Understanding the Cryptocurrency Trollbox

Forget what you thought you knew about trolls -and get ready for the Trollbox! On social media, the Troll is someone you want to avoid, they are the ones who write nasty hateful comments under your posts.

That is NOT what a Troll does in the world of cryptocurrency. Trolls are the solution for The Shill. The Shill is an influencer who promotes an asset or token because they are getting paid. 


What is it: A Trollbox is a chat for cryptocurrency traders. They exist on exchanges but have moved into other places like Discord and Telegram. 

Why use it: The Trollbox is a valuable tool for getting the latest news, from others who, are active in the crypto-sphere, all in real-time.

How to start chatting: All you need do is create a nickname and join the conversation. Be aware these are real people, and there is a certain decorum expected from users.

Do NOTS: The following actions are not permitted: flooding, pumping, spamming, or advertising for other exchanges. Don’t use CAPS Lock. And moderators may block you if you ignore the rules. 

What is a Trollbox? 

Trolls, on the other hand, are censor-free members of the community. The goal of the Troll is to get out relevant, accurate, timely news to help members make better trading decisions. Trolls try to be more objective than others, but everyone has their own certain basis. 

So, Trolls are considered by many to be a respectable source of news and information and you can find them in the Trollbox.

Essentially, the Trollbox is just like a chatbox, they can be found in exchanges like BTC-E, Poloniex. Trollboxes started as a kind of customer service, but the Trollbox has evolved into an entity of its own. It is a live chat for members of the cryptocurrency community to ask questions and for experts to share their wisdom.

Trollboxes gained popularity over the past few years, as they are a very helpful source of information. As such, they have since become their own independent entities, which now use other social media platforms such as Slack, Discord, and Telegram. 

In some ways the Trollbox is still kind of like customer service, except no one is trying to sell you something. In fact, Trollboxes started off on exchanges and basically worked as a customer service chat. 

But they gained popularity because Trolls are able to interact with people in realtime in the Trollbox, and they help to educate, inform others. You can also visit them if you want to be educated on a topic. Given the size of the community, you can pretty much find the answers you are looking for. 

A Trollbox captures the ethos of the crypto community

The idea behind the Trollbox is the original ethos of the cryptocurrency community; peer-to-peer interactions, helping one another to make informed decisions about digital assets. And, ideally, based on user demand, the crap sinks to the bottom, while the helpful members rise to the top. 

So, although Trolls are not paid, the idea is that once you begin to build savvy in the community, you will make better investment decisions. And the quality information from informed community participants will hopefully yield monetary results.

With thousands of cryptocurrencies on the market, it’s impossible to get all of your information from one place. You need to shop around. And what is really nice about the Trollbox is that it is in REAL-TIME. This means you will not have wade through comments sections or follow a million influencers.

Where to Go


HitBTC offers a Trollbox for their global community. They operate rooms in the following different languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, German, Ukrainian, French, Thai, Korean, Chinese, Arab, Hindi, and Vietnamese.

In HitBTC, there are special rooms where there are no restrictions on content, so there is no censorship there.

Trollbox One

Trollbox One is a newish forum, it has been around for the better part of a year. It was started by an adamant troll, who believed that the Trollboxes on exchanges had too much censorship. So this is the creator’s censor-free project, with the exception of spamming. 

The community is now about 8 months old and has branched out into creating their own Groupbuy Smart Contracts as well. This is the start of a decentralized ecosystem, which comes with a forthcoming ICO, as well as a Proprietary Website in the works. Presently they are made up of over 1,450 members, a badge of honor, as they did not spend any money on marketing. 


Poloniex is an exchange that also runs a trading-focused blog. They have recently restarted their Trollbox by popular demand. 

If you are looking for more independent groups then you may want to sift through Telegram and Discord. Otherwise, check out what your favorite exchange has to offer.

Final Word

The crypto-world is reclaiming the role of the Troll. These Trolls are the uncensored cryptocurrency savants. So if you want to connect with others who use and trade cryptocurrencies, then joining a Trollbox is a great way to connect peer-to-peer. 

What is nice about Trollboxes, is that they are full of people that are just genuinely interested in news, technology, and asset growth. So the ethos is one of an open community sharing ideas, without the fear of running into a shill, or product pusher.

A note of caution. Many Trollboxes have moderators and are filled with genuinely interested parties. But you still need to watch out for spammers, scammers, and people who do not know what they are talking about. 

Take some time to get to know a Trollbox before you jump in with both feet. There are personalities that have great track records, and those are the kinds of people you want to be taking investing advice from. 

But that does not mean that everyone out there knows what they are talking about. And that is just the way of it. Do your homework and be smart. 

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