Crypto Trading Companies Meet Demand for Wall Street Alternatives

HedgeTrade Now Listed on Exchange!

Even in today’s volatile economic climate, the HedgeTrade social trading platform continues to expand, offering additional opportunities for its users. The team also works constantly to build liquidity for its HEDG token, which fuels a blockchain-based predictions marketplace. Because of these efforts and those of countless other crypto trading companies, more people have access to tools that can insulate them from traditional currency manipulation. 

That’s why today we’re excited to announce our collaboration with one of the most prominent names in the industry – As of Thursday, April 9, 2020, the HEDG token will be listed on Exchange!

Why This Exchange? Exchange is home to a premier cryptocurrency wallet and an exchange for Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin Core (BTC), and other select trading pairs. The exchange has also integrated support for Simple-Ledger-Tokens (SLP), which is the token ecosystem existing on Bitcoin Cash. 

At Exchange, traders are provided with various security features such as 2FA, IP whitelisting, cold storage and more. One mission of the exchange is to provide an open platform for token projects with different foci (from privacy to payments) so they can gain exposure. Exchange also offers traders an advanced API that allows them to quickly set up and run their own algorithms

Users on the Exchange can safely and quickly buy and sell crypto assets, as well as trade against BCH and other base cryptos like ETH, BTC, and USDT. The platform also offers the option to purchase cryptocurrencies with credit/debit card or bank transfer.

With a trusted reputation and a full suite of security protocols, Exchange is a valuable and widely respected crypto trading company. We’re very enthusiastic about the new HEDG listing. Our global user base can now use the Exchange for trading HEDG tokens. Both dynamic trading companies will benefit from the collaboration.

How HedgeTrade Works

For those of you new to HedgeTrade, we are a blockchain-based social trading app where experienced traders can earn from their knowledge and newcomers have a safe place to learn crypto trading. 

CEO and Co-Founder, David Waslen believes that HedgeTrade provides a perfect landing place for newcomers to crypto trading as well as seasoned Wall Street traders looking to escape the legacy financial system:

“The crypto trading industry grew out of the awareness that government-led money systems are often politically motivated, heavily manipulated, and as we’ve seen, fragile in the face of macro events. It’s not our prerogative to replace regional currencies. Instead, we can offer a fair choice and let the markets decide which is the best money. With all that’s happened in recent months, we feel honored and privileged to stay the course. We’re dedicated to meeting the demand of those seeking alternatives.” – HedgeTrade CEO/Co-Founder, David Waslen

HedgeTrade is now Live!
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Both new and seasoned traders have opportunities to earn HEDG tokens within the HedgeTrade ecosystem:

  • Experienced traders can earn by staking HEDG tokens when publishing their trading calls in a prediction Blueprint. 
  • Less experienced traders can purchase the Blueprint to unlock the details of the trade they want to copy. 

How is HedgeTrade different?

HedgeTrade sets itself apart from other social trading platforms. It does so by only rewarding the pro traders when they are correct in their predictions. That means, if they’re wrong, they lose their stake, a large portion of which goes to the first seven buyers. Additionally, all purchasers of that Blueprint are refunded when the prediction is incorrect! All of this is verified on the blockchain and automated using smart contract technology.

On HedgeTrade, only the best can rise to the top of our Leaderboard. HedgeTrade’s leading traders can then receive more attention from beginning traders who see them posted prominently. So the pros have an accountability-based way to earn from trading calls and newbies have a platform they can trust. 

HedgeTrade Leaderboard

Thanks to our new listing on Exchange, our users have an excellent new choice for engaging with our HEDG token.

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