What does Blockchain have to do with Minecraft?

It’s no secret that blockchain technology is being incorporated into a wide variety of pre-existing systems. Whether it be in healthcare or election security, chances are you will hear about blockchain disrupting a conventional operation. One such field that many may find to be a surprising place for blockchain to connect with is gaming.

Since its initial launch, blockchain technology has been trying to achieve widespread adoption. The core issue is that while blockchain holds so much potential, it has yet to fully appeal to the masses. This is obviously quite difficult to believe, especially when you take the acclaim of the technology into account. The fact is, no consensus-backed currency has been able to appeal to the mass market. Therefore, it is unable to properly achieve the mainstream adoption it needs in order to thrive.

The key to getting more attention is by appealing to the masses. And, when you think about it, what better way to reach them than by engaging in a popular pastime? By jumping on board with an already popular system, they can catch the eye of that particular audience. In doing so, they reach a large demographic and ensure that their technology is one step closer to mainstream adoption.

There are a wide variety of blockchain-based games that are up and running, but one we will focus on is EnjinCraft. The reason why this game, in particular, is so popular is that it emulates a well-known game: Minecraft.

What exactly is Minecraft?

Defining Minecraft is surprisingly very tricky. It has gone through an array of changes since its early days of simple mining and crafting (hence the title). There have been so many additions that, at times, it can come across like a totally different game. At its core, Minecraft is still an action-adventure game that provides players with a limitless world. One in which they can explore as much as they want.

Minecraft is defined as a ‘sandbox video game’. This is a video game with a very specific gameplay element. It gives the player a great amount of creativity in order to complete tasks and work towards a goal. That is if such a goal exists. There are some games that exist as pure sandbox games with no objectives. These particular games are ‘non-games’ or ‘software toys’. Generally speaking, sandbox games are an outcome of the incorporation of these creative elements into other genres. It effectively allows for emergent gameplay.

The game offers a wide variety of modes, which is the perfect model for almost any type of gamer. Do you consider yourself to be more of a creative person? If so, then you will probably enjoy the infinite playground that the game provides. This endlessness will allow you to build pretty much anything you can imagine. Alternatively, maybe you are a person who is looking for more of a challenge. In that case, you can try your skills out in the game’s survival mode. Here, you can go up against an array of creatures of the night.

There is a lot more to Minecraft than meets the eye. Sure, its blocky appearance makes it seem like a simple – not to mention cheap-looking – adventure. However, there is more substance to it than you may think.

How to play

The world of Minecraft focuses primarily on the simple tasks of mining resources and constructing new objects. This, if we are being honest, accounts for a majority of the gameplay. You will go out into the wilderness and punch a few trees so that you can collect some wood. Afterward, you will fashion that into an axe before you can start to gradually build up an inventory. This consists mainly of armor, weapons, tools, furniture, and precious minerals. Additionally, along the way, you will build some shelters to call home. You can use these shelters as storage for your belongings during your downtime in between adventures. There are many websites which have guides like how to make a stonecutter in Minecraft.

The gameplay loop of exploring, build, repeat is addictive and the only limit is your imagination. If creativity is not your forte, fear not. You can still have fun by going on dangerous adventures into the Nether. This is a hell-like world full of treasures and monsters.

You can also partake in various premade worlds that other players created. Moreover, you can go on a quest, indulge in different minigames, or play a game of Cops and Robbers. Need some inspiration for your imagination? There is always a new mod or player creation that will assist in sparking your creativity.

You can abandon elaborate creations entirely if you want to. In lieu of this, you can concentrate on exploring the world and building up an arsenal of powerful weapons. These will provide excellent assistance while on your travels. The game will reward you for playing however you like and never once makes you think you’re playing it wrong.

As the official website says:

The world is yours for the making. Prepare for an adventure of limitless possibilities as you build, mine, battle mobs, and explore the ever-changing Minecraft landscape.”


