Dogecoin Value Up 2x in 1 Month

Dogecoin has seen some interesting activity over the last month. We’ve seen prices being subject to a respectable amount of volatility, all things considered. During the first two weeks of September, Dogecoin value rose significantly from little to no activity in the previous month. In late August, DOGE saw minor improvements in overall value leading to a buzz of activity starting at the $0.00250USD mark and currently sitting at $0.005910 USD as of October 1, 2018.

With over a 2x jump in Dogecoin value within a month, this is one of the few altcoins that has seen significant growth. Many others in the current crypto marketplace have seen either no volatility or a steady decline.

The monthly chart shows plenty of volatility as well as strength building support for current price. This may help hold the Dogecoin value to its current price for a while. Although BTC is the common driver behind most crypto values, DOGE exemplifies a case study for how altcoins can and will operate independently from BTC.

One of our HedgeTrade beta testers (Vordo114) made a prediction that Dogecoin would see a climb back in early September. They were speculating an increase to around the $0.0058 USD mark. This prediction turned out to be correct and even underestimated the final high of Dogecoin as the price kept climbing to a high of $0.006933 USD.

Vordo114’s Trade Prediction in Hedge Beta

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