The Cryptocurrency HODL That Never Ends

Are you one of the millions of people all over the world currently bag holding cryptocurrency? Perhaps you’ve been slowly accumulating, buying the dip when the opportunity knocks, so that when the bull flag flies you can retire early with your new lambo. Or perhaps you’re hoping that your cryptocurrency HODL will pay off. Then the money you put in is finally going to turn a profit.

You may even be one of the many who are looking to simply break even. Perhaps you rode the crypto wave all the way to the beach. And just like the crashing of that wave, you saw the value of your holdings take a plunge.

No matter what position you might be in, a cryptocurrency HODL can still be a great idea for the long term future. Although the market seems quiet now things most certainly will change, and those who are bag holding may finally be able to dust off their wallets and profit again in the crypto space.

The opportunity to create profit in the current market may be fleeting. But as long as there is a way to profit the crypto space will improve. In fact, the constant, albeit slow progression of crypto at this moment in time has already lead to advancements in technology, application, usage, and user experience.

HedgeTrade – Just one example of a data source to support your cryptocurrency HODL

With HedgeTrade, we wanted to create a place for these advancements to shine. Where people could receive the benefits of such improvements. We at Rublix thought what better way to get people involved in trading than to provide them with the best quality information? This data would come from people who are genuinely invested in providing it. Not only for themselves but for others as well. With reliable information sources, things tend to flow a lot more smoothly, and that’s because of trust.

We want the best possible experience for those who are looking to learn more about trading. To this end, we provide those individuals with worthwhile information in the form of our smart contract powered Blueprints. By using the HedgeTrade platform, our ranked traders share knowledge-backed trade predictions. Trade predictions that matter, that are tied to their reputation, and tied to their profits, too. Having skin in the game keeps information, and those who create it, accountable. Sign up now to be a part of Rublix Development’s first DApp, HedgeTrade!