Black Friday Prices For Bitcoin!

We all know that Black Friday is one of the best times of the year to score a deal. Whatever it is you’re looking for, chances are it’s on sale.

With a tsunami of deals rapidly approaching it looks as though Bitcoin has graciously implemented their Black Friday pricing ahead of schedule.

Why Black Friday May Really Be a Time to Buy

All jokes aside, Bitcoin prices at this current moment in time are perfect for buyers. Even while bagholders are feeling the sting of yet another significant drop in price. But getting your hands on some Bitcoin now may start a wave of momentum that leads to a hike in value.

When news of a decline in Bitcoin price is popular news, the offset of buyers snatching up cheaper BTC often isn’t. Yet these kinds of purchasers add integral support value to Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies.

Binance is looking down the road

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao is counting on the next wave of value to hit Bitcoin and is prepared to handle whatever the increase may be. While business may be down 90% from January for Binance, their capable and robust infrastructure simply lays dormant, waiting for the next surge of value in Bitcoin and any other cryptocurrencies.

In a recent “Crypto Exclusive” with CNBC, Binance CEO shared his perspective on the future explosion of Bitcoin saying “Even if I don’t know what will catalyze a bitcoin bull run, I am certain it will happen.”

Binance isn’t the only exchange out there that is waiting on the eventual boom in cryptocurrency to take place. Erik Vorhees, chief executive at ShapeShift alludes to cryptocurrency playing a major role in the next major financial collapse.

On the surface, cryptos seem to be taking hit after hit. However, the infrastructure and companies behind them are still the solid foundations supporting the entire market. While things may seem quiet now, for these business entities, the future of crypto and perhaps even more, will rely on their support. And Black Friday may be just the right time for buying Bitcoin in this exciting new market.