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Initial Exchange Offerings (IEO): Pros and Cons

IEOs are issued by a crypto exchange on behalf of a startup. While the acronym stands for Initial Exchange Offerings, this new method of coin offering involves new crypto coins which are sold to raise funds for a new project. IEOs are the same in principle as ICOs. Both…

Blockstack Approval May Fast Track Crypto

Blockstack Token Sale to Offer 2500x Returns if Approved Blockstack PBC, a blockchain software company based out of New York, filed with the SEC on April 11th in hopes they’d see approval for the 1st US regulated token offering. If the SEC approves their filing, it…

Bitcoin Lending Resources - Who is the best?

This article will be your in-depth guide to exploring the top bitcoin lending platforms. The traditional system For all the technological progress we have made to make life easier and more efficient, there are admittedly still some areas in which efficiency is lacking.
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3 Types of Blockchain Explained

Since Satoshi Nakamoto unleashed the original Bitcoin Blockchain, several different variations of blockchains have emerged. Depending on the configuration of each blockchain, different types of content can be stored on the blocks. What users can do on each blockchain…
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What is a Crypto Token?

A crypto token is arguably the most fundamental element of digital currency. in this article, we’ll explain exactly why. What is it? The most basic definition of a crypto token is that it represents a specific fungible and tradable asset or utility. For those…
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What is Exponential Moving Average?

If you recall in my article centred on technical analysis, I mentioned that there are an array of indicators and other methods that analysts use pertaining to the discipline. One of these frequently used indicators is called an ‘exponential moving average’ and this…