Bitcoiners Double Down While Traditional Investors Scrape for Liquidity

Imagine one of the stocks in your investment portfolio just tanked by 50% in one day. And what if it also rose 30% before the day’s end? Would you call this extreme volatility? You would no doubt be glued to your favorite trade data site wondering what the heck is going to happen next. Should you get out? Should you buy more? These are the eternal questions that bitcoiners face every day, with markets that run 24/7 without any constraints. And their answer is unequivocally either “stack more sats” or “HODL”.

These past two weeks have been nothing short of a roller coaster with no controls. Financial markets that have relied heavily on debt and inflated numbers for over ten years were in no position to handle the recent and impending economic shutdown that spread along with Coronavirus. 

Institutional investors have been clamoring to get in on some bitcoin. But now they’ve fled to try and recoup losses in other markets. In a web of debt and numbers in the sky, the traditional investment sphere is not interested in the volatility of bitcoin. They need cash.

But, while the stock market and all world markets are reeling as they face an epic liquidity crisis, bitcoiners are stockpiling not just toilet paper, but sats sats sats. The savviest among them are playing their hand as these waves of volatility roll out in response to everything that’s happening.

“Bitcoiners are used to the volatility, while the stock investors are acting like the world is ending.” 

– Anthony Pompliano, Off the Chain Newsletter

Why are bitcoiners still in the game?

Why the optimism to infinity with a coin supposedly created out of thin air with no government or central bank behind it? Bitcoin has no CEO, no central point of failure, and it’s automated by an algorithm that determines who is acting correctly and trims off those who aren’t.

As every bitcoiner knows, rules are hardcoded in. And bitcoin can be used by anyone anywhere in the world with an internet connection and a device. There are already hundreds of ways you can use bitcoin, including:

  • It can be used for peer to peer payments; you can send bitcoin cheaply and quickly across the seas without the need for banks or payment services. 
  • Bitcoin is welcome at most every cryptocurrency business, including our own HedgeTrade social trading and predictions platform.
  • The underlying foundation behind bitcoin, our own HEDG token, and countless other crypto projects around the world, is that we believe the technology enables us to build a better system of money.

As HedgeTrade CEO Dave Waslen explains,

“Our economy is more global by the minute. The companies in the industry, such as HedgeTrade, enjoy connecting with people everywhere with no pauses and a massive potential to scale. Not to mention unique online ecosystems where people can learn about a finance system that benefits everyone.” 

We hope you cross over to the crypto side soon, just come take a peek. Yes, there’s volatility, that is part of the charm. And on Crypto Twitter as well as the HedgeTrade blog, you’ll find many resources to learn ways to optimize your positions. 

HedgeTrade invites you to navigate through our ecosystem and check it out at no cost. You’ll be amazed at what we’ve been up to. Bear markets are for building

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