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Crypto Index Funds Beginner's Guide

Multiple questions come to mind when you first learn about crypto index funds. Do I need to be an accredited investor? How many cryptocurrencies should be included in an index?Can I pick which coins are in the fund? How can I participate? Do I retain my private keys?

Exploring High-Frequency Trading

Because of the increase in automated trading, High-Frequency Trading has increased in popularity. The basic idea is to use automated systems to anticipate and beat the market. In acting quickly with large buys, HFT takes advantage of dips in the market and then turns around…

The Value of Predictive Modeling

There is a good number of people who consider themselves to be “risk-takers.” They thrive on the thrill of the unknown and get enjoyment on not knowing what comes next. There are times and places in which unpredictability is exciting. Your finances and anything else…

Permanent Portfolios and Cryptocurrency

A ‘portfolio investment’ is a hands-off type of securities investment within a portfolio. Along with its creation comes the expectation of earning a substantial return. This return correlates directly with the risk which that investment can expect to encounter. Portfolio…
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What is CFD Trading?

Unless you’re knowledgeable in derivative trading and finances, it is unlikely you have ever heard of ‘CFD’. It is a common component in this field that is on the same level of intricacy as blockchain technology. It is as beneficial as it is noteworthy, and it carries…

Will Binance's Project Venus Crush Libra?

A surprise announcement hit the cryptoverse today as Binance shared its plans to develop its own Libra competitor – Project Venus. Initiated as an open blockchain project, Venus will create stablecoins worldwide that are pegged to local fiat currencies.  What is…

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