2019 Rublix Development Update

Over the last twelve months, the Rublix Development team crossed some major milestones in the development of our HedgeTrade tokenized app. Equally important, we’re carrying that momentum forward into the New Year.

2019 Rublix Development Update

The development team at Rublix is working hard to implement the many moving parts of our platform. Also, we’re excited to be near the final design of our HedgeTrade user interface. As we integrate new code to make the design as optimal as possible, we also want to be sure the functionality is rock-solid. Furthermore, it’s essential that our DApp is working as designed. For these reasons, this phase requires a rigorous testing schedule.

We are starting off 2019 strong and are checking off major components within the Rublix Development schedule. Additionally, we have numerous items that we’re currently working towards.

Current Rublix Development items include:

  • BitGo partnership for processing transactions.
  • New dashboard modifications.
  • Building invoice history for users.
  • Deposits/withdrawals functionality with varying currencies.
  • Transaction block explorer.
  • Balance sheet/updated deposits functionality.
  • Transaction processing.
  • Integration of saving Blueprints (trade predictions) on the blockchain.
  • Smart contract for posting blueprint data currently going through audit and testing process for vulnerabilities.
  • Optimizing and developing staking mechanism as a modular component for more engaging user functionality.

HEDG Token Exchanges

For those looking to get their hands on the HEDG token, you can find it trading on CoinTiger and Hotbit exchanges. We’re also happy to have recently announced that you can now visit the HEDG token listing on CoinMarketCap.

Stay tuned for more Rublix Development updates as we get closer to the realization of our HedgeTrade DApp. To stay in touch and hear about all our latest accomplishments, be sure to follow us on social media today!

Rublix Development Update 2019