Becoming a Top Trader on the HedgeTrade Leaderboard

The HedgeTrade Leaderboard exists for two purposes: 

  1. Easily identifying the top traders on the HedgeTrade social trading platform.
  2. Giving the best and most accurate traders increased exposure and more opportunities for earnings potential. 

This article will break all of that down for you, including what it all means, and how to actually get to the top of the HedgeTrade Leaderboard.

Let’s begin with a description of the HedgeTrade social trading platform…

What is HedgeTrade?

HedgeTrade is a social trading platform that brings together expert traders with those wanting to learn. The pros can share their expertise in the form of prediction “Blueprints”, which can be sold on the predictions marketplace. 

Newer users may browse the Blueprints, purchasing the predictions of their choice to unlock the trade details. They’re able to take those details and make a trade on their own – but just like a pro.

What sets HedgeTrade apart from all other social trading platforms (well, there are LOTS of ways, but this one is most important!), is that users who purchase the trading calls only have to pay when the information is correct! You heard that right, only accurate predictions are paid for –  incorrect predictions will automatically kick a refund back to the user.

You only paid for good trading information at HedgeTrade!

Expert traders know that the more accurate they are, the more profitable they will be at HedgeTrade. They also stake varying amounts of HEDG tokens to back up their claims. If they’re wrong and a Blueprint turns out “Closed Failure”, part of that stake goes back to the purchasers of the blueprint as well. When correct, traders earn the proceeds of the Blueprint sales plus get their stake back. The more accurate and profitable they are, the better the chances they have of landing on the Leaderboard!

Here’s what a prediction Blueprint looks like:

top trader prediction Blueprint

As you can see, HedgeTrade user @tomcruise has made a trading call and published it in this prediction Blueprint. You can see the basic details, but to unlock the rest, you would need to purchase the Blueprint for 1.70 HEDG tokens (or use can use Bitcoin to buy it as well). The additional details will be available after the purchase, as seen in the image below:

top trader prediction details

Now, a newer trader can take this information and make the trade on the chosen exchange to take advantage of this expert information.

But how do you know they’re an expert?

That’s easy! Simply click on the user’s icon to view their success scores and additional details about this trader:

top trader profile

Now you can see how successful this trader has been at HedgeTrade. Scrolling down, you can even see all their past predictions with their corresponding outcomes.

The HedgeTrade social trading platform incentivizes premium trading data, creating a way for traders of all skill levels to earn crypto from home. Significant profits are possible and the downside is limited due to our unique blockchain-verified system. 

HedgeTrade Leaderboard – Spotlighting the Best Traders

The Leaderboard puts top traders in the spotlight. That way, other users on the HedgeTrade social trading platform will see these leaders first when they enter the dashboard or the predictions marketplace. 

top trader listing on HedgeTrade Leaderboard

In order to make the Leaderboard, a trader on HedgeTrade would need to satisfy the following eligibility criteria:

Leaderboard Eligibility Requirements

  • Create and close at least 5 published Blueprints in the timeframe chosen (the default is 30 days).
  • Blueprints must have 2% or higher profit potential to be eligible for Leaderboard status. Traders are welcome to make predictions that have lower profit potential, but they won’t count towards making the Leaderboard.
  • Stake a minimum of 10 HEDG tokens against each eligible prediction. Again, you can stake a lower amount and still profit if you’re correct, but those profits and that Blueprint are not included in the Leaderboard algorithm. 
  • Published Blueprints are either “Closed Success” or “Closed Failure” in order to qualify. A Blueprint showing a “Closed Neutral Status” is not eligible for the 5 Blueprint requirement. This means the Blueprint expired before the entry price was entered.
  • HEDG earned balance must be in the positive. Traders must have earned more through the sales of Blueprints than their lost stake total.

After reading that, it may sound a little complicated. To put it more simply, you’ll need to:

  • Be active on the platform
  • Publish accurate information (at least some of the time!)
  • Make predictions that have a high enough profit potential (2% and up). 

Everything else will naturally fall into place if you are achieving all that.

Leaderborad – Determining Factors

Let’s take a look at how exactly Leaderboard status is calculated:

  • Success Rate – This is determined by calculating “Closed Success” vs. “Closed Failure” Blueprints. Basically, it’s how many times a trader is correct vs. how many times they are wrong.
  • Average Profit Potential – Calculated by adding up all the eligible Blueprints and averaging their profit potentials.
  • Blueprints Created – Simply the number of eligible Blueprints created.
  • HEDG Earned – How many HEDG tokens has this trader earned from selling their Blueprints? We calculate this as follows: (sum of purchases earned – commission) – (total losses from lost stakes).
  • Length of time – users can look at the top traders from the last 30 or 90 days, the Last Year, or All-Time. Conceivably, you could find the top lifetime performers by selecting the All Time. You also have a chance to check out which new traders are on a streak by viewing the 30- or 90-day time frame.

Closing notes

As you can see, the platform is really designed to keep newer traders safe, and ALL traders as profitable as possible. If you’ve been wondering how to make money daytrading from home, HedgeTrade may just be your answer! No matter if you’re a student stock trader, a crypto enthusiast, or a seasoned Wall Street trader – HedgeTrade is designed to bring traders of all skill levels together in a mutually beneficial ecosystem. 

Are you ready to start moving your way up on the Leaderboard at HedgeTrade? We hope to see you there soon! Sign up to HedgeTrade here to start building up your success scores and profit potential.

If you’re a beginning trader, feel free to check out these resources to help you get started:

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