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Trustless vs Trust Minimized: A Realistic Progression to Decentralization

One of the first things you will learn about blockchain technology aside from its structure is that it is trying to achieve mass adoption. Both it and decentralization, in general, are still in their infancy when it comes to development. Therefore, it is not wholly ready for…

What does it mean if your crypto is SAFU?

You might have noticed the hashtag “SAFU” while you were cruising through your Twitter feed. We know there’s a lot of crypto lingo to keep up with but this one has a particularly interesting backstory. Not only will this post tell you a darn good story; but seeing this…
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HedgeTrade Beta Launch is Underway - We're Live!

Blockchain-based social trading marketplace HedgeTrade is now available by invite. As announced in its official press release, Rublix Development is now inviting traders to try out its HedgeTrade Beta version of the tokenized app and social trading platform. This…

Tracking Crypto Portfolios

In cryptocurrency, it is very useful to have tools for tracking crypto portfolios. These tracking tools allow users to easily monitor the performance of all their cryptocurrencies in one location. When using a portfolio, you are able to see which of your crypto investments…
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What is a Mainnet?

When it comes to determining the success of a project, there are a few crucial components that one will need. Arguably the most important of these factors is technology itself. It is true that investors do not have to know exactly about the technical details of a project.
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What is a Black Swan Event and Should We Be Expecting One?

To start off our black swan event discussion, let’s start with Lebanese-American writer and statistician, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, who wrote something interesting about improbability in one of his essays: “Think of the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001: had the…

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