Best TikTok Videos For Bitcoin

You might be wondering what platforms the youth of today are using. For the under 20 crowd you might just notice all the hype has been in creating tikvid’s on the platform TikTok. However, with a large and captive audience, this social network has since also become the latest place to learn about trading Bitcoin. 

Yes, we know, what about the hilarious #blindinglights challenge? Many would agree that these 15 second challenges are great to kill some time. But have you considered how much you can learn in 15 to 60 seconds? A quick search using #Bitcoin might just show you a thing or two. Before we give you some tips about which videos are a great place to start, we wanted to let you in on a little secret. Tiktok is one of the easiest places to go viral. This means in addition to some personal development snippets, you might want to consider jumping in on some of the latest trends.

A Brief History of TikTok

For those of you who are new to the game, this platform is similar to the extinct application Vine. After the sad disappearance of these 6-second videos came a slightly different platform which was known for lip-syncing was very popular in North America. Yes, hundreds of millions of fans. At the same time, there was a very similar platform taking China by storm. This platform as you might’ve guessed was known as TikTok.

Along came Bytedance, a buyer that decided to have two very similar platforms made no sense. These platforms were then merged to create our modern-day TikTok. This social media platform has since evolved into more of a lifestyle than an app with many wanting to become TikTok sensations according to Screenrant. The company now represents a billion-dollar business. 

Tiktok would be nowhere without its devoted creators. You know what they say, content is king. That’s why our list includes not only the top videos in the Bitcoin space but also the top creators.

Bitcoin tiktok

1. Tiktoker @TheWolfofBitcoins

Holding the coveted number one spot is @TheWolfofBitcoins. This creator is known as the first cryptocurrency Tiktoker to go viral for a Bitcoin video and continues to produce some of the most viewed Tiktoks in this space. Although some of his popularity has transitioned from his Instagram, he continues to post creative content that aligns with user expectations of the platform. 

With a whopping 74.4K followers and 1.3M likes, you will continue to find a variety of topics covered including tips on mining, trading news, and general security tips. What we really like? This Tiktoker stays true to crypto-related content and has few posts that deviate from this platform. 

The First Viral Video

First and foremost, we have the first viral Bitcoin video. This Tiktok was released by @theWolfofBitcoins on December 13, 2019, and now has over 2.5 million views, 202.9K likes, and 2704 comments. This video shows a room with as much mining hardware as you can imagine. The text displayed is “this is why GPU prices went up” and is accompanied by the caption, “Sorry not sorry”. This is believed to be the first viral Tiktok and continues to showcase the kind of investments some have put into Bitcoin mining.

How To Renew Heat From Bitcoin Mining

To the original sound – attaboykey, @ThWolfofBitcoins shares his reaction to when people tell him that Bitcoin mining wastes heat. Although posted just over one month ago on March 1 how has 718.9 K views and 110.7 K likes.  The caption “How to renew heat from bitcoin mining” is fitting as he shows his Bitcoin mining set up actually heats his entire condo. As he points out that the heater also earns him some extra Bitcoin. 

This creative take on mining likely has intrigued most of us especially in following one of the trending sound clips at the time. As a result, he invites viewers to learn more by messaging him on Instagram.

Try Explaining Mining To My Parents

One of our favorite videos was the “I tried to explain mining to my parents”. Why do we love this? I think it’s because we’ve all been there or thought that when we first heard of crypto mining. In this video, we think crypto mining is digging a hole in the dirt until you stumble across a silver Bitcoin token. I mean let’s face it we’ve all been there. The contrast shows us some pretty intense looking hardware, fans blowing and all. This humorous twist truly solidifies the age of all debate about mining. 

This hilarious trend has resulted in many videos (even many from the same creator) illustrating this same belief that the terms mining Bitcoin mean different things to different people. The video now sits at 2.3M views with 308K likes and 2798 comments.

2. TikToker @VirtualBacon

The next Tiktoker you should keep your eye out for is @VirtualBacon. As his Tiktok bio shares, he is a CEO of crypto, a developer and educator. If this wasn’t compelling enough, this on the rise influencer now has 15.7K followers and 219 videos that have a combined total of 275.1K likes. Similar to the previous Tiktoker, @VirtualBacon shares short tidbits explaining some of the common cryptocurrency terminology, Bitcoin parodies of TikTok trends, trading news and updates and most importantly some of the use cases for Bitcoin today.

With an abundance of content on his profile, we know you’ll be well on your way to finding the answers to some of your Bitcoin-related questions. 

Bitcoin Explained

For those that are on the amateur side of Bitcoin discovery, you will likely be wondering what exactly Bitcoin is. @VirtualBacon’s three-part series does a great job of explaining the differences between Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrencies. His summary is simple to understand and covers a high-level view of the topic. Although more educational and less creative editing aspects, this video still has nearly 941 views and 71 likes. 

We know you’ll be very impressed with what you can learn in this one minute clip. Can you say for you page?

