Who Will Win 700,000 HEDG tokens in our Golden Ticket Giveaway?

If you’re at Consensus 2019 this week, try to find these Rublix teammates Rhys and Chris (in the video below) to get your chance to win the Golden Ticket Giveaway. Maybe you’ll even take home 700,000 HEDG tokens!!

What is the Golden Ticket Giveaway?

Chris and Rhys of the Rublix Team are at Consensus 2019 right now spreading the word about the HedgeTrade platform, launching later this month. So they’re handing out tickets as they network their way through the massive Consensus crowd in NYC. Every ticket holder will win some amount of HEDG in this Golden Ticket Giveaway.

But only one lucky winner will receive the “GOLDEN TICKET” representing 700,000 HEDG tokens!!! These tokens are what fuel the HedgeTrade trading predictions platform which we’re rolling out at the end of May. Getting your hands on some tokens now gives you early entry into our exciting new tokenized app and the token that fuels it.

What can you win?

While there will be only one big winner in the Golden Ticket Giveaway, there are plenty of chances to win some amount of HEDG tokens. In fact, your chances to win look like this:

  • 5 in 100 chances to win 1000 HEDG
  • 10 in 100 chances to 500 HEDG
  • 20 in 100 chances to win 300 HEDG
  • 64 in100 chances to win 200 HEDG

We’re super excited to have our teammates representing the Rublix brand and spreading the news about the upcoming HedgeTrade app. If you haven’t heard about it yet, HedgeTrade brings together experienced traders and novices in a mutually beneficial, blockchain based platform.

Pro traders on HedgeTrade can publish crypto trading predictions in the form of “Blueprints” that newer users can purchase. If the trade prediction is incorrect, the users get their money back. Whenever correct, the traders earn from whoever bought their trade prediction, plus whatever they staked.

If you want to learn more, feel free to read our “HedgeTrade: How it Works” article. Then be sure to sign up to be one of the first traders to participate in our unique predictions platform.

We hope you find our teammates Rhys and Chris at Consensus so you can participate in the Golden Ticket Giveaway. Who knows? Maybe it’ll be you who goes home with 700,000 HEDG tokens!

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