7 exchange support
  • Support for 150+ cryptocurrencies
  • Integratable API which enables crypto projects to have offer easy swaps for their own audience
  • A credit card option for purchasing cryptocurrency
  • An aggregator service that hunts down the best exchange prices across Binance, Poloniex, Bittrex, and more
  • Non-custodial exchange services, keeping crypto in the hands of its rightful owners

Changelly is already integrated with many big exchanges plus a number of popular wallets, including Trezor, Huobi Wallet, Jaxx Liberty Wallet, Lumi, and Exodus.

Changelly Testimonials

As you can see, Changelly’s logo is the perfect representation of what they do. They connect with crypto companies like HedgeTrade and accelerate their reach and success potential.

What is HedgeTrade?

HedgeTrade is a blockchain-based social trading platform that incentivizes accurate price predictions for cryptocurrencies and beyond. So experienced traders can publish predictions for price movements into a smart contract-powered “Blueprint”. To back up their forecast, traders stake varying amounts of HEDG tokens. Newer traders are then able to browse the prediction marketplace and check the Leaderboard to view the top traders. Once they have all that information, they may then choose to purchase any of the posted Blueprints using HEDG.

If a prediction turns out correct, everybody wins; the trader gets their stake back and earns from the sale of their prediction Blueprints, while all involved benefit from accurate trade information. When a prediction is incorrect, however, the trader loses its stake. Additionally, those that bought the Blueprint get a refund, with early buyers even getting a share of the lost stake. HedgeTrade has created a social trading model that incentivizes accurate predictions in an ecosystem built to maximize profitability for all users.

Building a market together

Changelly has created one of today’s top cryptocurrency exchanges. Moreover, they’ve built a platform that helps other crypto projects gain momentum and increase their service offerings. HedgeTrade is thankful to be a part of Changelly’s rocket launch style of success. The entire team looks forward to a long, rewarding collaboration. 

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