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HedgeTrade extends its market accessibility by partnering with Bittrex International Trading Platform

Rublix Development, a global fintech company specializing in innovative financial tools for cryptocurrency markets, has announced the listing of its HEDG token with Bittrex International, an advanced digital asset trading platform based in Europe

The HEDG token fuels Rublix’s upcoming flagship application, HedgeTrade, a trade predictions platform that bridges pro traders with those wanting to learn in a symbiotic social trading environment.

Uses for the HEDG Token

The HEDG token is used by traders on the HedgeTrade platform in multiple ways. First, traders can create blockchain-verified prediction Blueprints on trading pairs from multiple exchanges. They earn HEDG by staking tokens and offering their predictions on the Blueprint Marketplace. 

Secondly, less experienced traders can use HEDG tokens to purchase these Blueprints, giving them the knowledge necessary to make trades alongside the pros. If forecasts are incorrect, traders do not get paid. Instead, those who purchased the Blueprints get their HEDG tokens back. Meanwhile, any tokens staked by traders to back up their prediction are returned to the purchasers as well. 

Trade prediction outcomes on the platform are self-executing via oracles and smart contract technology. Additionally, outcomes and trade data are available on the immutable blockchain ledger. This provides valuable market insight for all participants.

About Bittrex International

Bittrex International is a leading global force in the blockchain industry, innovating with a security-first approach. The team, led by CEO Bill Shihara, focuses on corporate responsibility and dedication to scalable, robust solutions that ensure their custom trading engine provides peak performance for traders worldwide.

“Our focus has always been on fostering blockchain innovation around the world.”

Bittrex International

According to CoinMarketCap, Bittrex is in the top 100 exchanges and currently has 358 active markets. With the HEDG token now available at Bittrex International, HedgeTrade users will have even more ways to engage with the trade predictions platform.

About Rublix

Based in Singapore with offices in Calgary and international team members, Rublix Development is led by Co-Founder/CEO David Waslen and Co-Founder/Lead Developer Peter Danihel. The team’s diverse background includes skilled professionals in trading and finance, blockchain and software development and data analytics.

The HedgeTrade tokenized app is on target for Alpha testing in the coming weeks. Once multiple rounds of rigorous testing are complete, we look forward to sharing upcoming launch announcements with our community.

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