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After Hours Trading - Traditional vs. Crypto

This article will explain what after-hour trading is and the risks and benefits that come with it. Moreover, it will compare traditional after-hours trading with that of crypto after-hours trading. What does it mean? ‘After-hours trading’ commences at 4 PM U.S.

Ethereum Blockchain Bond is Historic - Here's Why

Spain’s Banco Santander published a press release recently to announce the first end-to-end tokenized bond. The $20 million bond was not only issued as a token on the Ethereum Blockchain, but Santander also settled the debt with ERC-20 tokens that back the cash payments.
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What is the Elliot Wave Theory?

This article will cover the origins of the ‘Elliot Wave Theory’, how it works, and the various components related to it. What does it mean? What are its origins? During the 1930s, Ralph Nelson Elliott developed an innovative concept called the ‘Elliot Wave…

Top 5 Crypto Icons

The digital asset market is an industry that is in its infancy. As hard as it is to believe, it’s still only in the developmental stages. We look at cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and assume that this particular market is at its highest point. This is a common…
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The Magic of Fibonacci Retracement

Ahh, high school math! Did you ever think you would use it when you were 16 and learning about things like the mathematician Fibonacci, and his famous Fibonacci’s Sequence? If you were a diligent math student you might remember what the Fibonacci sequence is. And if you…
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Crypto Synthetic Assets are Changing the Game

Synthetic assets have long been a mainstay of institutional traders. But now, as finance moves over to distributed systems and token-based finance applications, more people are gaining access to investment vehicles that used to be only available to professional…

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