Blockchain Technology Stocks to Watch – 2020

2019 saw the explosion of cryptocurrency projects and blockchain technology stocks came under the eye of savvy investors. We’ve seen multiple new partnerships and emerging blockchain projects from shoe companies like New Balance to Starbucks developing a blockchain-based supply chain for coffee beans. As a result, 2019 was a banner year for blockchain technology and blockchain-related shares. 2020 has a whole lot in store, which means there are many blockchain projects to keep your eyes on. 

This is not investment advice and is for informational purposes only. Please treat it as a resource in your own research.

Bitcoin may have gotten the ball rolling, but the blockchain is so much more than cryptocurrency now. Blockchain is not just for decentralized alt-kids like Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin, it is steadily becoming the foundation of our digital fabric. The growth of blockchain applications is not surprising, however, it did not happen overnight. 

The Brief

The first time blockchain was theorized was in 1991. The idea was to store data in cryptographically linked digital blocks. It was Stuart Harber and W. Scott Sornettat who devised a structure that would include document timestamps to make digital data tamper-proof.

Then, in 1992, Bayer worked with Harber and Sornettat to incorporate Merkle trees into the basic design. Merkle trees make using blockchain more efficient by collecting several documents into one block, in a tired system. This makes organizing and searching large blockchains much more manageable. 

Based on a report from the World Economic, over 80 corporations have projects which are in development for practical use cases of blockchain-based technology. It is also projected that in the next 10 years blockchain platforms will store 10% of global GDP.

United Nations research estimates that such initiatives in the APAC region alone will increase exports by as much as $257 billion a year. Along with the production increase, a 44% reduction time for exportation and a cost savings of 31% are also predicted.

With all that is new in the world of technology and the potential for improvement, here are a few blockchain stocks to watch as they roll out their new projects.

Technological Benefits

All of the companies discussed in this article have cottoned to blockchain technology because this technology offers several distinctive benefits: fraud protection through immutability, faster transactions, and transparency.

  • Fraud protection: Blockchain is built with cryptographically stored blocks of data. Once a block of information is stored it cannot be changed or tampered with because of their computational complexity. As a result, information shared and stored on the blockchain is immutable.
  • Faster transactions: Blockchain uses decentralized, centralized, or hybrid networks of nodes that are spread all around the world. Because of the expansive data capacity of blockchain networks, security, money transfers, and information transfers are moved easily from peer-to-peer. That means that middlemen are removed, which improves the efficiency of moving information and reducing costs.
  • Transparency: Because blockchain uses secure cryptography, the information is clearly and publically stored on public ledgers. As such, it is possible to follow every transaction made in a supply chain, for example. 

These benefits are part of why they made the blockchain stocks 2020 list.

BIG Blockchain Intelligence Group Inc

Blockchain Intelligence Group Inc, or BIG, is a leader in blockchain development, as well as for analytics. BIG provides cryptocurrency risk-scoring and data analytics tools for training and investigations services.

One project is to improve security issues facing blockchain implementation and use. BIG’s projects are designed to reduce risk with cryptocurrency. They accomplish this by managing and meeting regulatory compliance, mitigating risk with BIG’s Anti-Money Laundering (AML) detection algorithms. 

Increased security will improve transparency in terms of the legitimacy of transactions, as well as deter criminal use of blockchain for dark web activity. Moreover, BIG’s program is to provide customer assurance by mitigating illicit activity and the investigation of suspicious activity. 

As blockchain use increases, security concerns are also on the rise, and so have projects that aim to improve security and compliance issues. 

Among BIG’s clients is SBI. SBI group has applied leading-edge technologies, such as BIG’s BitRank Verified® and QLUE(TM) services. These services have improved SBI’s financial businesses, competitiveness, and quality of service. Such improvements have to lead to the expansion of SBI’s services and client base. 

BIG’s security services will help SBI to deal with cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency transactions with greater transparency and security. That means meeting increasingly demanding compliance regulations, deploying Anti-Money Laundering (AML) detection efforts, as well as perform forensic investigations. 

BIG’s goal is to bring greater security and accountability to cryptocurrency-related ventures.

