Crypto Resources for New Traders & Crypto Enthusiasts

Welcome to the world of cryptocurrencies! Whether you’re a Wall Street Trader ready to try your hand with virtual assets, or a complete newcomer to trading and crypto, we’ve got a list of credible crypto resources to help you navigate the dynamic and exciting open finance ecosystem.

Crypto markets may seem complex at first. But we’re firm believers in equipping newcomers with the right information and data to successfully trade and prosper.

The HedgeTrade blog has over 500 tutorials, guides, news stories and reports on crypto and trading topics. From this foundation, we’ve curated our crypto resource list specifically for the newcomer. So, it’s perfect for people who:

  • Have never traded assets online
  • Don’t yet know the meaning of blockchain or bitcoin
  • Are interested in learning about crypto markets
  • Have a vested interest in building their own wealth from home

How to treat this list

For those new to blockchain technologies, we suggest taking these crypto trading resources one (or a few) at a time to fully grasp the information before moving on to the next topic. 

Reach out for help!

We all started out in the same place as you and we know the amount of content online can be intimidating. How do you sort it all out? What if you have a question about something? So feel free to let us know if there is a topic we have missed or if you have a question about crypto in general. Just let us know on Twitter and we’ll be happy to help you out. 

We wish you a path of successful growth as you learn the ins and outs of crypto markets. When you’re ready to start trading, join us on HedgeTrade. There, you can unlock trusted crypto price predictions and pay only for accurate information. Once you’ve gained experience copy trading professional crypto traders, you may want to earn HEDG tokens by creating your own prediction Blueprints on the HedgeTrade social trading platform.

Best Crypto Resources – List for Newcomers

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