39 Ways to Use Bitcoin Today – Updated for 2021

Bitcoin finally rose up out of the long crypto winter during 2019. That year, we saw Fidelity Investments announcing bitcoin trading services for institutional clients, China wooing blockchain, and DeFi picking up major momentum. As of the start of 2020, there were over 30 million bitcoin wallets in existence today and the value of one BTC hovering around $7300. While some people like to HODL or otherwise use this crypto as an investment, others are wondering how to use their bitcoin for everyday things, like buying a coffee or shopping online.

As each year goes by and bitcoin gets a little older, more people are using and accepting it for goods and services. But the lists of bitcoin-friendly entities that are available online are often vastly outdated. Most of them list sites that no longer accept BTC, making it frustrating and time-consuming to find real places where you can use it.

So for the avid bitcoin believer (and user), we’ve curated and double-checked 39 ways to use bitcoin in 2021 and beyond.

39 Ways to Use Bitcoin Today

1 – Go out to eat

If you want to find a restaurant that takes cryptocurrency, you have several options. Ask around locally, or check an online site such as the following:

2 – Hire a freelancer

Do you need some consulting work done on your smart contract? Maybe you need a web developer or are looking to add to your marketing team. Check out this UseTheBitcoin article to learn about multiple freelancer platforms where you can find freelancers who work for bitcoin.

3 – Find a job

If you’re ready to look for jobs that pay in bitcoin, set up a profile at CryptoGrind. Earning bitcoin on this platform is a great way to stack some sats.

4 – Buy and sell domains

Now you have several choices for domain purchases using bitcoin:

  • Buy a standard DNS domain using NameCheap.
  • Buy a .zil or .crypto Unstoppable Domain that provides a censorship-resistant domain on the Zilliqa blockchain.

5 – Trade it to stake another coin

You could trade in a little BTC to do a little staking to try and earn some more coin. Platforms for staking include NEO and PIVX.

6 – HODL on tight

f you’ve been holding on for dear life throughout the crypto winter, your BTC might be burning a hole in your wallet. But maybe it’s best to HODL a little more, given the wild bitcoin price predictions we’ve seen of late.

7 – Buy some other coins

Bitcoin has certainly shown it is worthy of attention in the world of trade. But some people may choose to sell a little bitcoin to add other altcoins for diversification? Getting in early on coins that have a bright future is a potentially great way to invest in crypto. But it’s up to you to research each project thoroughly before buying in.

8 – Participate in an airdrop

With airdrops, you can do some research into the crypto projects you like. Then if you find one that clicks with you, go ahead and get a little free coin by participating in their airdrop. It also helps up and coming crypto startups to grow their community and the buzz around their project. To find projects that are planning airdrops you can browse around at AirDrops.io. If they are indeed a forward-moving company, you should be able to trade in your airdropped tokens for some bitcoin in the future.

9 – Consider an ICO or IEO

Yes, ICOs still exist! And now you can participate in one of these Initial Coin Offerings through an exchange, in the newly fangled Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs). Be sure to research the project well on your own, and buyer beware: regulations are not in place to protect you. Before participating, take care to follow closely the team’s instructions during the ICO. When you send your bitcoin to invest in the ICO, make sure you know exactly what URL you need to be sending it to.

10 – Mine it

Yet another way to earn some coin, bitcoin mining may not be for everybody. But if you have a good Internet provider, ample low-cost electricity and some tech know-how, this may be a great way to build up your bitcoin balances.

11 – Run a node

Tired of waiting for your BTC transactions to be confirmed? Are you wanting to have more control of your currency? Running a bitcoin node might be right for you.

12 – Lend some to earn

Bitbond.com, among other companies, offers bitcoin lending services. In their words, it helps to “diversify your portfolio globally and help businesses grow all around the world.” Check out other bitcoin lending platforms in our article about Bitcoin Lending Resources.

13 – Borrow some bitcoin

Need a loan? You could try borrowing bitcoin. We’ve got a guide for that which breaks down all the best bitcoin lending platforms.

14 – Dabble in bitcoin futures (not financial advice!)

Bitcoin futures may help to maximize returns by leveraging profits with complex trading strategies. While speculative in nature, futures trading has long been an integral part of the investment ecosystem. For those experienced futures traders, you can check out the Digitex Exchange, or Kraken’s Futures Platform, details of which are below:

If you’re new to futures, we’ve created a guide called, “What is a Futures Contract?” just for you!

15 – Send BTC home to your loved ones

Working over sees and wanting to send money home? Bitcoin provides a way to send money person to person without the need for banks!

16 – Try DeFi on Bitcoin

For those of you who have some years of crypto trading under your belt, you may want to try something new, like DeFi on Bitcoin at Sovryn. A lot of what they’re doing is completely new to many crypto enthusiasts and worth exploring.

17 – Donate to charity

Why not make your charitable giving a crypto donation? Organizations that accept BTC include:

18 – Shop and earn bitcoin!

