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Top Blockchain Jobs

It all began in January of 2009 with a mysterious figure by the name of Satoshi Nakamoto. It was at this point in time that the famous cryptocurrency Bitcoin came to fruition. This marked the start of a new era of currency; digital, decentralized currency to be…

A Guide to China's Official Cryptocurrency

As you may recall back in April of this year, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) made an interesting announcement concerning crypto mining. The state planning agency was considering a complete ban on crypto mining in the country. Whether or not this…

Are US Regulators Obstructing American Innovation for Profit?

America’s taxation officials are mimicking other US regulators, who seem to be focusing solely on policies that provide potential revenue streams through taxation of and lawsuits against crypto startups. Instead of creating a meaningful framework for American innovation…
TechnologyTradingWhat is

A Practical Guide to Support and Resistance

Technical analysis is a complex subject, and as such, there are many layers to it. It analyzes statistical trends that draw from trading activity, such as price movement and volume. The concepts that tie into it are plentiful, though some garner more attention than others.

The Essentials of Token Economics

In the field of psychology, “token economics” refers to a system of contingency management for cryptocurrencies. It also represents an application of the three-term contingency, which utilizes stimulus control. Moreover, it uses positive reinforcement as a means…

Top Reasons Why Facebook Libra Partners are AWOL

The Facebook Libra project, which was introduced in May of 2019, is now facing a worldwide regulatory pushback. Yet, amidst criticisms from regulators, government leaders, central banks and congressional leaders, Mark Zuckerberg continues to support the development of the…

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