HedgeTrade Affiliate Program – How it Works

HedgeTrade now offers a way to potentially earn commissions through its Affiliate Program. Each time a Blueprint closes on the HedgeTrade platform, a commission is automatically paid out to Rublix Development (the company behind HedgeTrade). Now, users have a way to earn a percentage of these commissions through the Affiliate Program.

What is HedgeTrade?

HedgeTrade is a social trading app developed by Rublix for cryptocurrency traders. Experienced traders can earn HEDG tokens by publishing their trading predictions and staking coins to back up their “Blueprint.” Less experienced traders can purchase these Blueprints to unlock and copy the strategies of top traders. 

But, unlike other social trading platforms, knowledgeable traders on the HedgeTrade platform are held accountable for their predictions. If a Blueprint ends up proving false, meaning the prediction was incorrect, those who bought the Blueprint get a refund while the creator loses the staked tokens. 

Why we created the Affiliate Program

Each time a Blueprint closes, a small proportion of funds is allocated for reinvestment into the HedgeTrade platform. The team at Rublix Development decided that investing the money back into the users of the platform would provide a myriad of benefits. So they set up the Affiliate Program to automate a system of commission payouts to affiliates. Commissions are paid in HEDG tokens after the completion of each Blueprint.

The Affiliate Program provides the following benefits to the HedgeTrade ecosystem:

  • All users now have an additional method of earning HEDG tokens through affiliate commissions.
  • The program provides an incentivized way to invite and attract new participants to HedgeTrade, adding to the strength of the platform.
  • Newer traders now have a way to earn through the Affiliate Program without having to publish and sell their own prediction Blueprints. This gives them a chance to earn in an alternative way until they are confident enough to start publishing their own predictions. 
  • Having more users on the platform helps grow the marketplace for trade predictions.

How to get started

It only takes 3 simple steps for traders to join the affiliate program:

  1. Create an account by signing up on HedgeTrade.
  2. Click “Settings” to view and copy the affiliate link.
  3. Share the affiliate link with friends, followers, and anyone who may be interested in crypto trading.

After completing these 3 steps, you will earn commissions each time a Blueprint closes that belongs to one of your affiliates.

How does it work?

Say Ivan is a trader who’s been publishing Blueprints and earning a bit of HEDG on the HedgeTrade platform. But he’d like to try out the Affiliate Program to potentially earn more tokens. So Ivan goes to “Settings” in the HedgeTrade app and gets his link. He shares it with his followers in a Discord trading group.

Marta is also in the trading group and she decides to sign up to the app using Ivan’s affiliate link. Now, each time Marta publishes a Blueprint, at completion and whether her forecast was correct or incorrect, the platform takes a small commission. But instead of passing along all of these earnings toward future development and marketing, the platform sends a significant portion of this money to Ivan.

From now on, he will receive 30% of the commission that Rublix generates when one of Marta’s Blueprints closes. It doesn’t matter if she’s right, wrong, or the prediction was neutral. Since there is a small commission on every prediction, Ivan will continue to make 30% of each commission drawn from Marta’s closed Blueprints.

Marta now has her own affiliate link, which she gives to her friend, Thomas, who is really into crypto. Whenever Thomas has a published Blueprint that closes, Marta will earn a 30% commission on the platform’s earnings for that Blueprint. And Ivan will receive 15%.

Next, Thomas signs up and gets his affiliate link going. So now, every time one of his Blueprints closes, Marta will automatically get 15% and Ivan 7.5%. This continues until the amount of HEDG received becomes less than 0.01 HEDG.

How much can you earn?

To get an idea of how much a trader can potentially earn with the Affiliate Program, take the hypothetical example below. For the sake of simplicity, we have used USD as the currency.

Earnings Breakdown Example:

Ivan is a HedgeTrade user with ten affiliates. Each of these affiliates has ten of their own affiliates:

Ivan has 10 people using his affiliate link: 

10 Level-1 Affiliates (30%)

– Each user generates $100 USD/mo

– 30% of $100 is $30 x 10 == $300/mo

Each one of Ivan’s affiliates has 10 of their own affiliates: 

100 Level-2 Affiliates (15%)

– Each user generates $100 USD/mo

– $15% of $100 is $15 x 100 == $1,500/mo

With 10 Level-1 Affiliates and 100 Level-2 Affiliates, Ivan in this situation earns $1800/mo. Since all commissions are paid in HEDG tokens, affiliate payouts are also in HEDG. 

There is no limit as to how many affiliates you can have or how much in earnings users can generate on the platform. The example below demonstrates the potential for scaling significantly. 

HEDG Affiliate Program
HedgeTrade Affiliate Program Commission Breakdown

Why Use the HedgeTrade Affiliate Program?