Lolli is a browser extension that enables you to stack a few sats while shopping at over 500 brands, including Sams Club, Barnes and Noble, Old Navy, Toms, Gap, and Walmart. For each online purchase at any of these sites, you can earn up to 30% back in bitcoin. Or, you can shop from Lolli’s website, as shown below:

Lolli Shopping Interface

19 – Buy bitcoin through an ATM

Bitcoin ATMs are cropping up all over the world. You might find one at the local mall or just down the street. All you need is the QR code from your wallet and you’re in business. Exchange rates vary. Read additional information in our article, “How to Buy Bitcoin“.

20 – Store it on a hard wallet

Try using a Ledger Nano S to safely keep your bitcoin locked into cold storage and away from hackers. Naturally, you can pay for Ledger products with BTC. [Please read up on a recent hack]

21 – Find a new friend

Meet someone new on Badoo’s “Social Discovery Network”, which accepts bitcoin as payment. Over 25 languages are supported on this global connections site.

22 – Make a hotel reservation

Taking a trip? Maybe you’re already are familiar with Expedia.com, the big online travel agency. They used to accept bitcoin, but no more. Fortunately, we now have BitcoinTravel, a site endorsed by CoinDesk and Forbes.

23 – Buy a video game

Find your new favorite video game at Zynga and pay for it with bitcoin! They’ve offered that option since 2014.

24 – Accept bitcoin at your Etsy or Shopify store

Etsy does not have an automated BTC payment system in place. But it’s still possible to set up your Etsy store to accept BTC. Fortunately, you can easily find sellers that accept bitcoin on the Etsy platform on their “Accepts Bitcoin” page. On the other hand, Shopify now offers the bitcoin payment option for merchants using their platform. (eBay was advertising virtual currencies at Consensus 2019, but nothing has yet been confirmed.)

25 – Buy some gold

At Amagi Metals, you can purchase all sorts of precious metals, including gold. And when making your buy, be sure to use your very own digital gold – bitcoin!

26 – Upgrade your computer

Not surprisingly, some of the first companies to accept bitcoin were big tech sites like Microsoft. They now allow you to add bitcoin to your Microsoft account to buy movies, games, and apps in the Xbox and Windows stores.

Electronic retail platform Newegg now accepts bitcoin as well. Overstock, another bitcoin enabling commerce site, offers a variety of computer desks to round out your purchase.

27 – Order a bottle of wine (and a bunch of other things!)

Spendabit’s bit-commerce site gives you plenty of options for online shopping using bitcoin, most notably a selection of wines.

28 – Rent a car

US based EZ Rent A Car gives you the option to pay in bitcoin for your rental.

29 – Buy a gift card for someone

Want to make it easy for that crypto skeptic in your life? Buy them a gift card using bitcoin at Gyft.com!

30 – Accept payments

Do you have your own business and want to accept bitcoin as payment? You know your customers will want it! Coinbase Commerce makes it very easy to do so, though watch out for costs and delays in transference.

31 – Go shopping

Ready for some shopping? Zoom in on your country on CoinMap to find establishments accepting bitcoin in your area.

32 – Pay it forward

Have you ever been on the receiving end of a pay it forward? It’s happened to me twice, once through Dunkin Donuts drive-up, and another time at an animal shelter. In both instances, the person before me paid for the next person, making it free for me. It makes you want to pay it forward as well for the next guy. Announce on Twitter that you’re paying it forward in BTC and watch the wallet addresses drop into the comments. We can’t guarantee the next person will do the same, but it still feels good to give.

33 – Buy mining equipment

If you’re serious about bitcoin mining, you’ll need more ASICs and other parts and supplies to keep your ship running tight. Order them on Newegg.com and pay for them in BTC.

34 – Shop on Amazon

Until Amazon comes out with their own coin, we have Purse.io to help us shop with bitcoin on the massive online commerce platform.

35 – Buy a gift for that special pooch

Try a little shopping at CryptoPet to pick out a bed, a collar or even a little tasty treat for your beloved pet.

36 – Get a VPN

Many bitcoiners like to have a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to enhance their financial and data security. Paying for one with bitcoin is right up their alley.

37 – Pay a bill

If you like automatic bill payments and you’re a crypto hound, you might want to try setting up automatic payments using BTC. There are a few entities that we know of that are offering this service, including:

Additionally, US residents are now able to pay their AT&T phone bill in BTC via BitPay.

38 – Stay in a trendy hostel

Quite possibly one of the trendiest ways to use your crypto, Tribe Theory Hostel, offers accommodations designed specifically for startup entrepreneurs. Find them in Singapore, Bali, Yangon, Hong Kong, and Bangalore.

39 – Open a bitcoin savings account

There are now companies that offer interest-bearing accounts for bitcoin. Blockfi is one with a low minimum balance that is now advertising a 6.2% APY on their bitcoin savings accounts.

Keep in mind that when someone else is holding your BTC, it may not be as safe as when you hold your own private keys in cold storage. Also, rates and terms are subject to change.

Now that you know how to use bitcoin in 39 different ways, which one will you try first in 2020?

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