Hottest Cryptocurrency Trends from Consensus 2019

Consensus 2019 kicked off at the perfect time. We’re on the edge of a new bull market with institutional investors at the door and global adoption of crypto on everybody’s mind. This blockchain conference hosted in Midtown Manhattan did not disappoint. Find out the hottest cryptocurrency trends revealed at this year’s Consensus.

Retail adoption set to explode

We’re seeing real gains in retail adoption of cryptocurrencies. Startup Flexa announced the launch of the Spendn app on the first day of Consensus. In a partnership with Gemini, they’ve signed on with major retailers to start offering a crypto payment option at those stores.

This growing list of retailers includes Baskin Robbins, GameStop, Whole Foods and Crate and Barrel. In fact, on the Flexa website, they’ve stated they have 30,475 retailers on board now.  

Hottest crptocurrency trends from Consensus 2019

Available in Apple’s App Store and coming soon to Android, Flexa’s Spendn app allows consumers to use their choice of crypto. They’ll be able to pay with bitcoin, Ether, Bitcoin Cash, or the Gemini dollar.

Bitcoin Dominance Growing Still

Consensus week has historically coincided with a bitcoin spike, along with other cryptocurrency trends. But never before in this event’s four-year history has the bitcoin jump been this strong. It started rising shortly before the event began. Then, we even saw a new 2019 high in bitcoin price at $8058 on the third day of Consensus!

Talk of a continued bitcoin accumulation phase also flooded the conference. Most likely this was in response to institutional investors entering the market through Fidelity Digital Assets and believers in bitcoin continuing to buy in. Everybody seems to be readying for a new, fully fledged bull market.

Crypto is getting serious

Several observers noticed a marked lack of Lambo conversations and moon references. Instead, businesses big and small from a wide array of industries attended Consensus this year. Additionally, It appears that business, in general, is ready to learn how cryptocurrencies are set to disrupt the financial status quo. More than that, they’re wanting to know what it means for them. Overall, Consensus 2019 saw fewer t-shirts and Lambos and more suits, more real-world conversations.

Blockchain Developer Platforms to Rise

Platforms that enable companies and developers to build on their blockchain have evidently been very busy during the bear market. As this is one of the biggest cryptocurrency trends, NEO was on hand to present at Consensus.

In a video interview by YouTube influencer Mr_Kristof, the Head of Development at NEO Global Development-Seattle, John deVadossr, explained how platforms like NEO are building developer centric environments with frameworks, tools, extensions and everything they need to build on the NEO blockchain.

We’ve also seen platforms like Ethereum, Komodo and Zilliqa also building out their ecosystems, enabling the construction of Web3 applications on their corresponding blockchains.

Big tech is definitely onboard

If you had any doubts before whether big tech companies were serious about blockchain tech and cryptocurrencies, Consensus 2019 has put that all to rest. Companies like IBM were there talking about the blockchain bank transfers they’ve been doing at 50 Asian banks using Stellar Lumens (XLM).

Microsoft was there talking about their blockchain ID program. One of the problems it plans to solve is the issue of Facebook of Google blocking you and the subsequent loss of all your login credentials. You may not hear about all the latest developments and cryptocurrency trends coming from the tech giants. Still, it’s pretty obvious these companies and others like them are in deep.

Asian market dominance

As US regulators continue to lag behind their Eastern counterparts, Asian markets continue to thrive and grow. The representation of Asian-based companies at Consensus this year points to an increasing trend of crypto markets moving to more exciting and lenient regions.

The year ahead in cryptocurrency trends

So many amazing exhibitions and talks were held at this year’s Consensus. It’s truly an exciting time for those of us who are in the blockchain space. We’re all enthusiastic about the tech and all the positive things it will bring worldwide. It really seems like just the beginning of a future filled with more intriguing cryptocurrency trends.

As we’ve seen throughout this year’s  “Blockchain Week” in New York with Consensus headlining events that adoption is really happening. Moreover, big tech has joined the fun. Hundreds of new businesses are building innovative business models and applications on the open source, public platforms now widely available.

To get a nice overview of what was offered at this year’s Conensus, check out our article called, “What is Consensus and What Can You Expect.”

A big shout out to Consensus goers who’s streams and videos made this post possible, thank you Rhys, Chris, Eric, Kris and Ivan!

Rhys, Chris and Eric of Rublix attended Consensus and were networking while shooting videos and giving out HEDG tokens.

Mr_Kristof is a bitcoin miner extraordinaire and public figure. He was at Consensus 2019 interviewing dozens of industry players for his audiences. Thanks for sharing your adventures!

Ivan on Tech hosts the popular Good Morning Crypto video show which is “as regular as an atomic clock.” Thanks for the live streams at Consensus!

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