Theracann And TruTrace Technologies Collaborate in Cannabis And Hemp Industry

The sales of legal cannabis increase have increased in Canadian markets and as a consequence so have the necessary regulations. Legal cannabis has created a whole new market for supply-chain and quality and safety concerns; one which blockchain technology is effectively taking on.

Theracann International Benchmark Corporation (“Theracann”), is a full-service international cannabis consultancy and technology firm. They work with TruTrace Technologies, (“TruTrace”) which is the company that created the first fully-integrated blockchain platform to register and track intellectual property for the cannabis industry.

A letter of intent signed on June 19th, 2019, these two companies TruTrace’s StrainSecureTM technology with Theracann’s ETCH biotraceTM with use this partnership to deploy successful genetic tracking systems for both cannabis and hemp. 

To achieve this, the partners will combine TheraCann’s ETCH bio-traces platform with StrainSecure, TruTrace’s blockchain-based software. This will allow them to track and trace every point of the cannabis supply chain. This is detailed work, as it concerns a highly nuanced level of supply chain tracking. 

Therefore, the tracking includes a physical molecular taggant and non-appendable Electronic Product Code Information Services (EPCIS) blockchain to provide forensic levels of traceability of cannabis and cannabis derivatives at any point in the supply chain.

Tracking Taggants in Pharmaceuticals

Using and tracking taggants is crucial for pharmaceuticals, as assigned serial numbers make it possible to track each container of product. This measure helps to to prevent tampering or counterfeiting of pharmaceutical products. This information also helps those who dispense the drugs, such as wholesalers and pharmacists to more easily identify the dosages of individual products. 

With taggant and non-appendable (unchangeable) blockchain blocks, StrainSecure, TruTrace’s blockchain-based software, is therefore designed to guarantee product quality and genetics from genome-to-patient.

“Electronic Traceability for Cannabis and Hemp or ETCH uses a unique, safe and persistent molecular tag for the identification of any biomass, extraction, isolate, derivative or cannabis packaging. The molecular tag does not genetically modify the organism (non-GMO) and can be added or identified at any point within the supply chain. Collaborating with TruTrace connects the dots between the provenance of the material, genetics, testing information and patient data that is so vital to the safety and efficacy of the global market.”

– states Jason Warnock, Chief Executive Officer of Theracann

New Pharmaceutical Procedures

TruTrace Technologies has established promising partnerships with multiple companies. One of these partnerships is a pilot project with Shoppers Drug Mart, Canada’s largest pharmacy chain. The partnership will allow a point of connection for identity management, asset tracking, validation, and product authentication of cannabis products.

“Creating an eco-system of technologies with the intent to provide patients, government, and the industry with supply chain integrity, true IP protection, and analytical testing and validation is an important next step for the cannabis and hemp industry evolution. We are excited to connect Theracann’s ETCH molecular track and trace system with StrainSecure and to explore additional opportunities for collaboration between our organizations.”

-states Interim President & CEO, James Hyland

BLOK Technologies and Canadian Greenstream Technologies

Greenstream has developed a commercialized blockchain-enabled supply chain integrity platform. The blockchain program tracks from the product from seed-to-sale. An increase in blockchain usage for supply chain needs ensures the safe, legal and authenticated flow of products and value through the cannabis market. 

BLOK Technologies Inc. (“BLOK Tech” or the “Company”) (CNSX:BLK.CN) (OTC:BLPFF) (FRANKFURT:2AD) announces that the Company has begun discussions with one of Canada’s most technologically advanced licensed producers (“LP”) under the Cannabis Act.

BLOK Tech is confident its project will be a valuable solution to deal with issues of tracking and tracing cannabis in the burgeoning Canadain market. Under the recently developed Cannabis Act in Canada, the sale of legal cannabis faces challenges of maintaining safety and quality. 

Greenstream intends on becoming an industry standard in partnership with a pilot project with an LP with the goal of standardizing practice throughout the industry.

“We are pleased that a Canadian LP has shown an interest in Greenstream technology. By getting our foot in the door with one of Canada’s premier growers we can start to show the efficiencies and value of blockchain technology, hopefully leading to an industry standard.”

-states Interim President & CEO, James Hyland.

Who are BLOK Technologies Inc.

