Find the Best Crypto Gift Ideas

This Holiday Season, give your beloved bitcoin enthusiast something special to help perk them up. These die-hards have been working relentlessly to bring to the world the amazing new blockchain technology. They’ve suffered under scrutiny from governments and mainstream media, not to mention a long bear market and scams galore. So choose from one of these unique gift ideas and send that coin enthusiast what they really want! At the same support blockchain businesses in their efforts to spark global adoption.

Mastering Bitcoin – Book by Andreas Antonopoulos

For those new crypto enthusiasts who are eager to get up to speed quickly, give them the gift of knowledge. Andreas Antonopoulos, a leading bitcoin and blockchain educator, and advocate offers a series of books available in paperback and ebook format. Everything you need to know about Bitcoin can be found in Mastering Bitcoin:  Programming the Open Blockchain. It includes an extensive glossary of blockchain terms, a complete introduction to and history of bitcoin, and much more. This is also great for the programmer in your life who’d like to cross over into blockchain development.  $15.99

7-Light Bitcoin Color Changing Desk Lamp

For that digital entrepreneur in your life, how about this Bitcoin nite lamp? It allows you to choose between 7 colors, or you can even set it to auto-color-changing for a groovy soft strobe effect. Connects to a standard outlet and USB ports.  $17.10

Intriguing Bitcoin T-Shirt

Crypto enthusiasts can spice up their holiday party or family get together by wearing this “Ask Me About Bitcoin” T-shirt! Most people have only minimal knowledge about cryptocurrencies and almost none know what a blockchain is. Now they can be enlightened by seeing your loved wearing this comfy, 100% cotton T.  $37.02

Bitcoin Baseball Cap That Lets Them Know

Your crypto enthusiast might want to take it one step further and let their friends or loved ones pay them back in crypto! It’s a chance to not only show their support, but it will also give them the opportunity to show others how to set up a wallet and buy their first bitcoin. They can wear the “I Accept Bitcoin” Hat and see what kind of comments they get! $24.95

Discreet Bitcoin Socks

For the crypto enthusiast who isn’t quite ready to make their views about bitcoin public at the holiday get-together, a discreet pair of Bitcoin socks might do just the trick. Head over to Cryptocurrency Australia to buy these cotton blend, cushioned socks for that loved one. $30.00  (Ethereum Socks also available!)

Bitcoin “Masterpiece”

Love it or hate it, this eclectic work of bitcoin art might be a welcome addition to a crypto enthusiast’s home or office. For the true connoisseur of cryptocurrency. $79.95 (unframed)

For the Crafty Bitcoinist

Maybe the Bitcoin lover in your life is one of those do-it-yourselfers. Instead of spending a lot of money (or bitcoin!) on art, they prefer to make their own. This bitcoin rubber stamp helps them make their own creations. $21.05

Bitcoin T-shirt with a Message

For that loved one who is often found distractedly looking off into the distance, this informative crypto T-shirt will help explain to relatives and friends why sometimes they’re in another world. It’s the world of blockchain which truly is quite captivating.  $23.21

To The Moon Coffee Mug

The crypto lover in your life is probably in dire need of sleep from constantly checking their holdings and stressing over the market. Coffee helps, and in this Bitcoin Mug, they will feel holiday cheer even when their assets have plunged 95%! $21.59

Protect Your Loved One’s Crypto with a Ledger Nano

This guide to crypto gift ideas would be incomplete without it. Every crypto owner needs one – a hard wallet to safely store their digital assets. The Nano Ledger has proven its usefulness and popularity with the bitcoin crowd. Over 1800 reviews on their website product page, with a 4.5 (out of 5) star average rating! Simple, sleek and easy to use – if your crypto enthusiast doesn’t have one already, they will LOVE it!   $69.99

Thank you for checking out our gift ideas for crypto hounds.

We hope you found that perfect something for the crypto enthusiast in your life. If you are into bitcoin yourself, make sure to sign up for the HedgeTrade predictions platform, where you learn from the best, or earn from the rest. Have a fantastic Holiday Season!

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