Bitcoin tiktok

Mining by Hand

@VirtualBacon’s mining by hand video takes a much more creative angle on the Bitcoin topic. As a result, it has been rewarded with 61.8K views, 1918 likes and 82 comments making it one of the most popular TikToks on his account. Played to the popular sound Dance Monkey by Tones and I, this video shows exactly how much work goes into mining one block. In this video, he shows the process to do one hash which would take approximately 35 hours by hand. To give us some perspective, he shares that 1 block requires 55 sextillion hashes. 

If this doesn’t give you some perspective about the difficulty of mining, we don’t know what will.

Why Bitcoin Mining Is Secure

In any discussion of Bitcoin, the question of security likely also comes up pretty quickly. That’s why we were pretty excited when @VirtualBacon had thought one step ahead and released this video. With 9718 views, 339 likes and 24 comments this video shows animations that clearly illustrate the decentralized concept around Bitcoin. This video also introduces the concept of Proof of Work. In addition, it resolidifies that mining is a process to add blocks to the Bitcoin blockchain, not to add new Bitcoins. Furthermore, the Tiktok also shows how impractical it is for hackers. This is because it takes hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of energy every 10 minutes. This proves to us that we can have faith in the blockchain infrastructure.

If this Tiktok left you asking for more, you might notice his caption mentions this is part 3 of a series. That means the rest of your answers are just a swipe of the finger away.

How People Think Trading Works

The final video of @VirtualBacon’s we wanted to highlight was based on the #nosepainting trend. In his video “how people think trading works”, we see a humorous comparison of the typical buy low sell high trading expectation. This Tiktoker then compares this expectation with a dynamic graph filled with highs, lows and all of the terminologies you can think of. From FOMO to panic selling we see the volatility that is apparent in Bitcoin trading.

As this video points out any crypto trading should be based on more than just a trend. If this lesson doesn’t make this video worth watching, remember the best part. These graphs are all drawn by @VirtualBacon’s nose!

3. Tiktoker @Performante

The final influencer on our list is Tiktoker @Performante. Focusing more on the trading and lifestyle side of Bitcoin, this account now has over 54.6K followers and 505.3K likes.  @Perfomante shares that they are a profile for global crypto education and share their discord link. Rather than being a crypto enthusiast, this profile is actually a business account. On the company’s website, they share they are one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency education platforms.

This instills confidence that these videos are actually educational (and not just entertaining)! That said, you will have to do some digging through this profile. This is because there are also a number of general investing tips in addition to their crypto-related content. 

Something Is Going On Here

One of the most interesting Bitcoin videos we saw was @Performante’s Tiktok about the correlation between the stock market and Bitcoin prices. In this Tiktok we see the comparison of two graphs laid out side by side. The creator then shares the interesting opportunity that is presented. Although only 15 seconds, we quickly see what an asymmetric non-correlated asset might mean for our own trading portfolios. With 17.3K views, 503 likes and 61 likes we have to say we were pretty intrigued too.

The topic is a little more complicated for this platform, that’s why the creator encourages those interested to check out the longer explanation on Instagram.

Bitcoin Myths Debunked

You might have heard some that have lost faith in Bitcoin make the claim that “Bitcoin is dead”. Clearly this is not an uncommon topic with 23.8K views and 433 likes. This video shows a website with Bitcoin obituaries, suggesting Bitcoin has already died 379 times. The creator claims this is simply a myth by zooming out on the Bitcoin chart from hours and days to months and years. In the long term, this shows Bitcoin is maintaining healthy growth rates.

This is a good sign for any and all Bitcoin enthusiasts.

Bitcoin Is Not a Safe Haven Asset

Our final recommendation for best TikTok videos for Bitcoin is @Performante’s Bitcoin is not a safe haven asset video. In this TikTok, the creator introduces the news about Bitcoins drop in price on March 13. He proceeds to explain that the most common safe-haven asset, gold also dumped at the same time. @Performante then leaves it up to the viewer to draw their own conclusion.

The video now has 57.6K views, 925 likes and 106 comments suggestion this topic was weighing heavily on the minds of many.

Are You The Next Tik Toker?

As you might’ve noticed as we did a lot of the original crypto TikTokers no longer have active accounts or accounts that share the content we had initially been drawn to. That’s why it might be as good of a time as ever to get a viral video or two out there. 

Producing Quality TikTok Content

Each TikTok has the option to record using a pre-existing sound. If you find a sound you like you can simply select the recording at the bottom of the screen and select use sound. Each video can be either 15 or 60 seconds and can use a number of different effects. But if you really want to educate the people, you can make a video that’s longer. You just won’t be able to record it within the app. Like any other platform, accurate hashtags are a must. However, there is one hashtag you can’t forget and that is the “for you” hashtag. This is kind of a free for all that will help you to get some views to your new page.

Although your viral crypto TikTok might be a little more serious in the topic, remember most people go to this platform to gain fans. That’s because the top videos you view aren’t based on how many followers you have. They are based on recent trends and if other people have viewed similar videos. As a result, anyone and we mean anyone can become a TikTok sensation. You should be aware though that people can game the system and many have been known to buy TikTok likes in order to increase their fame.

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