CryptoPotato Evaluates the HedgeTrade Platform!

CryptoPotato is a media hub for everything crypto, from reviews to news, guides, upcoming ICO’s, analysis and everything in between. If you’re planning a TGE (Token Generation Event), you know how important it is to have independent experts review your project. It’s great news that CryptoPotato decided to evaluate our upcoming HedgeTrade TGE.

According to CryptoPotato, things are looking good! Find out what CryptoPotato has to say about the HedgeTrade platform as well as an in-depth analysis of everything HedgeTrade in the link below:

Cryptopotato Hedge Evaluation & Analysis

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HEDG token

A TGE is a very exciting part of the DApp creation process. So, stay tuned by visiting HedgeTrade and receive all latest information about the HedgeTrade DApp. Furthermore, don’t forget to join our white list. Don’t miss out!