  • BLOK Technologies Inc. is a public company that invests in as well as develops companies in the blockchain and emerging technology sectors. BLOK Tech’s current portfolio includes Greenstream and VR Eyes Technology Corp. 
  • Greenstream is a technology platform for managing value transfer, supply chain integrity, and identity verification in complex and highly regulated industries, such as legal cannabis.
  • The Company’s provides capital, technology, and management expertise to the companies it develops and partners with. The Company identifies early-stage technologies with potential and then invests the necessary resources to ensure the success of the projects.
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Mainstream Applications Behind 2020 Blockchain Stocks

BIG, BLOK and Theracann And TruTrace may be newer players in the field, but there are many already big players that have realized the potential of blockchain and are making a greater investment in blockchain applications. 

The following list of blockchain projects builds off of a Forbes list and uses the scoring criterion of Re-ality Shares. 

The list is worth sharing because they are based on the rankings which were devised by Re-ailty Shares, and the ranking incorporates several valuable factors that express why these projects are worth paying attention to. 

The criterion that Re-ailty Shares uses are: the role in blockchain systems, R & D, pattens, filings, blockchain product stage, blockchain economic impact, institute member.

The top 5 companies that made the final cut, did so because they ranked the highest based using the Re-aity scoring scheme. The companies below line up with the highest score at top. The ranking is based on each project’s stage of development, deployment, and how many projects each company has on the go:

  • ING Group
  • Mastercard
  • Fujitsu
  • Alibaba Group
  • IBM

ING Groep

ING is a Dutch financial institution, which has implemented Easy Trading Connect (ETC) and blockchain in order to trade commodities. Currently, the project is in the early stages of blockchain development, so the success of the project will be better determined in time.

However, they have many blockchain initiatives, which includes 44 proof of concept projects as well as 8 line pilot projects. The projects focus on client data privacy, collateral lending, physical commodities, and debt transactions.


Mastercard is using a centralized blockchain to improve transactions by increasing their speed and lowering transaction costs. They are also using blockchain to improve fraud protection. 

For major credit card such as MasterCard, fraud is a huge cost. In 2016, the cost of fraud to the industry was estimated to cost $228 billion. 

But MasterCard is also developing AIPs for developers to build their own apps on.


Fujitsu is Japan’s 7th largest IT provider and is making waves in blockchain development. 

They are currently working in partnership with the Japanese Banker’s Association to develop a transfer system using blockchain. They are also responsible for opening the Blockchain Innovation Center in Brussels. 

Another of their projects is Proof of Business, which is a 360 blockchain use case deep-dive which works to help other companies develop their own blockchain solutions. 

Alibaba Group

As of 2019, Alibaba is the largest e-commerce firm in China and is quickly expanding to international projects. They own the subsidiary Lynx, which is a logistic division. Lynx using blockchain to trace counterfeiting, and to monitor and track food taint. 

The Chinese government is also using Alibaba’s blockchain products in order to improve health care. As for payment transactions, the company’s affiliate firm Ant Financial recently launched a remittance service based on blockchain technology in Hong Kong.


IBM has been a leader in IT and computing projects since 1911. The company’s most recent achievements include advanced AI, large-scale cloud computing, the Internet of Things (IoT) and now multiple blockchain developments. 

They have the highest score from Re-ality because they have quickly and actively adopted and deployed blockchain projects. Currently, IBM has 1500 people working on their 500 ongoing blockchain projects. 

One such project is Baas or Blockchain-as-service with is available via the IBM cloud. These services are already in use at Walmart since 2018. It is the IBM good trust, which is a supply-chain tracking mechanism which aims at maintaining the health and safety of food. 

They also offer W.e. Trade, which is a blockchain based financial platform. As well as CLSNet, which is a blockchain based payment system. 

There is no doubt that IBM has a steady lead on many other projects currently. 

Final Word

There is no doubt that blockchain stocks are a potential investment these days. But that does not mean any one of these is a sure thing. If you are considering investing in any of these projects, make sure to take a close look under the hood.

While larger, more established companies might be a safer investment, there might be more potential in the underdog. One of the challenges with newer companies is that there is very little data to draw on. 

So be smart and do your homework. Happy investing!

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