  • The Affiliate Program helps to promote the platform and grow the user base.
  • The more users there are on the platform, the more commissions can be earned; the more commissions that can be earned, the more users will join the platform, and so on. 
  • It enables all HedgeTrade users to earn passive income.
  • Commissions are paid in HEDG tokens, which can be used on the platform or withdrawn and traded on multiple exchanges.

How to withdraw your referral HEDG tokens

At any time, users can easily withdraw part or all of their HEDG tokens from the platform and exchange them for Bitcoin or another asset. With a simple withdrawal process, HEDG is sent quickly from HedgeTrade to an Ethereum compatible wallet, or to a supported exchange if a user wants to sell them.

Creative ways to share your affiliate link

  • Post it on your social media platforms. For instance, mention it in the description of your YouTube channel, or copy it into your Twitter profile. 
  • Share an email to your list about the HedgeTrade program (or share this “How it Works” article), inviting your subscribers to join by using your affiliate link. 
  • Run your own giveaway contest by awarding a small prize (i.e. 50 HEDG tokens). Randomly choose a winner from those that share their (new) affiliate link with you.

The HedgeTrade Affiliate Program was designed to give every user in the ecosystem more chances to earn HEDG tokens. Set up as a way to help grow the platform while providing a benefit to all its users, the Program attracts and incentivizes more participants. 

The Rublix team recognizes that the larger the platform’s user base, the higher the quality and quantity of expert traders who sign up, since it increases their earnings potential. When more top traders are on the platform, many more users will also join. With the Affiliate Program, HedgeTrade’s social trading audience and marketplace can continue to grow and succeed, while all participants have a way to share in this success. 

Staking, formulas and examples

Scenario #1 – Incorrect Prediction

The variables we can manipulate are:

  • (X) The purchase price as a percentage of the stake
  • (Y) The number of buyers who will receive more than the purchase price paid
  • (Z) The commission percentage we take (this is applied to purchases, not stake)

The formula for figuring out the payout to the first group is:
Payout per person == (Stake – Commission) / Group Size + Purchase Price

Example #1: 

  • 100 HEDG Stake
  • 10% Purchase Price
  • 10% Commission (10 HEDG)
  • 9 Person First Group Size
  • 9 Buyers (10 HEDG)

Payout per person in group: (100 – 10) / 9 + 10 = 20

Total Amount of HEDG Received: 100 (Stake) + 90 (Purchases) = 190 HEDG

Total Payout: 20 (Payout) x 9 (People) == 180

Total Payout (180) + Commission (10) == Total Amount Raised of 190 HEDG

Example #2:

  • 100 HEDG Stake
  • 10% Purchase Price
  • 20% Commission (20 HEDG)
  • 15 Person Group Size
  • 15 Buyers (10 HEDG)

Payout per person in group: (100 – 20) / 15 + 10 == 15.33

Total Amount of HEDG Received: 100 (Stake) + 150 (Purchases) == 250 HEDG

Total Payout: 15.33 (Payout) x 15 (People) == 230

Total Payout (230) + Commission (20) == Total Amount Raised of 250 HEDG

Example #3:

  • 100 HEDG Stake
  • 17% Purchase Price
  • 20% Commission (20 HEDG)
  • 27 Person Group Size
  • 27 Buyers (17 HEDG)

Payout per person in group: (100 – 20) / 27 + 17 == 19.962

Total Amount of HEDG Received: 100 (Stake) + 459 (Purchases) == 559 HEDG

Total Payout: 19.962 (Payout) x 27 (People) == 539

Total Payout (539) + Commission (20) == Total Amount Raised of 559 HEDG

Note: Group size does not need to be the maximum value of that group size.  For example, if max size was 49 and 23 people actually purchased, we’d use the number 23 for group size and not 49.  Any buyer beyond the max group size is just returned 100% of the purchase price.

Scenario #2 – Correct Prediction

  • Everything, minus the commission is given to the creator.
  • There is a commission to publishing a blueprint.  This is a configurable amount.
  • Commission is applied to purchase amounts.

Example 1:

Base Price: 10 HEDG

Commission Rate: 10% of purchases

  • 100 HEDG Staked
  • 10 HEDG purchase price
  • 12 Buyers

Total Raised: 100 + 120 == 220

Commission #1: 10 HEDG

Commission #2: 12 HEDG

Payout: 198 == 220 – 10 – 12

Example #2:

Base Price: 0 HEDG

Commission Rate: 0%

  • 100 HEDG Staked
  • 10 HEDG purchase price
  • 12 Buyers

Total Raised: 100 + 120 == 220

Total Payout: 220

Scenario #3 – Neutral Prediction

  • Everything, minus the commission is given to the creator.
  • Commission is the base amount, but nothing from the purchases.
  • Purchase amounts are given back to the buyers
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