Enjin is a gaming startup that made headlines with its integration of the Minecraft model into a new plugin. The name of this plugin is ‘EnjinCraft’. This system is an open-source blockchain plugin that gives players the ability to spawn assets. They can do so within the Minecraft Java Edition and there is no need to write any code. The way the tool works is by dropping the EnjinCraft file into a player’s server “plug-ins” folder. Here, they can start to integrate and distribute blockchain assets in token form.

This plug-in marks the second release by Enjin for Minecraft following its initial release of DonationCraft back in 2013. That was a collaborative effort with open-source software, Bukkit. DonationCraft would see a total of over 5.1 downloads millions of times. It allows players to expand their Minecraft servers by way of creating both a server website and a donation store.

The new offering provides the chance for server hosts to create their own localized Minecraft economies. They do this by offering their players tangible ownership over in-game items and currencies alike. It also permits players to trade their assets in a secure manner. Specifically, in a peer-to-peer fashion via the server or through external chat rooms and digital trading platforms. Such platforms of this kind include the Enjin Marketplace.

Enjin’s co-founder and CTO, Witek Radomski, comments on EnjinCraft’s potential impact:

EnjinCraft is the beginning of a new era for sandbox games. Players now have a tangible stake in their gaming worlds, and server owners can create new kinds of addictive experiences by using branded collectibles and items with scarcity and value in the digital universe.”

Player’s Guide

From here, we will go over some key points of EnjinCraft. How you can start using it, wallet linking, securing escrow trading, and the various mini-games you can play.

1 – How to start

First things first, you need to join the server. To do this, you will need Minecraft Java Edition. Select the ‘Multiplayer – Direct Connect’ option and enter the server address on enjincraft.com.

When you’re using EnjinCraft, you are able to import items from your blockchain wallet. Afterward, you can use them on the server. Moreover, you can play up to five mini-games in order to obtain blockchain loot.

There is a very specific set of blockchain-centric commands that EnjinCraft frequently uses. These functions are native to the Minecraft Plugin. Because of this, server owners are able to incorporate these features into their Minecraft worlds easily.

What you need to do is type /enj and press (enter). This way, you can see the full list of blockchain commands:

2 – Wallet Linking

In order to properly use and receive blockchain assets in EnjinCraft, you will have to link your wallet. With these wallets, there are no annoying ads and no trackers of any kind. Your private keys are your own and are paper-powered with a 12-word passphrase backup. Furthermore, you can manage multiple wallets. You can “create, import, use, and track an infinite number of blockchain wallets.” And this is all in a streamlined app that is easy-to-use.

To begin this process, you will need to type /enj link into the chat. The following steps are illustrated in this instructional video by Enjin:

3 – Securing Escrow Trading

There are plenty of features worth mentioning in EnjinCraft and the Minecraft Plugin. However, one of the key ones is the secure escrow trading process. This enables two players to trade items with the confidence that they will acquire what they are expecting.

To carry this out, type /enj trade invite <player> so that you can initiate a trade with another player. If you later receive an invite, press (t) to open the chat log. After this, left-click either the (Accept) option or the (Decline) option.

4 – Mini Games

You can earn blockchain loot in EnjinCraft in other ways. A popular method is by playing five simple mini-games on the platform. On an average of every 10 minutes, a loot chest will make a random appearance at one of the mini-games. If you want what is inside the chest, then you will have to make a mad dash to the mini-game. It is a “first come, first served” arrangement, so you need to be the first to reach the chest.

To teleport yourself, use these /warp commands to get where you want to go:

  • /warp Spawn: Using this will send you back to the server’s spawn location.
  • /warp SkyHunt: This will teleport you from platform to platform by way of throwing ender pearls.
  • /warp ParkourPark: This command will allow you to jump and balance your way through the challenging parkour course.
  • /warp ChestChasers: With this, you will be able to search all the familiar hiding spots throughout the village.
  • /warp KilltheCaptain: Using this command will allow you to climb and fight your way to the highest point on the epic statue.
  • /warp LavaDungeon: This will let you jump, balance, and fight atop a hazardous lava pit.

To reach the chest, you will need to run, jump, and fight your way through obstacles. The objective is to get the chest before anyone else can, then right-click on it. This will effectively give you all of the chest’s contents.